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10 Carbohydrates that help you lose weight

10 Carbohydrates that help you lose weight

When the balance pointer goes up a little, it is very common to take more radical actions to try to lose weight. One of the most practiced is to reduce or totally cut the carbohydrate consumption of food. But is it really necessary to go from one end to the other?

The answer is no. This is because carbohydrate is the first source our body has to generate energy. "Poor diet can result in physical and mental problems. Restricted or miraculous diets should be evaluated by health professionals and require care," warns nutritionist Beatriz Botéquio. Therefore, it is important to make a diet that maintains the balance of food groups and nutrients.

Therefore, instead of eliminating carbohydrates from food, it is better to choose the types that can contribute to weight loss. First it is important to know that there are different types of carbohydrates: simple ones and compounds.

Simple carbohydrates have a higher glucose content and are digested faster. Outcome: You feel hungry shortly after eating. However, the nutrients considered complex have slower digestion, maintaining a prolonged satiety - breads, cookies, cereals, pasta, rice, grains, vegetables and fruits are some examples. In the full version, these foods are even more indicated in the fight against the scales because the fibers contribute to you delaying the appetite again.

Below you will find a list of carbohydrates that will be useful to maintain energy and reduce measures


Amaranthaceae is a grain of the Amaranthaceae family that stands out for being very nutritionally balanced. It is rich in protein, fiber, calcium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium. Amaranth is a type of carbohydrate that contributes indirectly to weight loss. This is because it is rich in fiber, a nutrient that when ingested in good amounts provides satiety. In addition, they contribute to the better functioning of the intestine. Some preliminary research has also noted that the grain contributes to the improvement of the immune system.


Small, round and yellow, millet is also called target maize and has its origin in China. Although it is widely used to feed birds, the introduction of this cereal in our menu helps both to control weight and to prevent various diseases. According to nutritionist Joana Lucyk, from the Health Active clinic in Brasilia, millet can be consumed in the form of flour, as an ingredient in juices and cakes or added to food, as is done with flaxseed flour and green banana.

Sweet potato

Even a little more caloric, according to research by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in the United States, sweet potatoes helps in weight loss because it has a low glycemic index. It is a complex carbohydrate and an important source of energy. It overcomes other tubers in various nutrients like retinol, vitamin B1, vitamin C and calcium. Compared to potatoes and mandiocin, other carbohydrate options for bodybuilders, it has more fiber, potassium, protein and phosphorus, which stimulate the bowel, and help control diabetes and cholesterol.

Flour green banana

The green banana and its flour are rich in such starch resistant, and it is precisely this compound that helps to control hunger. This is because they slow down the digestion process because their crystalline structure makes their digestibility more difficult. That way, it stays longer through the stomach, improving satiety and reducing the consumption of food in the following meals. What helps to reduce that hunger that appears out of time, aiding the slimming.

For those who need to lose a few kilos, flaxseed may be more than an ally, as a recent study by Unicamp found. According to the researchers, unsaturated fatty acids, ie, mussels-3, 6 and 9, are able to interrupt or even reverse an inflammatory process of the hypothalamus, caused by the intake of saturated fats that we eat together with fast food, meats red and milk derivatives.

But what does the hypothalamus have to do with diet? In fact, a lot, since one of the functions of this region of the brain is responsible for signaling to the body how much food has in your body. In other words, the hypothalamus - which connects the nervous system to the endocrine system - controls appetite. When the region is inflamed, part of the neurons die, among them, those that are linked to the feeling of satiety, thus facilitating the consumption of excess food.


Rye is also a champion in fiber for help in satiety. It is usually found mixed with other cereals and helps provide protein, which give more energy to the body and help you to be satisfied. The amount of this and the other cereals may be greater than the oilseeds, around two tablespoons per day. "But whoever has celiac disease must pass away from this cereal, which contains gluten," warns Bruna Pinheiro.


Because it is a mix of cereals with nuts, müsli (or muesli) is even richer in nutrients than pure cereals. Not to mention that the taste is pleasant without having to increase the calories too much, since the fruits are naturally sweet, without adding sugar.

Barley in grains

Barley is one of the cereals that least presents fats that are harmful to weight loss. "In addition to fiber and carbohydrates, barley also has B vitamins, selenium and magnesium," says nutritionist Bruna Pinheiro.


Oats have two types of fiber: one part is insoluble fiber, such as cellulose, which the enzymes in our body can not "break". However, the highlight of the cereal are its soluble fibers, beta-glucans, which are partially digested by the intestine. They take the water from the organ and "suck" it. In this way, they grow in size and form a gel that lines the wall of the stomach and intestine, slowing gastric emptying and prolonging satiety. Therefore, the consumption of oats is interesting for those who diets.


The B vitamins present in quinoa are essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system, muscle maintenance and synthesis of hormones. In addition, the fibers present in the grain give the sensation of satiety, being able to favor the slimming

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