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10 Impacts that love causes on you

10 Impacts that love causes on you

Few things compare to being in love and starting a relationship. The sensations are the most varied: Heart racing when you see the person you love, the cold in the belly when you meet, the plans we make in our heads, the time that seems to fly when we are in the company of someone special. It is a remarkable phase, and the body manifests itself in the most varied ways to this feeling. Some signs, together, may indicate that you are in love. Here are ways that your body and mind find to manifest the emergence of a new love:

1 - Falling in love can disrupt sleep

According to one study, when falling in love, we can spend sleepless nights thinking about who we love. This usually occurs at the beginning of a relationship, and this state of euphoria, makes us more active and awake at night and dawn, which can deregulate our biological schedule.

2 - Smell becomes even more important

Pheromones play the role of causing species to recognize themselves by smell, provoking sexual reactions in each individual. And when you fall in love with someone, your scent gets etched in your mind, having great power over you.

3 - You have several physical responses to love

Being in love does not just mean changes related to your emotional. According to studies published by Health.com, love also brings some physical manifestations, see some below:

  • Your pupils dilate the moment you see someone who is attracted
  • You may feel a little tense, and even lose your appetite, since all your thoughts are directed towards a person
  • You tend to raise your voice near the one who loves
  • You gain a force previously unknown, since the oxytocin released in your body to fall in love can increase your tolerance to pain

4 - Look for your partner generates benefits for the mind

A study published by Newswise points out that simply looking at pictures of your boyfriend on the cell phone can cause a sense of reward and happiness in his brain, since he releases dopamine when he comes in contact with something that brings him pleasure.

5 - Love causes cold in the belly

The hormone norepinephrine is present when falling in love. Being linked to stress, it increases your heart rate, consequently making you more agitated when you are with someone special. It is like being on a roller coaster where your hands are sweaty, your mouth is dry and adrenaline takes off, and this causes the feeling of cold in the belly.

6 - Being in love causes a major hormonal change

According to with a study published in 2004 by the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology, at the beginning of a relationship, where emotions are intense and there is a sense of novelty, cortisol levels increase in both sexes, and male sex hormone testosterone decreases in men and 799. It seems to be an exaggeration, but many times at the end of a relationship, we were so connected to it that it becomes a difficult task to detach itself from the old reality, which can lead to several problems such as anxiety and depression, according to the American Heart Institute. And in extreme cases, broken heart syndrome, which mimics the symptoms of a heart attack, such as difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeat and chest pains. The syndrome can bring irreversible damage to the heart and even cause death, but it can be treated and resolved in a short time.

8 - You tend to gain weight

You've probably heard that dating, we begin to gain weight. And there is a truth in this popular saying. Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia have found that women gain 10 pounds on average after making a firm commitment. The average for men is 7.5 pounds. For Nutryup nutritionist Lidiane Martins, when we are happier in stable relationships, our appetite may increase. "We want to share the pleasure, then we go out for more dinners, movies - without realizing the weight increases," he said in terms of dating traps that make you fat.According to research, when falling in love with someone, your brain produces oxytocin, adrenaline, and dopamine, the same hormone released by the use of drugs, and is responsible for the sensation of great energy and euphoria, which makes you become addicted to who you love.

10 - Love generates positive impacts on sex

According to studies published by Sciencedaily, it is important to note that " the beginning of a relationship, sexual desire is at its maximum levels because of hormones like testosterone. Also, being in love causes you to become more daring and adventurous with your sexual choices. The security of a serious relationship makes people feel more comfortable to experience new things.

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