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10 Measures to eliminate dandruff

10 Measures to eliminate dandruff

Dandruff, also called seborrheic dermatitis or seborrhea, can to be related to several factors - from wrong habits that harm the scalp to the presence of fungi and even some health problems.

For each case it is possible to treat one way, which is related to the severity of the symptom. But it is important to know that if after all the wrong routine is done the dandruff does not subside, it is time to seek medical help. See below how to get rid of your dandruff :

1. Dermatologist Juliana Annunciato, a specialist by the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD) and Essenza Clinic, teaches the

step by step to wash hair to stop dandruff : Wash one day and another not, or at most every two days

  • Apply an anti-dandruff shampoo only on the scalp and leave on for two minutes
  • Apply the shampoo by rubbing it gently to avoid further flaking
  • Then you can wash with your routine shampoo and pass the conditioner just below the ear line, if necessary
  • Avoid very hot baths, leaving the temperature of the water warm, to prevent oiliness. Be careful with dry shampoos
  • Although being an ally when hair gets oily before a major appointment and it is not possible to wash the yarn, dry shampoo should not replace physical washing, especially if your intention is to eliminate dandruff "Dry shampoos have an aluminum starch base, which helps absorb oil and improve hair shine, but it does not remove dirt, so it can not replace washing or be encouraged as a daily habit," he said. says dermatologist Gabriella Albuquerque, coordinator of the Dermatology Society of Rio de Janeiro.

3. Always dry your hair

Staying with wet hair for a long time, such as when you go to sleep with it still moist, leaves the scalp more propitious for the proliferation of fungi that can further increase the peeling, in addition to making treatment difficult to eliminate dandruff

Use the dryer in colder temperatures to avoid, as in the case of the hot bath, a greater stimulus for oil production in the region.

Another good tip to avoid moisture in the region is to take care when wearing caps, which can increase perspiration, for example.

4. Think before you do chemistry

As Juliana explains,

the chemicals increase dandruff and its peeling

. This is why it is important to do procedures such as hair coloring or progressive brushes.

This is because this type of intervention affects the region, promoting an accelerated skin exchange. It is normal for the skin to be changed every 21 days or so, and it is not possible to see that it is occurring. 5. Use mild gel The gel at the root of the hair, just like the conditioner, can be harmful to anyone who wants to stop dandruff. This is because "it is as if the gel closes the follicle, which worsens oiliness and peeling," says Aline Marcassi, dermatologist at Amato Institute of Advanced Medicine.

6. Choose a good anti-dandruff shampoo

Some shampoos can help eliminate dandruff

and there are several options available in the perfumeries. These anti-dandruff shampoos can have a beneficial effect on removing dandruff, but only the dermatologist can indicate the best type for each case.

"They may have antifungal agents such as ketaconazole, which help in fungus-induced casts. which contains zinc or coal tar, for example, may help reduce desquamation, "says dermatologist Aline.

Among the more natural options, according to Juliana," are the products with melaleuca oil, which has antifungal action and helps combat dandruff ". Sulfur also helps control the microbiota in the region, which can help reduce the problem.Another important tip is to know that always using the same shampoo does not cause dandruff. "We can get sick of the smell or get a change, but not the hair," says Vânia Rodrigues Leite, a pharmacist and professor at the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp) 7. Invest in products with natural oils

Melaleuca and castor oil, as well as clay, can be used to soothe the inflammation on the scalp caused by dandruff, according to Juliana.

In the case of castor oil, very thick, is usually diluted in an almond oil or in a moisturizer before it is applied. Its benefit is to be little comedogenic and astringent, avoiding oiliness and fighting fungi, the main cause of dandruff.

"Natural oils also help regulate the sebaceous gland, which can contribute to the reduction of oiliness and,

But before investing in oil directly, know that there are already on the market several products that present these ingredients in their composition but have a better cosmetic. it is always best to talk to your dermatologist.

8. Treat other health problems

There are several other health problems related to dandruff, such as:


Psoriatic arthritis



  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Hormonal problems
  • So if you have one of these pictures, keeping it regulated or treated may also help with the disappearance of dandruff. your doctor about dandruff and see if you can do anything to improve the symptom.
  • 9. In-office procedures
  • If changing habits do not reduce the amount of dandruff, in addition to using antifreeze shampoos, it may be very important to seek the help of a dermatologist or trichologist (hair care specialist).
  • There are risk factors that show that dandruff may need medical help, such as:


Severe itching

Increased hair loss

Presence of coarser dandruff - which does not look like a "flour"

In addition to the shampoos specifically recommended for your type of dandruff, some dermatologists may offer the use of LEDs with low emission light to disinflate the skin.

  • According to Juliana, a dermatologist should be sought immediately. scalp and control the flora. "The sessions last for 10 to 15 minutes and are used when the person is in crisis, to decrease the inflammation and to calm the skin to receive the treatment at home ?, indicates ae
  • Injectable corticosteroids may also be indicated if the person has a more resistant plaque in a certain area, as the trichologist teaches.
  • 10. Dandruff Remedies In addition to the procedures in the office, the dermatologist may also indicate the use of oral remedies for more severe cases of dandruff.
  • These include oral antifungal and even anti-inflammatory drugs, such as corticosteroids , which will be prescribed according to the type of dandruff that the person has to improve his / her condition.

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