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10 Exercises to lose belly at home

10 Exercises to lose belly at home

Some exercises can help lose belly without leaving home. The goal can be achieved by alternating aerobic exercises with those that strengthen the muscles. And practice can provide benefits that go beyond aesthetics. This is because accumulation of fat in the abdominal area can cause cardiovascular, respiratory and posture problems

However, before you start exercising, it is important to talk to your doctor and see if your health is okay. In addition, it is essential to wear appropriate clothes to do gymnastics and prepare the environment for the activity, because some movements require a larger space to be performed.

To know the best exercises to lose belly without leaving home, the Portal Minha Vida chatted with the personal trainer Fernanda Andrade, with physical education professional Welber Bedin, from the Just Academies network and with the physical trainer Bruno Estevão.

1. Stationary Marching

Marching or stationary running is basically simulating a race without leaving the place. It's a good aerobic exercise that helps warm up the body for the next movements.

How to perform: Wear comfortable sneakers and sneakers and simulate a run without leaving the place. You can lean on a wall, for example. It is also possible to use a rubber band tying one leg in the other to increase the intensity of the exercise.

Physical trainer Bruno Estêvão recommends that five sets each of three minutes be performed at the beginning.

Man doing stationary gait to lose

How to help lose belly: "In one hour of stationary running it is possible to lose up to 600 calories," says the expert, which contributes to weight loss and consequently abdominal fat. Arm Bending

Arm bending is a very versatile exercise that can bring benefits for both beginners and advanced.

How to perform: To avoid problems and end up injuring yourself while performing arm flexion, it is important

The hands should be aligned with the chest and open so that the elbows can bend up to 90 degrees.

The elbows should be facing outwards. Take care not to let the hips too high or lowered, it should be at the same height as the trunk.

You can see how to perform arm flexion correctly in this video

Arm flexion helps to lose belly since it works various muscles, including the shoulders, triceps, abdomen, dorsal and gluteal muscles.

How to help lose belly: Bending helps to lose belly because it works several muscles, "among them the shoulders, triceps, abdomen, dorsal muscles and buttocks "explains Stephen.

3. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope may even have been a joke in childhood but this move can be fun and help you lose belly without leaving home too in adult life. But, since it is an exercise that requires more physical conditioning and a bit of coordination, start slowly and increase the speed and duration of this activity over time.

How to perform: First choose a safe place to jump rope. ideal to start is to interleave two to three minutes of rope with your muscular exercises, "says personal trainer Fernanda Andrade.

Jumping rope helps to lose weight and lose belly

How to help lose belly: For being one aerobic exercise, skipping rope will help in weight loss and improves physical fitness, thus helping to burn the sallow tummy.

4. Boards

Boards are the champions in losing belly without leaving home. They are considered an abdominal exercise, which has several forms of being performed that can make it easier or difficult to exercise.

How to perform: To start the board, place both hands parallel to the floor, just like the tip of the feet should be slightly separated), dividing the body weight into these four supports.

The movement is similar to a flexion, but here you will not move the arm, it should remain stretched straight.

After stabilizing the board, one can perform the bicycle movement, bringing the knee towards the opposite elbow (right knee at the left elbow and vice versa).

Another way to do the board is to keep the same position, but with your feet on the sofa or a chair.

"Begin by holding the body for 30 seconds, and repeat this process five times, gradually increase the amount of support, "Steves says.

Boards are an exercise that works on the muscles of the arms and abdomen

How it helps to lose belly: This exercise works in the region of the arms, abdomen and lumbar, not to mention that it demands concentration in the force employed in the abdomen to be able to remain in the position, helping to define the region. Squatting

The squatting motion is a fairly complete exercise, which activates large muscle groups with hip and knee extension and flexion, but care must be exercised in doing so.

How to perform: When performing the squat, the feet should be parallel (side to side) in the same direction of the hip. Be careful not to let your legs too wide or closed, and when you crouch, your hip should be projected backwards. Here's how to do the squat properly here. You can start with three sets of ten to twelve repetitions. But in the case of knee or back pain, stop exercising and seek expert guidance.

Squatting helps in abdominal fat loss is due to large energy expenditure

How does it help to lose belly? "The benefit of abdominal fat loss is due to the great energy expenditure, but because it is a very complete exercise, it also acts on the hip muscles," says Fernanda. That is, in addition to helping to lose belly at home, exercise helps to leave the butt hard.


