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10 Facts that transform the last week of the year into the largest slice of life

10 Facts that transform the last week of the year into the largest slice of life

End of the year is a time filled with gastronomic temptations and escaping unscathed from so many trials is almost an impossible mission. However, this good time deserves to be well celebrated, allowing itself to commit some exaggeration. The important thing is to turn all this into motivation for 2017, with a focus on physical activity and nutrition. Below, check out a very sincere list with delicious slips that we will all commit in the next few days:

1. Wholemeal bread only in 2017! Breakfast is now panetone and french toast

panetone-chocotone - Photo: Twitter

Before Christmas, you enjoy the panettone that the company gave, then you get another from a friend and, after 25, still you can buy more for half the price. How to resist?

2. Meals that last 4 or 5 uninterrupted hours (you never feel so happy)

The family lunch starts around noon and ends after 3pm. Dinner starts at 7:00 p.m. and runs until midnight. Want to have a snack between meals? You're all set free!

3. Repeat the meal about three times until you try everything.

We know, you will not get up from the table until you taste all the Christmas dishes made by the whole family. And still plenty of space to eat muuuitas different desserts

Try everything is the great dilemma of Christmas. Each relative takes the dessert and you, of course, end up eating a little (or a lot) of each.

5. Even with so much food, you still have about five pots of what's left over.

With astronomical amounts of food, there's always plenty left to take home and eat later (how can it get any better than we do not know). > 6. Suddenly everyone you know wants to fraternize at a table with food

Friends from high school, from work, from old jobs, from fellow academics, from French class you went twice. The truth is that everyone wants to celebrate eating and drinking.

7. Fork and cup lift seen their specialty

With the Christmas schedule packed, there is virtually no time left (and much less provision) to exercise other than chewing.

8. Not the raisin will take away your focus.

We know that a lot of people complain about grapes all year long in the food, but they do not dispense their aunt's mayonnaise salad with that wonderful fruit. And there's an apple too!

9. You enjoy eating as a way to avoid discussing politics with your family.

When the conversation is not going well, you get up and eat something to distract yourself, right? It is also worth avoiding the fateful question: "and the boyfriends?".

10. "Is it pavê or pacumê?" nor is it so annoying when you're full of belly

No matter how many times we hear this joke, our love for the pavement never diminishes and, yes, it's pacumê.

Finally, accept and start over

After so much food, it's time to think about the year that has gone by and set the goals for 2017. Some exaggerations will happen, but it's no use getting frustrated. Accept that you have had a lot of fun with loved ones and that you are now stronger towards a balanced and healthy life (in every way).

Learn to identify your food mistakes and do not fall into the diet traps

Learn to identify your food mistakes and do not fall into the diet traps

Many consumer behavior surveys have been conducted with the purpose of knowing and evaluating the new habits of the population against a range of products that we currently have. Surveys conducted in the USA report that shoppers in a fast-food chain- - snack-type network-when they chose a healthy snack, they could not keep the same line of reasoning for follow-up decision making.


Eat fast food and lose weight anyway

Eat fast food and lose weight anyway

After starting the diet, the way is to escape not only from temptations, but also of the social situations where they are. You forget the cafeteria on the corner of work, leave behind the appetizing fast food fast food restaurants offer and cancel the dinners at your favorite pizza restaurant. For a week.