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10 Mistakes that are destroying your relationship

10 Mistakes that are destroying your relationship

All relationships need to be cared for to last for many years, mainly, so that this period is happy and creates good memories. Therefore, the psychologist Milena Lhano selected the main mistakes that are able to end the relationship and ways to avoid it. Check it out:

1. Hide what you think

Especially about what you do not like about your partner. "If you bother with the wet towel on the bed, talk to it the first time it happens and expose it because it bothers you," she says. "What initially seems small one day may be the trigger for a major war." Avoiding problems, from the smallest to the most complicated, can cause a simple wet towel to be the last straw to break the relationship.

2. Keeping hurt

If you were hurt or offended by something your partner did, say so. Feeding this feeling can turn love into hatred. There are two techniques that can prevent the accumulation of anger. "The first one: take a deep breath and let the feeling go away - accept your partner as he is, including the flaws, because no one is perfect (nor you). The second: talk to your partner about it and look for a solution that (and not just you.) Try to speak without confronting, but in a way that expresses how you feel without being accusatory. "Suddenly you may discover that the intention was not to offend you," says Milena. Being very jealous

Yes, jealousy is one of the greatest dangers to the relationship. In a controlled way, this feeling may even be healthy, but it is very easy to go beyond this limit. "When it comes to controlling your partner, jealousy turns into fights that leave you both unhappy," he explains. "If you have problems with jealousy, and you go so far as to stop your life to persecute the other, you need to seek the help of a professional to share your insecurities and frustrations and no longer give vent to them in your relationship," account.

4. Putting a lot of expectation

Especially at the beginning of the relationship, we end up giving ourselves too much and always expect the other to do the same. "Without realizing it, we create very high expectations and do not realize that our partner is not perfect, as no one else is. We can not expect them to be loving and loving with every minute of every day. disappointment and frustration, "he says. Especially if the partner does not know the existence of this feeling.

5. Move away from partner

And do not think only couples with children who go through it. Work, travel and day-to-day activities can mean that couples can not spend so much time alone. "If it is difficult to find this time, I suggest that you schedule time for each other throughout the day and take the combination seriously, because if you do not uncheck the dentist or the gym class, why not set the time with the person you love ? ", asks the psychologist. "And when you are together, make an effort to connect, have fun and enjoy yourself, just like you did at the beginning of the relationship and not just be together because of obligation," he says. Not talking

Lack of communication between the couple is a problem in itself, but it can also further harm other problems. If you are jealous, you should open up the game, be honest and expose your insecurity.If you have expectations, you should tell your partner " , explains. Communication implies opening your feelings without fear. "For the dialogue between the couple to be more interesting, also communicate how happy you are with him (or her), how much you still love him and how happy you are," he says.7. Do not acknowledge and praise the partner

"The coldness of feelings can be understood as a lack of gratitude and appreciation for everything that your partner (or partner) does for you. Every person (even you) wants to be recognized Do you cook something you like? Does she help you, support you, or understand your work? Instead of complaining that the kitchen is a mess, or that it is your duty to understand your profession, take the time to say thank you, give a kiss and a hug, "recommends the specialist.

8. Not being affectionate

Be a simple affection or even during sex, affection is fundamental. "Affection is important, it does well and everyone needs a little of it, especially coming from the one we love. Take time, every day, to pay attention to your partner, give a kiss when he or she gets home from work, tell him good morning and good night, come in behind him and kiss his neck, massage his back while he watches TV and whatever else you allow for creativity, "he explains.

9. Being Stubborn

Stubbornness is present in the personality of many of us and, of course, it manifests itself in our relationships. In order to prevent your stubbornness from destroying your dating or marriage, try to make your opinion more flexible and develop the habit of apologizing when you are wrong and really it's your fault, "he says. "Remember that pride leads to nothing," says Milena.

10. Let the routine dominate

"After much time together, the man thinks that it is no longer necessary to send unexpected flowers to his wife, to invite her to dinner on any given night and she also thinks that new lingeries are no longer necessary , kisses of a good day, conversations during dinner, and finally, they both think that it is no longer necessary to act in a conquering way and suddenly there are two people, letting the relationship be conducted by the autopilot of everyday obligations. " >

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