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10 'Before and after' Instagram

10 'Before and after' Instagram

The process of weight loss can be tiring at times, but whenever demotivation strikes, it is important to seek inspiration. With that in mind, we've put together some of Instagram's most amazing 'before and after' stories, with stories of people who have achieved their goals and today help show that you can too!

Lorena Assis - Photo: Instagram


Lorena Assis published in her Instagram every phase of the process that made her eliminate 40kg. It took little more than a year, with a lot of focus, regimented eating and physical activities.

Saulo Costa - Photo: Instagram


Taking firm hold of bodybuilding and, of course, without running away from the body. Saulo Anderson managed to conquer the body he always wanted in just 7 months. Giulianna Pansera - Photo: Instagram


During pregnancy, when she gained 13 kg, Giulianna Pansera decided to change her habits and her routine. Even controlling the diet, she gained more than 13 kg in pregnancy and was able to reverse this situation by improving her eating habits, self-control, discipline and self-esteem. "My main intention here on Instagram is to show that if I was able to change, even working, taking care of my baby (who only went to school at age 3 and never had a baby sitter) and all the other things in life that we all have, you can do it too, "she says in her profile.

Suélen Canin - Photo: Instagram


Suelen Canin, or simply Loris, as it is known, weighing 102kg and suffered with the accordion effect throughout life. That's when she moved out of town and enrolled in jiu-jitsu classes. Then came the boxing, the bodybuilding and, consequently, a balanced diet that made her conquer the body of dreams.

Juliana Crisóstomo - Photo: Instagram


After seeing herself in a photo taken by her husband, Juliana Chrysostom really realized how dissatisfied she was with her body. So, at 83 kg, she enrolled in the gym and started her weight loss process. She has already lost 20 kg and on Instagram she shows a little of her routine that led to this result.

Tiago Estevão - Photo: Instagram

@ tiago.estevao

Tiago Estevão was a smoker and lived without him. control of your food. So he hit 111 kg. That was when he found that he was in serious danger of having a heart attack and that all the demotivation he was experiencing could lead to depression. This was the trigger for him to start working out and feeding himself well, with the help of a nutritionist.

Pollyana Albuquerque - Photo: Instagram


There are seven months of difference between the before and after of Pollyana Albuquerque. She was bodybuilder, but she did not take care of food and, over time, the clothes became tight, the body fatigue became more and more noticeable. It was then that she sought the help of a nutritionist and eventually discovered that she had a high risk of developing cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol. That was the signal she needed to change her life. "Today I can say: I've never felt so good!" She says.

Amanda Gabriel - Photo: Instagram


Amanda Gabriel has decided to quit her sedentary lifestyle and bad habits to transform her life. With calmness and balance, she wiped out 20 kg in eight months, thanks to the focus she had and keeps on to continue to achieve good results in body and health.Maiara Cavalcante - Photo: Instagram


Two years ago, Maiara Cavalcante decided to change her life with food reeducation and physical activities. "Remembering what I have lived in these two years is as if everything surfaced, every renunciation made, every training, every photo making comparison ... And how good it is to remember and not regret anything, how good it is to remember and feel proud of yourself "she said.

Fabio - Photo: Instagram

@ casalmed.fit

The evolution of Fabio happened in about a year, that he was of the 114 kg to 78 kg, all without surgeries, remedies or mirabolantes solutions. He had the help of a nutritionist, who set up a menu that fit his routine, a medical student. And, of course, also had a lot of sweat and exercises! In Instagram that he shares with his girlfriend, both show many inspirations of low calorie and nutritious meals.

Spinning sets legs and butt and increases stamina

Spinning sets legs and butt and increases stamina

Known as the "calorie detonator," spinning is one of the most challenged classes in the academies. And it is no less. It burns fats, strengthens muscles, and increases strength. Energy expenditure varies from 500 to 700 calories per hour, depending on the intensity of the class and the fitness of the practitioner.


Marquezine can be dangerous:

Marquezine can be dangerous:

Like many celebrities, the actress Bruna Marquezine usually shows a bit of your training on Instagram. However, an exercise in particular drew attention to the level of difficulty and the risks that the movement generates: she did sit-ups cradling her legs in a boxing bag. "There are several cases of people getting hurt in gymnasiums for hanging exercises , with the head down or in movements that compromise the physical integrity.