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10 Regrets you can avoid at this Carnival

10 Regrets you can avoid at this Carnival

The arrival of Carnival is the chance to take some time in the routine and try one period of festivities. And truth be told, whether on the street pad or the comfort of the sofa at home, everyone deserves some time to distract themselves. The problem is that with the break in the routine, it can happen that people neglect health and arrive on Ash Wednesday with excessive tiredness, hangovers, dehydration and other problems.

In order not to happen, here are some tips for your? carnival? have fun, while taking care of yourself:

01. T-shirt brand for not wearing sunscreen

We understand that the marathon of notebooks is intense, but running out of sunscreen will remind you of the clothes you wore for several days, thanks to that brand of t-shirt / fantasy that will stay in the skin. According to the Brazilian Society of Dermatology the ideal is to apply the sunscreen about half an hour before sun exposure and reapply the product every two hours. If you notice that you are perspiring too much, you can reapply the product before.

02. Forget to carry a water bottle along with you

It is essential to take care of hydration during the carnival marathon. The ideal is to drink water, natural juices, coconut water and isotonic drinks. As nutritionist Camila Leonel points out: "The composition of these beverages is similar to the fluids in our body and should be used mainly to replenish water and minerals lost through perspiration."

Nutritionist Roseli Rossi brings another very important tip : "For correct hydration, daily intake of two to three liters of liquids is necessary before the holidays," he says.

It is worth remembering that alcoholic beverages do not count as hydration. Feeding yourself in love

Walking from block to block all day with friends, it is almost impossible to make meals properly. Not to let that happen, "the suggestion is to invest in liquids and light snacks," says nutritionist Daniela Silveira. Without eating, your body may not hold up for so many party days, okay?

04. "Combining heat, poor nutrition, physical exertion and alcohol can be disastrous." "You think that water is water? Believe me, if there's one thing you're going to wish you did not do this Carnival is to drink too much. Those who have a hangover usually experience headache, sensitivity to light and noise, nausea and thirst. In more severe cases it can cause diarrhea, vomiting and lethargy. In addition to the physical symptoms it may include psychological symptoms such as depression and anxiety. "All these problems are related to the dehydration caused by excess alcohol," says functional nutritionist Pollyana Esteves.

Nobody deserves to feel bad and depressed after the carnival. Therefore, it is important to control yourself a little so that you do not suffer later. Your "I of the future" thanks.

05. Sleeping for what?

There are plenty of options to skip Carnival during the entire holiday, but rest is crucial. "The recommended minimum is six hours of sleep per day," says neurologist Renato Lima Ferraz. So, if the binge is in the early hours of the morning, stretch a little more in bed in the morning to cheer up during the party, okay?

06. Finding you will not need a condom (you know nothing, innocent)

Document, money, cell phone, snack. Did you leave a notepad? No! Where's the condom ?! "Condoms are the main means of preventing STDs. It should be used in all sexual relationships, whether or not they penetrate sexually (vaginal or anal)," recalls gynecologist Barbara Murayama. So, do not forget this item at all, okay? You never know the opportunities that might arise.

07. Sing madly until you have no voice

And then have to make mimic for your co-workers to understand what you are saying. To prevent your vocal cords from being harmed, invest in hydration. "You also prefer beverages at room temperature, hydration is the key to taking care of the voice.It is ideal to take an average of two liters of water per day or a glass of water every two hours.That way, the entire area of ​​the vocal folds is more lubricated, according to speech therapist Sonia Salama.

08. Sacrifice your feet for the sake of fantasy

They are the ones who suffer the most in this story. tennis shoes, to avoid aches, bruises and blisters.Working for hours at a time, in very hot weather and with uncomfortable shoes can end your party.

09. Wear anything that shines on the skin

In preparation for the party , everyone does a home search for glitter, spray, paint and anything that can spur fantasy. In that excitement, many of these items may be overpowered by other carnivals or even appropriate for use on the face. will choose for u on the skin, to prevent any allergic reaction or irritation.

10. Walking, walking, walking, walking, walking ...

Taking time to rest between blocks is the best way to save your body, especially if you are not used to walking so much (is anyone?). Look for a place to sit, enjoy something to eat and drink water. Soon, in a few minutes you'll be back with the energy restored.

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