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10 Simple tips that will help you to lose weight

10 Simple tips that will help you to lose weight

When making the decision to lose weight you need to be aware that this change requires a lot of discipline and dedication. So changing some of your routine habits will help you get the results faster and healthier. To help with this task, we've selected 10 things you can change in your kitchen to lose weight.

1 - Leave the fruits and vegetables more accessible in the refrigerator

Wash, cut and store products like grapes, melons, strawberries, carrots, beets and pumpkins in reusable containers in the refrigerator so they are easy when the hunger strikes. Make sure they are right in front of eye level so they will be the first thing you will see when opening the refrigerator door.

2 - Prepare a large salad bowl

Invest in eating the salad before the meal, this will prevent you from overdoing the main course. However, preparing the salad every night takes time and it always seems tempting to skip this affair. So make a huge bowl of greens earlier in the week, so you'll save time and make sure you eat the salad every day.

3- Have measuring utensils at the counter

Measure the food before preparing it. will keep them smaller portions, one of the main reasons why people have difficulty losing weight is the lack of controls at mealtime. Keeping the meter in sight will be a reminder not to forget to use it.

- Leave healthy snacks already prepared

We know how difficult it is to resist a packet of crackers or salty snacks, just eat the first portion to know that soon you will end up eating until finished. To avoid falling into this temptation, have your favorite healthy snacks, such as nuts, cheeses, and fresh fruit ready, ready. Make a few packets of snacks from 100 to 150 calories and keep in your closet to eat whenever hunger appears.

5- Freeze fruits and vegetables

An excellent tip to make your life easier and help you lose weight is to buy bigger bags of fruits and vegetables. Wash, cut and store in pots in the freezer. So you will not only save money when you buy in bulk, but also have them available to add in your vitamins, yogurts, juices, soups and omelets.

6 - Leave the frozen juices and vitamins

With the routine stirred many People end up jumping breakfast, but for being the most important meal of the day she needs attention. To simplify your life in the morning, just prepare days before bags of fruits and vegetables already beaten in the blender. So when you wake up on a morning race, just empty the contents in the blender and add water, so you will have a low-calorie meal, fiber and protein.

7- Get rid of unhealthy foods

The diet it can be even more difficult when the people in your family are not together with you, so soda cans, ice cream pots or chocolates are always within your reach and this facilitates relapses. To eliminate this problem, leave these foods more hidden or just get rid of them, this way you will not be tempted to eat them anymore.

8- Use smaller dishes

As already mentioned, one of the best tips for Losing weight is controlling the portions you eat. When we fill the entire plate with food, we feel the obligation to eat everything, because the waste of food is not a good habit either. Therefore, it is recommended that you change the size of your plate, so you will also decrease the amount of food you consume.

9- Make bigger recipes that can be stored

If you are making soup, baked vegetables, homemade hamburgers or anything else for dinner, know that it's not enough to make enough for a meal. Ideally, you make larger recipes that can be stored in containers and can easily be eaten in the next few days' meals. So if your lunch or dinner is already prepared, you will not have to resort to processed foods.

10- Store Food Leftovers in the Refrigerator Before Starting a Meal

After cooking an incredible lunch or healthy dinner, use a suitable serving size, then cover it and place leftovers in the refrigerator. If you leave the food inside your vision you are very likely to come back to eat again, even if it is unnecessary.

Moderate alcohol consumption may help protect against Alzheimer's

Moderate alcohol consumption may help protect against Alzheimer's

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