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10 Inspiring stories to start the day

10 Inspiring stories to start the day

All of us, at some point in our lives, must face various obstacles during our journey and in some cases they may seem impossible to cross. However, giving up may not be the best choice and if you're looking for motivation, this is the place to go. By knowing stories of others who have overcome their problems, it is easier to find the strength to face our own fears and difficulties.

So My Life has selected some inspiring stories to motivate you anytime, anytime situation. And remember: do not let fear win, always try to go after your dreams. In 9 months, Emilie Meza of the United States of America was diagnosed with a type of cancer of the blood, called a "type of cancer of the blood", called "supermulher" to celebrate end of chemo. of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Even though she was so small, the girl struggled a lot during the treatment of the disease, having to undergo chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.

In August, Emilie finished the last stage of the treatment and was discharged. To celebrate the moment, the family recorded a video of the little girl playing a celebratory bell representing the end of chemotherapy. The recording was shared on Facebook and already has more than 20 thousand views. The Australian Carolyn Hartz is an excellent example of what can be achieved with determination, but it is not a problem. any goal. At age 70, the mother of three children impresses with the care on her body and face. The secret to all this arose 28 years ago when Carolyn stopped consuming sugary foods.

The idea of ​​lifestyle change came after Carolyn was diagnosed with diabetes. However, this decision was not easy at first, she needed to find alternatives to not fall into this temptation and today lives very well.


Woman wins morbid obesity, eliminates 80 kg and becomes Miss - photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Gaucho Sabrina Sgarbi began to gain weight in the adolescence at the age of 16. To try to lose pounds fast, she tried all kinds of diets and "magic formulas", which only made her gain even more weight, as well as undermining her health. At age 21, she reached 140 kg, becoming morbidly obese, so bariatric surgery was no longer an option and became a necessity for Sabrina.

After the operation, she changed her eating habits and managed to eliminate 80 kg . But nothing in this process was easy, contrary to what many people think, and that's exactly what Sabrina shows on her YouTube channel and Instagram. Even after so many ups and downs, she did not give up on her dream of being a model and in 2015 she won the Miss World in Peru.


10-year-old girl is the youngest to win breast cancer - Photo: Divorce / People

American Chrissy Turner, 10, became the youngest survivor breast carcinoma, an extremely rare type of cancer. The discovery came in 2015 when the girl noticed a lump while wearing pajamas.

After confirmation of breast cancer, the girl - at the time only 8 years old - had to undergo a mastectomy to prevent the cancer from spreading . According to the girl's mother, Chrissy always tries to see the good side of things and is a very happy little girl. To know more about this story click here.


Girl has lived with her heart out of her breast for seven years - photo: Divulgaon / YouTube

At the age of 7, a little Russian girl has shocked and inspired many people with her story. The little Virsaviya "Bathsheba" Borun-Goncharova was born with a rare condition, called Pentalogy of Cantrell, which is characterized by having the heart out of the chest.

Despite her condition, the girl does activities like any other child her age: she goes to school, practices dance, knows how to swim and even does some work as a model.


Thai without the legs is an example of overcoming - photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Model, actress, athlete and, mainly, without limits. That's how the 24-year-old Kanya Sesser of Thailand defines herself in her Instagram account. She was born without legs, and because of this condition, a few weeks after she was born she was abandoned. At age 5, an American couple adopted the girl, who grew up in California.

With its motto "without legs, without limits", it overcomes all kinds of barriers that appear in front of it. His biggest dream is to compete at the 2014 Paralympics Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.


Boy gets double hand transplant - photo: Reproduction / BBC

Little Zion Harvey, 10, was the first child to receive a double-handed transplant. The complicated surgery happened in 2015, when he was only 8 years old, and lasted more than 10 hours. Today, physicians and the family celebrate the evolution of his recovery, which continues to improve.

An article published in The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health in July 2017 revealed that the boy is already able to feed himself , change clothes, write and even play with a baseball bat, one of his most recent victories. However, Zion had to work hard to achieve all this, since his body even rejected his hands after surgery. In 2008, American photographer Jaquie Goncher suffered a spinal injury after an unsuccessful jump in the back of her neck. pool, which left her paralyzed from the neck down. The doctors said she would have no chance of recovering, but Jaquie did not accept the sentence and decided to dedicate herself to physical therapy and the academy for years.

The American regained some of the movement, but still depended on wheels. But she was determined that she could do more. To her surprise, on her wedding day, Jaquie was able to walk to the altar to meet her fiance and dance with him on the floor. party. This story is a great example of persistence.


Young with degenerative disease makes backpacking carried by friends - photo: Reproduction / People

The story of American Kevan Chandler, a resident of Fort Wayne, Indiana (US), shows well the power of overcoming a person and the value of friendship. Kevan's biggest dream was to make a backpack for Europe, but he suffers from muscular dystrophy, an incurable hereditary condition that weakens his muscles gradually, which hampers this desire.

However, the dream of knowing Europe was not so far as he imagined. That's because his friends developed a backpack so they could carry it during the trip. The young people traveled in July 2016 to meet Ireland, England and France.


Man adopts 22 children with HIV who were abandoned - photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Indian Rajib Thomas, 43, is a great inspirer of generosity and good heart. In 2009, after facing a difficult situation on the streets of his city, even with few resources, Rajib created the Bless Foundation and decided to help children who were abandoned by their biological parents when they discovered that they were carrying the HIV virus.Despite having two biological children, the Indian guarantees education, food, health, housing and, especially, love for his 22 "new" children. See how this simple attitude changed the lives of several children.

Baby sleep: why put the crib in the parents' room?

Baby sleep: why put the crib in the parents' room?

During the first months baby's sleep can be somewhat fragmented. Faced with this, many parents choose to put the crib in their bedroom. At first, it is best if the baby is not alone. This is because if he chokes or presents a problem, he can count on the quick reception of his parents. In addition, some babies have free demand, in other words, when they do not have a fixed time to breastfeed and suck at short intervals.


Pregnancy risk: what it is, how to prevent and how to identify

Pregnancy risk: what it is, how to prevent and how to identify

It is defined as pregnancy risk the one in which adverse conditions that present a risk to maternal or fetal health are or are being revealed, and the outcome of which may be the mortality of the mother, fetus (or newborn), whether before, during, or postpartum . Causes There are many factors that can lead to a risky pregnancy.