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10 Inspiring movies to watch on Netflix

10 Inspiring movies to watch on Netflix

If you are looking for movies full of life lessons and motivational stories to watch, your place is here. We've selected the most inspiring stories on Netflix that will give you another view of the world. Check it out and enjoy:

1. The film tells the story of a vulnerable and reclusive teenager with a deep sense of the world and no idea of ​​how to do it. live in it. And in the midst of his dilemmas he still needs to deal with his troubled family. See here.

2. Before departing (2007)

Before leaving - Photo: IMDb

Billionaire Edward Cole and mechanic Carter Chambers are two terminal patients in the same hospital room. When they meet, they decide to write down a list of things they want to do before they die and run away from the hospital to do them. Check it out!

3. After suffering a serious accident and becomes a quadriplegic, a millionaire decides to hire a troubled young man who has never had the least experience of caring for people in his state. Gradually the friendship between them establishes itself, changing the life of both. See here.

4. Ben Thomas seeks a way to redeem his guilts and discovers that he has the power to change the circumstances of seven people he does not know and deserve a second chance. Check it out!

5. The film tells the story of Claire Simmons, a traumatized and depressed woman who seeks help in a group for people with pains. chronic diseases. There, she discovers the suicide of one of the members of the group and becomes obsessed with the tragedy. See here.

6. Based on Stephen Hawking's biography, the film portrays the importance of his work, the fight against an incurable disease at age 21, and his unconditional love. The theory of everything (2014)

The theory of everything by his wife. Check it out!

7. Always at your side (2009)

Always by Your Side - Photo: IMDb

A college professor meets at the train station an Akita puppy, known for his loyalty. The dog will accompany you to the train station and wait for your return. However, an unexpected event alters this routine. See here.

8. The film is the story of a man with a terminal illness who has forced himself into isolation, but he is interrupted by a miracle and a miracle. fight with your eccentrics and neighbors. Check it out!

9. Happy (2011)

Happy - Photo: IMDb

Everything you know about happiness may be wrong. This feeling has been the subject of studies that have revealed surprising findings. In this documentary, meet examples from people around the world who are considered happy and see what you can do to be happier. See here.

10. The Beginning of Life (2016)

The Beginning of Life - Photo: IMDb

The first years of life are crucial to the child's development. And for the future of humanity as well. In this documentary, scientists, activists and parents from around the world explore how early care given to children can shape the course of society. Check it out!

Do you know what integrative medicine is? Understanding Better

Do you know what integrative medicine is? Understanding Better

The concept of "Integrative Medicine" was created in the USA with the objective of promoting a coordinated application between usual and complementary methods of treatment, aiming at making frequent use of complementary therapies in situations in the The principles of Integrative Medicine involve the notion of therapist-patient partnership, consideration of all factors influencing health, well-being and illness, including mind, spirit , body and the community in which both are inserted.


Ear acupuncture is no more painful

Ear acupuncture is no more painful

Auriculotherapy is a therapeutic technique that stimulates reflex points located in the ear, where we find a complete map of a microsystem that represents the human body. Stimulating these points, which are integrated into the central nervous system, alters the signs of disequilibrium presented by organs or tissues of the body.