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10 Factors to consider when choosing your gym

10 Factors to consider when choosing your gym

With the arrival of summer, people get more excited about getting a gym body more fit, and then run to bodybuilding. In that hurry, some important details to be taken in choosing a quality gym. Not being careful at the time of the choice can cause discouragement, lack of result and, in more serious cases, can even cause injuries.

1- Location: Studies show that increased adherence to an exercise program is due to the location being within a radius of up to three kilometers of their residence or work, because the shorter the trip the less probability of "detours". The possibility of training during short work trips should also be considered in order not to lose momentum.

Not being careful at the time of the choice can lead to discouragement, lack of expected result.

2- Hygiene: This is one of the most important aspects of infrastructure and is paramount in ensuring that the result is effectively healthy. The most delicate places are the changing rooms, swimming pools and equipment. The gyms should have: spacious and well lit locker rooms with individual lockers so you can leave your things; trained cleaners who do not perform more than one function. Avoid gymnasiums that have plastic or wooden boards on the floor, as the dirt accumulates under the boards and may cause dermatological problems;

3- Management: The gym works with your client's principal assets : your health and well-being. That's why it's no business for the amateur. Some important seals such as ISO 9001 attest to the quality of administrative management and the seriousness of conducting processes within a company.

4- Technical staff: Teachers in a gymnasium must be trained in Physical Education and registered by CREF. To have classes with a person who does not have this record is the same thing as treating an unformed doctor.

5- Training and Training of the Team: The qualification of the staff must always be observed in the choice of his gym. Physical Education is a constantly evolving science and its professionals must always be trained and evaluated on the follow-up of new trends and discoveries.

6- Training Equipment: Like science, technology also evolves. The constant updating of the equipment available to the students is not only an extra luxury in the academies. It is the guarantee of the offer of updated services and with the support of the best available technology.

7- Mission and Values ​​of the company: The most guaranteed information on how a company thinks is written in its values ​​and mission.

8- Personalized service: The goals of the people are different and the strategies to achieve them are also.

9- Services - See what "facilities" your gym is able to offer: Towels, Lockers; Physical assessment; Nutritionists; Physiotherapy; Parking and Safety, for example. Orientation to training is critical to the student. It is through it that your instructor can elaborate a customized training plan, taking into account its objectives, needs and limitations. Diversity in classes and modalities is also very important.

10- Emergency Care - Academies must have first-aid care teams. These teams should have and know how to use devices such as defibrillators, which should be stored in an easily accessible place.

Physical fitness is the key to longevity

Physical fitness is the key to longevity

A study published in the Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association has shown that maintaining or improving your fitness level - even if there is no change in weight or body definition - can reduce the risk of death. The survey had the collaboration of more than 14,000 adult men with, on average, 44 years of age.


Roller Jam skating rink gets

Roller Jam skating rink gets "Skating Rink"

With the Roller Jam skating rink promotes "Arraial de Patins" this weekend. On June 26th and 27th, the gang takes place from 7pm to 4am and on Sunday from 7pm to 10pm. The event takes the "disco world" of Roller Jam with typical St. John festivities, such as food stalls, elegant mail, decoration and even the traditional gang - which will be dancing on wheels.