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10 Foods that do not enter the pantry of the famous nutritionist.

10 Foods that do not enter the pantry of the famous nutritionist.

Going headlong into fitness routine and having a healthier life is no easy task, but a few simple changes can make all the difference. The first (and foremost) attitude is to avoid the presence of certain foods in your kitchen. You are probably already thinking about several bad guys that harm your health, like sodas, frozen food and sugar. But why is it so difficult to take away these foods from day to day?

Although they have palatable tastes, these items can be harmful to the body, such as increased binge eating, diabetes or high cholesterol. "Reducing purchases of some items in your home helps a lot. If we have the habit of having these products at home, it gets harder to get out of the rut." However, let's eat the "bullshit" on a few occasions, "says Nutritionist Patricia Davidson, in an interview with My Life

"At street meals, always opt for real food, avoiding very elaborate preparations," she adds, "before grilling, green salads, cooked vegetables." Patrícia is a darling of the famous and takes care of the food of Bruna Marquezine, Paolla Oliveira, among others. To help you with this change, the specialist revealed the main foods that did not come in your pantry and gave tips on how to replace these foods. Check it out:

1. Refrigerants

2. Box juice

3. Stuffed biscuits and snack foods

4. Ready - made spices (broth, ketchup)

5. Frozen food (lasagne, hamburger)

6. White sugar

7. Wheat flour

8. Sausages (mortadella, ham, sausage, bacon, salami)

9. Sweeteners


According to Patricia, soft drinks, box juice and biscuits contain white sugar and their derivatives in their composition, as well as sweeteners and chemical additives (such as dyes and preservatives ), which bring no benefit to the body. They are considered to be empty calories. "These foods also lead to accumulation of fat and metabolic changes." Overeating leads to the gain and difficulty of fat loss, increased willingness to eat sweet foods, altered feelings of satiety, and changes in the intestinal microbiota, "he said.

For ready-made sausages, sausages, snack foods and frozen foods, the main villains are sodium, preservatives and flavor enhancers in their composition. The nutritionist warns about the importance of being aware of the packaging, because in these cases the salt can appear as sodium, monosodium glutamate or sodium bicarbonate, for example.

Although it seems harmless, wheat flour is a very bad food for people who want to improve their diet and lose weight because it is an abundant source of carbohydrates. In addition, white wheat flour should be avoided by people who are intolerant to gluten.

"Wheat flour, which is present in almost all products consumed, such as breads, cakes, biscuits, pasta and salty snacks, has undergone many changes by the industry over the years so that it could be produced in greater quantity. These changes and their consumption on demand by the population can lead to intestinal changes and inflammatory processes in the body, such as joint pain, poor digestion, arrest of the intestines, headaches and respiratory allergies, "commented the nutritionist.

Good man or villain? Cow's milk is another very controversial food and carries several myths about its consumption. The truth is that cow's milk has also undergone modifications over the years, being altered in the industry to increase the shelf life and improve the appearance of the product, leaving it white and odor-free."The protein present in milk, casein, is also considered a major aggressor for the body, since it triggers inflammatory processes because of the difficulty of digestion and the great release of insulin. It damages weight loss and worsens insulin sensitivity. to diabetes), "he added.


Soft drinks and box juice: teas, coconut water, fruit juice, flavored water

- Stuffed biscuits and salty snacks: homemade biscuits

- Ready- herbs, such as oregano, rosemary, basil

  • - Frozen food: prepare the foods you like at home and leave them frozen ready to consume
    - White sugar: the ideal is to remove any type of sugar. However, in recipes it is possible to substitute with coconut sugar
    - Wheat flour: use other types of flour, such as almonds, sprinkles, manioc
    - Sausages: prefer fresh meat
    - Sweeteners: the ideal is to remove any type of sweetener. If you are going to use it, opt for xylitol, thaumatin or stevia
    - Cow's dairy: remove from feed. If you use, prefer the canasta type and matured cheeses. Foods from other animals are also valid, such as buffalo and goat's milk and its derivatives

    Germanium helps in the prevention of cancer

    Germanium helps in the prevention of cancer

    Have you ever heard of germanium? No, it is not a person's name, but a chemical element. Well-known for its application in the electronics industry, many people forget that germanium is also an important nutrient for health. Organic germanium is found in plant foods. The foods that concentrate it have the characteristic of stimulating the immunity and cicatricial processes and this property led the scientists to investigate, mainly, its action in the prevention and the treatment of the cancer Benefits of the germanium In these works they observed that germanium also inhibits viral multiplication, decreases the symptoms of atherosclerosis, improves diabetes, stabilizes bone metabolism, modulates the intestinal flora and even acts as an antioxidant.


    Gaseous mineral water with mango and orange

    Gaseous mineral water with mango and orange

    Ingredients: 50 grams of mango in chunks 100 ml of natural orange juice. 5 g ginger 1 liter chilled gaseous mineral water Preparation: Beat all the ingredients in the blender and serve. Yield: Render 4 cups with 28 calories each.