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10 Best exercises to lose weight

10 Best exercises to lose weight

On hot days, the order is to roast without mercy or pity all the extra energy accumulated by the body. What's more, do it in the blink of an eye and, if possible, with a lot of fun. Yes, we understood the request and, with a hand of doctors Marcelo Ortiz and Carlos Polazzo, from the BR Sports Institute, he was attended to.

We ran a ranking with the ten activities that burn the most calories. For the record to be complete, we still investigate the pros and cons of each exercise. After all, it's no use having a beautiful tummy if you're forced to soak at home, with pain all over your body.

1. Race

With an hour of running, you spend 900 calories. In addition to helping with weight loss, it improves respiratory capacity and brings cardiovascular benefits.

For : improves cardiac fitness.

Contra : watch for knee and spine impact while running. Choose a shoe with good shock absorbers (hit the sneakers).

2. Cycling

Going pedaling through the streets is synonymous with 840 fewer calories in the body. In addition, it works the lower limbs and improves heart rate.

For : improves cardiac fitness.

Against : Beware of wear on the spine and knee. Before starting to pedal, be sure to adjust the seat so that you never fully extend the leg.

3. Tennis

This is a complete sport: you need the strength to throw the ball and lots of breath to walk the court. But so much effort is well rewarded with the 800 calorie farewell in a one hour match.

For : improves motor coordination, strengthens muscles (especially arms) and increases agility

Against : Shoulder and wrist injuries, if you push yourself too hard. If you have never practiced, look for a teacher at least in the initial month.

4. Football

An hour of good skinning consumes 780 calories!

For : strengthens legs and improves conditioning

Against : beware of bumps and split bumps require some strength and waist play

5. Boxing

Coaching boxing, you burn up to 660 calories and still set the arms.

Pro : Champion's heel and arm muscles very shapely.

Against : requires a lot of preparation. As for the punches, they are made in bags

6. Bodybuilding

It can be at home, with pesinhos, or at the gym. For every hour of training, you can lose an average of 500 calories.

For : improves joint and muscle resistance, strengthens bones and even speeds up calorie burning. : can damage muscles and tendons if not done with proper guidance (know how to avoid injury).

7. Rowing An hour of rowing removes 600 calories from the body.


: improves heart and muscular conditioning, defines whole chest and arms quickly. It is the second most complete exercise that exists (after swimming).

Contra : sport can cause tendinitis in the arms. To avoid, be careful of posture and applied force.

8. Swimming An hour of swimming burns 540 calories.


: works every muscle and improves conditioning.

Against : beware of thermal shocks if you train in a heated pool. Do not forget to stretch, avoiding cramp.

9. Basketball Strolling on either side of the court and trying to throw the ball in the basket can cause you to lose 480 calories.

In favor of

: work arms and legs, practically the same proportion, besides developing Physical conditioning

Contra : Beware of sudden impacts on the knee and spine and with thumps in the court.

10. Volleyball One hour practicing volleyball eliminates 420 calories.


: defined arms and abdomen

Against : beware of finger injury. They are often common.

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Exercise is better than intellectual activity to preserve memory

Exercise is better than intellectual activity to preserve memory

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