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10 Smart ways to prevent so-called "andropause"

10 Smart ways to prevent so-called

The first, and perhaps more complex step to avoid suffering from the so-called "andropause" is to change the way of thinking. Nowadays, there is great media pressure to consider aging as a disease. And it is not!

When the man is over 40, the rate of production of various hormones changes. Studies suggest that there would be a slow and gradual decline, on the order of 1%, in the testis' capacity to produce testosterone. This would be expected in ALL men and does not necessarily mean a problem.

Some men may have more expressive falls and observe at the same time the appearance of signs and symptoms that actually indicate a deficiency state of the male hormone. Therefore, it would not be appropriate to call this andropause situation, after all, there is no abrupt interruption, but a gradual drop in testosterone levels.

The challenge in the management of male hormone replacement is precisely to identify who deserves this type of treatment. This is because the symptoms of hypogonadism, a disease in which the gonads - male testes and female ovaries - do not produce adequate amounts of sex hormones, are very similar to those related to stress, depression and obesity, for example. only the low rate of testosterone that causes problems with libido, mood and tiredness.

Like almost everything in health, it is always much easier to invest in prevention than in treatment. Here are ten important tips to potentiate the action of testosterone in your body and avoid the ghost of "andropause."

1 - Protect your testicles!

Ninety percent of testosterone produced in the body comes from the testicles. So any disease that damages these structures can affect testosterone rates.

2 - Do not use drugs that interfere with testosterone production

Various medications may interfere with the production or action of testosterone. Watch out for promises of "eternal youth" based on magical formulas. Hormone replacement is serious. Always ask for a second opinion.

3 - Eat in a balanced way

As the man ages, the metabolism decreases. It becomes harder to stay fit and not get fat. Therefore, adopting a more balanced diet is fundamental to controlling weight. Remember that excess fat causes several symptoms similar to hypogonadism: tiredness, irritability, decreased libido ...

4 - Practice physical activity regularly on most days of the week

Along with balanced eating, practice provides physical conditioning and avoids obesity. In addition, robust studies show that increasing muscle mass helps balance several important health hormones, including testosterone. With physical activity you improve your self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and mood. These are prerequisites for maintaining your virility.

5 - Control your weight

That's right! Another good reason to lose weight. Fatting impairs the action of testosterone. Especially after 50 years. So pay attention to how much you consume of calories and how much you spend. The bill must always be negative. That is, spend more (exercise) and consume less.

6 - Reduce your abdominal circumference (no belly)

Man's belly after age 50 is inversely proportional to sexual appetite and performance. Many swear they do not, but that's the rule. The reason has a little to do with the metabolism of testosterone: in the abdominal fat aromatase (enzyme) turns testosterone into estradiol, the female hormone. It prevents it from turning into dihydrotestosterone, the metabolite more potent than testosterone and responsible for its action at various body sites. In addition, your cardiologist should have warned about the so-called metabolic syndrome, right? It means that abdominal fat antagonizes various beneficial hormonal actions and may increase the risk of suffering more serious cardiovascular problems.7 - Do not cover yourself with fantastic sexual performances always

Accept good days and others not so naturally. This is an important point for men who have grown up after the release of erection pills. Sexual satisfaction depends only on the people involved in the relationship. Many men, out of sheer anxiety, charge themselves for sexual performances incompatible with their age or relationship. They end up changing the level of "normal relationship" through recreational use of these drugs to boost performance.

8 - Cultivate Your Friendships

Having friends helps you maintain healthy lifestyles.

8 - Cultivate your friendships

Having friends helps you maintain healthy lifestyles. Social life allows you to enjoy moments of relaxation that are very important for a healthy aging.

9 - Allow yourself moments of leisure. Break the routine!

Especially for those who live in big cities where the pace of life is increasingly accelerated, leisure times do very well for health. Aside from being an important break for recharging the energies, it allows you to spend time with who and doing what you like. Break your routine! Do different things. Stress impairs the functioning of various hormones, including testosterone itself.

10 - Take care of sleep. Sleep well is very important!

A night's sleep restores your energy and contributes to the rate of production of various hormones. The brain, which controls and coordinates the hormonal production of various glands in the body, needs this rest. A person who snores heavily and is drowsy during the day needs to evaluate the quality of sleep, as he may suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, a condition that can silently impair health, including sexual life.

Care free of stress at the end of the year

Care free of stress at the end of the year

Year-end stress takes the serious to the quietest spirits. Imagine then what he does not do with the mood and well-being of a pregnant woman - a situation which, of course, already causes a series of ailments. "Waiting for a baby at this stage requires a good deal of patience and self-knowledge, so as not to harm the woman's or the baby's health," says gynecologist Barbara Murayama, who has been pregnant for 33 weeks.


Asking for forgiveness can boost self-esteem and prevent illness

Asking for forgiveness can boost self-esteem and prevent illness

Deep grievances and grievances are also related to physical well-being. It is not by chance that much of the disease is linked to the accumulation of internal charges, insecurities, intransigence, selfishness, individualism and so many other negative feelings. This is the theory of the American psychologist Louise Hay, author of the bestseller You Can Heal Your Life, which believes that 100% of the diseases of body and mind are caused by the individual himself.