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10 Best selling products for split and cracked feet

10 Best selling products for split and cracked feet

Suffering with cracked feet is a very common problem but can be reversed using the right products. Do not know which bet? My Life has searched the internet for the best selling options in large online stores and you can check this list below:

Eucerin Ureia Cream 10% 100ml

1. Eucerin Ureia Cream 10% 100ml - US $ 29.99

It is recommended for dry, dry and rough feet, moisturizing the skin without leaving the slippery sensation thanks to the aluminum starch in its formulation. It contains a hydration mechanism with oil and water, which causes the product to be absorbed quickly and prevents the loss of hydration. The formula contains 10% urea, which promotes hydration over a long period, glycerin, which brings softness and maintains moisture of the skin, and sodium lactate, another moisturizing agent.

Exfoliating Cream with Argan Oil Bio Acqua 250g

2. Exfoliating Cream with Argan Oil Bio Acqua 250g - € 9.69

Bio Acqua Foot and Leg Cream has the properties of clay and argan oil in its formulation. It promotes cell renewal, is rich in vitamins A and E, omega 6 and 9, and fatty acids, which contributes to a smooth texture on the skin. In addition to exfoliate, the cream also prevents loss of skin elasticity. It is also indicated for use on the elbows and knees.

Exfolianting Foot Socks

3. Exfolianting Socks with 1 pair - $ 39.99

The exfoliating sock is recommended to renew the skin of the feet, performing a peeling that removes the layers of dead cells in a few days. It should be paved for 60 minutes for the product to have the maximum effect. Contains lactic acid, which causes the dead skin of the more superficial layers to come off the feet, and glycolic acid, which promotes the desquamation of the whole area. The most intense exfoliation occurs in the first 5 days after application, when most of the thick skin peels off and falls. The complete process can take up to 10 days to complete.

Ligia Kogos Foot Care Cream 80g

4. Ligia Kogos Treatment Cream for Feet 80g - R $ 58,90

It has a high concentration of active ingredients for the treatment of cracks, roughness and cracks. Removes the thicker and more dry layer of the skin, stimulating cell renewal. Protects and combats mycoses and other diseases caused by fungi as well as deeply hydrating. The Salicylic and Glycolic acids in your formula help to remove the thicker and more dry layer of the feet. On the other hand, urea and ammonium lactate have a moisturizing action.

Tenys cream Pé Baruel Anti-stress 60g

5. Creme Tenys Pé Baruel Antirressecamento 60g - R $ 48,90

Repairing moisturizer for cracked and extremely dry feet. Developed by specialists, the product is suitable for feet that need immediate care. It has in its formula the combination of Lactic Acid, Vitamins A and E, which visibly improves the appearance of the feet, giving back the natural elasticity of the skin.

Bio Soft Smooth Foot Cream 120g

6. Cream Bio Soft Smooth Foot 120g - R $ 6,30

The cream has formulation with emollient and nutritive ingredients for the skin. Provides soft, hydrated and healthy feet. Ideal for extremely dry feet. With special assets, it also acts as a deodorant for the feet. It has urea and allantoin, which promote the deodorization and desquamation of the affected regions, combating excessive dryness.

Weleda Moisturizing Foot Cream 75ml

7. Weleda Moisturizing Feet Cream 75ml - R $ 55,55

Ideal for moisturizing dry skin. By containing essential oils of Litsea Cubeba, Lavender and Rosemary, the product provides a refreshing fragrance. The myrrh extract has an astringent function, while marigold and olive oil soften the skin. It has quick absorption, without greasy feet. With a formula that moisturizes, softens and refreshes the feet, leaving them comfortably dry and revitalized. Free of artificial fragrances, raw materials derived from mineral oils, dyes and synthetic preservatives.

Repair Cream Footner 75ml

8. Repairer Cream with a combination of ingredients that provide a hydration for very dry skin, significantly reducing the roughness and dryness of the feet and heels. It should be applied twice a day, massaging gently. It can also be applied to the dry skin of the hands, elbows and knees. Continuous use can prevent easy dryness of the skin.

Ampé Pedi Perfect 30ml

9. Pedi Perfect Ampé Foot Cream 30ml - € 39.13

The product contains compounds like Pentavitin and algae extract, which help keep skin hydrated. It is recommended for daily use and after exfoliations. Hyaluronic acid is known to be one of the compounds with the greatest capacity to retain water and this helps to maintain the sensation of softness in the treated region. When applying it, massage well the heels and the more dry areas of the feet.

Neutrogena Norwegian 56g

10. Moisturizing for dry feet Neutrogena Norwegian 56g - € 59.90

The moisturizing for dry feet has in its formula a high concentration of glycerin and panthenol, which help in recovering the damages caused by the dryness of the feet and heels. It also has bisabilol and menthol agents, which provide a feeling of lightness and freshness. It does not cause oily skin feeling and has rapid absorption, resulting in soft feet and dry.

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