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10 Questions About Sore Throat Remedies

10 Questions About Sore Throat Remedies

Sore throat is a common problem, but it causes a lot of discomfort. "Sore throat is one of the most common symptoms of medical practice, it can occur in adults in children. It occurs due to inflammation of the pharynx (pharyngitis) or amygdala (tonsillitis)," says infectious disease specialist Julival Ribeiro. Infectology (SBI).

And when the person arises with sore throat, what is not missing are home remedy tips that can improve the problem faster. To help clarify these questions and know if these tips really work, My Life has talked to infectious disease specialists who explain whether or not these remedies are effective:

1. How long does the treatment of the inflamed throat last?

Usually the treatment of inflamed sore of infectious origin lasts for about 10 days, says the infectologist Jean Gorinchteyn, a specialist at São Camilo Hospital in São Paulo. This is because this type of inflammation in the throat supposes the use of medicines like antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, that take time until the cause of the inflammation completely eliminates

2. Are there ways to do it faster?

Unfortunately, medications need to be taken to the end, so that the disease does not get worse. "But the clinical improvement of symptoms usually appears after 72 hours (3 days)," says Ribeiro. And do not be fooled, dropping the treatment in the middle to find it can make it even longer after all.

3. Propolis is an ally in the treatment of inflamed throat?

Propolis is one of the most indicated items when the problem is sore throat. But despite being an ally of improved symptoms, especially throat pain, it does not treat the problem alone. "There are foods that even reduce inflammation, but never as quickly and effectively as allopathic medicines," warns Gorinchteyn. Also, if you are taking medications and you get an improvement of the symptoms with propolis, this does not mean that the problem is solved. Even considering this as stopping the medication may make the picture worse.

4. Can honey be used when it has a sore throat?

Honey has microbial action, so it really helps to relieve sore throat, but like propolis, this action is only momentary, not curing the disease itself. Therefore, its use should be considered with caution, since as Gorinchteyn reminds us, it will never reduce inflammation as an allopathic medicine. So, it's worth the same early warning: you can take advantage of the properties of honey by reducing the symptoms of sore throat, but be sure to take the medication prescribed by your doctor.

5. Are there foods or teas that can help in the treatment of inflamed throat?

Ginger is a very cited food because it is a potent anti-inflammatory. But once again, its effectiveness is only guaranteed against the symptoms, there is nothing to prove that it addresses the problem. "The ginger bullet, even, stimulates salivation, lubricating the vocal cords and improving the condition of the place where the aggression is occurring," says the infectologist Valéria Paes, from the Pasteur laboratory in São Paulo. other important allies of the reduction of inflamed throat symptoms. Firstly because of the presence of water, which is very important for the treatment of the problem. Second by the warmest temperature. "Some people get symptomatic relief from hot foods," says infectious disease specialist Ribeiro.

However, the message remains the same: symptom relief does not mean an improvement in the cause of the problem, which needs to be investigated. "Tonsillitis or pharyngitis of bacterial origin can lead to serious complications, so the correct thing is to seek a health service," says the specialist.6. Bullets can be allied with a sore throat? Bullets, especially mints and mints, are also often used to mask inflamed throat symptoms, and they really do help. However, using anti-inflammatory tablets can be much more effective, as Ribeiro reminds us. Again, the ideal is to investigate the cause of this inflammation before attempting to care for them at home.

7. Can gargling with warm water help those with sore throats?

Warm water may help reduce the symptoms of sore throat, which is already a plus for gargling. "When made with salt and vinegar, the gargle brings about a change in pH that may favor the picture," explains Gorinchteyn. "This treatment, however, should not be done alone, as it will not act as fast as allopathic medicines, and may lead to worsening of the condition, depending on the cause."

8. Is every inflamed throat treated with antibiotics?

Not always. "When the inflamed throat is caused by bacteria, it is certainly treated with antibiotics. An important sign that the cause is bacterial is the presence of pus in the throat," says infectious agent Gorinchteyn. However, if the virus infection because of the antibiotic will not only not take effect, but can cause health problems, such as resistance of the body to the drug.

9. What Is The Difference Between An Inflammation And A Throat Infection?

Throat infection means it is being attacked by viruses and bacteria, while an inflammation of the throat only signals that it is reddish and swollen. "One can have an inflammation of the throat, without necessarily, the person has an infectious picture, there are other causes", considers Julival Ribeiro.

10. When should I see a doctor?

The doctor should be sought when the sore throat presents with uncomfortable symptoms such as pus and difficulty in swallowing, drinking water or even swallowing the saliva itself. "Symptoms like fever and malaise also justify getting a doctor," says Gorinchteyn.

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