The bicycle in the air is a variation of abdominal exercise that combines a trunk and hip flexion with a trunk rotation.

How to perform: Lie with your back on the floor or mat, lift your legs without pull your back off the ground, and pretend to ride a bike with your feet up. With your hands behind your head, try to reach your right knee when it is closer to your abdomen and repeat the procedure when the left is closer.

Try to stay in this exercise about the same time you used the other aerobics, taking Always watch your spine.

The bike helps toning the abdomen muscles, improving appearance and increasing the fat burning power.

How does it help to lose belly? "Its benefit is to tone the muscles of the abdomen improving appearance and increase the burning power of fat," says Welber Bedin of the Just Academies network.

7. Hip lift

The hip lift, with the person lying down, helps to lose belly and is easy to do even in tight environments.

How to perform: Lying on the floor or on a mat, leave the arms aligned to the side of the body, let your knees flex and the soles of your feet flat on the floor. Then raise your hip toward the ceiling. "To start doing this exercise, perform three sets with 10 to 14 repetitions each," says Fernanda

Hip lift strengthens hip muscles, glutes and helps to lose belly

How to help lose belly: A personal trainer explains that this movement, within an exercise circuit, strengthens the muscles of the hip, buttocks and abdomen , as well as having a high energy expenditure, which contributes to overall weight loss.

8. Puffball

Puffball is an exercise that helps warm up the body quickly and requires a bit of coordination and physical conditioning. In the first moments of the exercise it is possible to feel how it affects the whole body, and because it demands a bigger cardiovascular work, it also has a great caloric expenditure.

How to perform: The polychinel is performed by joining hands over the head while move your feet and join your feet when you lower your hands until you touch the sides of the body. The movement repeats itself and in order to move both feet at the same time, small leaps (to join and move the feet) are added.

Stephen recommends that beginners in this exercise do 50 repetitions, or one minute of non-stop exercise . You can repeat this series five times to increase the condition.

The stroke is performed by joining hands over the head while moving the feet and joining the feet when lowering the hands until touching the sides of the body

Como helps to lose belly: "The benefit is the high capacity of cardiovascular work being able to replace the treadmill or the bicycle as aerobic work," says Bedin. Abdominal

There are several types of abs that can help to lose belly without leaving home. But it is important to take care of the spine and the exercise, as well as stop if you feel pain in your back when you are moving and seek the advice of a specialist.

How to perform: Lay on the floor, on a rug or mat, bend your knees and leave your feet parallel with the sole touching the floor. For the simpler abdominal, place your hands behind your head and lift your torso, trying to make your head touch the knee.

It is also possible to repeat the movement by rotating the trunk so that the left elbow touches the right knee and vice versa.

There is still the oblique abdomen, in which lying on the right side of the body the person supports the arm and the leg in the mat, and makes lateral movement so that his left knee touches the left elbow. Then change the side. "This abdominal is as important as the rectum, because it strengthens the lateral region of the trunk, helps define the abdomen and makes the body more stable," says Bruno.

He recommends that five sets of 30 repetitions be performed on each side , but if you feel pain in your spine or neck, stop exercising and seek expert advice.

Muscle contraction exercises serve to tone the muscles and also burn fat

How it helps to lose belly: "Muscle contraction exercises serve to tone the muscles, but it is known that the more trained the muscle the more fat it can burn, "says Welber Dedin of the Just Academies network.

10. Burpee

The exercise is more advanced, has high intensity and will work both the muscular part and the aerobics together.

How to perform: The movement starts with a squat, followed by a quick movement to put your hands on the floor and "kick" the feet back, stopping in the bending position. Made the bending, pull the legs back into the squat position and raise the trunk. Finish with a leap with outstretched hands. The idea is for it to be performed in sequence, not stopping after a move to start another.

"Begin by running the movement five times in a row and progressing. You can do eight sets of five repetitions," says Stephen.

This exercise has a high calorie burn rate and works the muscles of the whole body.

How to help lose belly: This exercise has a high rate of burning calories and works the muscles of the whole body. "The pectoral muscles are worked in the flexion of the arm, quadriceps, glutes and calves in the squatting and jumping, those of the abdomen and flexors of the hip and lumbar in support, flexion, squatting and the movements of carrying the feathers forward or back" , exemplifies the specialist.



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