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10 Mistakes made in a job interview

10 Mistakes made in a job interview

With the labor market becoming more competitive and the demand for jobs higher than supply, that are not lacking are requirements at the time of a company to admit a new employee. A focused resume, which is aligned with the vacancy offered is an essential factor to reach the second stage: the interview.

"Simple details, such as how to express and dress, can guarantee or eliminate the chances of hiring the candidate even if he has an enviable curriculum" , explains the consultant of Rh Maria Estela Souza.

Job interview

The old maxim that the first impression is still valid and makes the difference, yes, at the time of hiring. "In the selection process, there should be no bias, but depending on the work environment, a classic look will be more secure than a more bare style," says the consultant. This is because, employers are increasingly tight and cautious in their choices.

"Wrong hiring entails wasted time, costs, productivity impact, and headache for a company." Below, specialists list the 10 biggest slips you can commit during a job interview and the right way to act to get that job.

Applicant x-ray


1- Hair

Errors : messy wires, with exotic colors or radical cuts. "If you have pink pink hair, for example, or a gigantic tuft but you are very well combed, you may even pass, but it is not the best way to attend the interview," explains Maria Estela. Set:

short hair well combed in discreet colors. "The ideal is to show a hairstyle and a cut that do not attract much attention." "Care for appearance does not have to do with style, but with hygiene and education. Even with a more radical look, it is possible to show with discretion and seriousness." 2-Nails


: large too, dirty and looking restful. "If your nails are not clean or the nail polish is peeling, they leave the impression that you are not so worried about the interview," Maria Estela explains. For the psychologist Thais Soares and analyst of Rh, the appearance of the nails are an even more important question, depending on the function that the candidate will occupy. "If the vacancy is for a production or kitchen assistant, the requirement is unquestionable," he explains.

scores: clean and well cut nails. Suit

3- Wardrobe


: wear necklines, short and tight clothes, extravagant colors, shirts and suits too dented or dirty. "In a work environment, a more sensual outfit may attract more attention than the candidate's competence and this may bring up talk and future problems," explains Maria Estela. "While dirty and wrinkled clothes leave the impression of relaxation. " And when it comes to color, it's best not to overdo it. If, on the one hand, they lighter the person, when they are cheerful and vibrant, on the other, they can take the seriousness of the occasion. "

The use of social attire is not always necessary, especially if the job does not make this requirement "Each job requires a profile and the candidate has to agree with it, however, you can use a chic sport or just the sport without looking relaxed," the analyst explains.


opt for "Be aware of the visual aspect of the clothes and leave everything clean and past to not make a bad impression," says Thais. Women, leave the heels high and thin at home. Tatoo

4- Tattoos and piercings


: let them show without any kind of care with the image that you want to pass in the interview: "We can not require that the candidate has the mask style, but you can not get to the interview with a superextravagante piercing ", explains Maria Estela.

: remove the piercings that are in very evident places (mouth, nose, tongue) and that are not discrete, besides covering parts of the body tattooed, which may compromise their appearance, advises 5- The

conversation errors:

avoid the extremes. Gossip or excessive shyness are not welcome. "In general, people who talk too much want to try to prove to themselves that they are capable of what they are saying," he explains. "Anyone who talks about less can fail to pass on some important and decisive information for hiring." > Find : Find the balance. "It's all about responding to what they ask you in a clear and objective way, stressing how you can contribute to the company."

Employers are becoming more rigorous and cautious in their choices 6-Job Details


Many candidates, out of necessity or anxiety, question the interviewer about salary and benefits early on in the conversation. "When the candidate goes straight to the point it seems that he is not interested in the opportunity or to be a good professional, but only in values", says Maria Estela.

Hits: wait for the interviewer to open the details of the vacancy. If it's not clear, ask. "The candidate can and should ask about the vacancy and this even shows interest in the vacancy and the company, but the questions should sound like doubts and, at opportune moments, and can not, under any circumstances, appear to be charges," explains Thais.

Grammar Errors 7- Murdering the Grammar


: When you are looking for a job, it takes dedication. You can not go to the interview without preparing: "Each job requires a profile, but it is important to be well informed and willing to learn. Banal mistakes of Portuguese language and lack of disposition are decisive when hiring," says Maria Estela

Findings: "The candidate needs to adapt to the vacancy he / she is looking for.Today, the required level of education is much higher. , assuming when you do not know something, but showing an interest in learning, is a positive trait. "

The tip of the analyst of Rh Thais Soares is that the candidate is aware of possible slippages. "If you notice that you have made a mistake at some point, come back and correct yourself in a polite way, without interrupting the interviewer," he says. 8- Flogged in lies


never lie on your resume or interview their qualifications. "Many companies put the candidate on a hands-on test in the moment of dynamics."

Findings: state the qualifications that you will have to prove if you are hired. Make your presentation clear, convincing the interviewer that you are the best candidate for the job.

9-Sloppy posture Errors

: clumsy posture, slumped shoulders, shaky voice, elbows on the table, look scattered and hands on the face, in a position of boredom.

Hits: pass security so the interviewer can visualize you in the function of the vacancy "Keep your posture upright and steady, natural voice and loose arms, always looking at the interviewer," says Maria Estela.

10-Delays Errors

: not arriving at the combined time for the interview denotes lack of dedication and commitment to the occasion. "Unforeseen happen, but the interviewee should be warned," explains the consultant of RP1.Findings

: Come in at least 15 minutes in advance and let me know if you're in the right place. This will prevent disruption and nervousness at the time of the interview.

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