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10 Steps to have a healthy body and improve the quality of life

10 Steps to have a healthy body and improve the quality of life

Dear readers, as I mentioned in the previous article, I was obese in my adolescence, weighing one hundred and ten kilos, measuring one meter and seventy-five centimeters.

With obesity my self-esteem dropped and consequently, depression, high cholesterol, anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, pain muscle, bowel problems, and difficulty concentrating.

Time passed and I began to notice that only I could change that situation, because the tendency was for it to become more and more aggravated.

Physical Education Student, still not graduated, I decided to apply the academic teachings that I was acquiring in the University. In this way I developed a program of "ten steps towards a healthy body."

First: Stretching

Who is obese knows the difficulty of starting any physical program. So the first step was to start with the basic principle of all physical activity; THE STRETCHING.

I established a minimum load of five minutes daily so as not to lose my motivation. For a month I stretched the lower and upper limbs, and at the end of the time my mood improved considerably and the muscles did not react to the exercise.

Second: Walk

More motivated, I decided to take the second step in search of my quality of life practicing a physical activity. He walked three times a week at a moderate intensity for thirty minutes, without giving up stretching, before and after exercise.

It is important at this stage to set a time that is more practical depending on your daily activities.

At the end of the second month I felt lighter.

Third: Breathing

After two months, I felt very much. better, I went to step three. As I am anxious my pressure was still high, and to relax I adopted breathing techniques.

I learned to breathe with the diaphragm. With five minutes a day, using this breathing technique, in less than a month, my anxiety was already well controlled and my blood pressure was low, almost within normal range.

Room: Diet

Less anxious and with one better self-esteem, I decided to take the fourth step: to improve my diet. I did a not radical diet where I avoided fried foods, fats and sausages, being able to choose one day a week to be able to eat what I wanted, because although I know it is not good to eat this type of food, I like it a lot and often also eat to socialize with friends or relatives.

With the reduction of fried foods and sausages, I improved my intestinal part a lot, because I always had many problems of constipation and abdominal cramps.

My food was good, but something was missing

Fifth: Healthy eating (Salads and greens)

This, I confess, was not easy. Generally, those who have a weight problem, abdicate healthy foods to ingest the foods that attract them, logically the most saturated in fats. Even though I did not like eating salad and vegetables every day, before eating the more caloric dishes.

After the initial difficulty, since in my whole life I had never eaten salad, I got used to it and felt the benefits of this decision mainly in the intestinal part and also in the diet of slimming, because eating salad eliminated space for other foods.

Sixth: Fruit

For my food to get close to perfection it lacked the following two steps. The sixth step was to make me aware of eating fruits between meals rather than industrialized products filled with trans fat and sodium. The pressure improved and the weight decreased, to my delight.

"Your goal has always to be your health, your well-being and your self-esteem."

Seventh: Water . When I started drinking about two liters of water a day, my intake of fruits, salads and vegetables, abdominal cramps, heartburn, and constipation disappeared and I completely normalized my bowel.

In the seventh step my life had changed from water to wine because I did not feel any more muscle aches, my pressure was controlled, my gut worked regularly and I had already lost more than thirty-five kilos, feeling much better my self-esteem had returned and I no longer knew what it was The eighth step was the recommendation of my cardiologist: to drink every day two to three glasses of green tea a day, which represents the equivalent of half liter of water.

Green tea helps in weight loss, decreases cholesterol levels, controls blood pressure, activates the immune system, reduces the risk of arthrosis, atherosclerosis among other degenerative diseases, has great action cicatri Ninth: Fibers Along with the eighth step, I went to the ninth, the intake of fibers in my food. In addition to regularizing the bowel, the fibers prevent many types of cancer of the digestive tract and are very useful in the weight loss process.

Tenth: Perseverance

My friends the last step is the most important, the most difficult and the most complicated of any project, whether it be food, physical or intellectual to: PERSEVERANCE.

Without this you get nowhere. The desired goals are not achieved. You have to put the head where you want to go, no matter the difficulties, the sacrifices and the discouragement, that will surely happen, because there is no victory without struggle.

Take the first step and it will take you to the end of your goal and in our case the goal is the most important in the world: your health, your well-being and your self-esteem.

Dear friends, as you may notice all steps can be followed by anyone and from any social level, as techniques of breathing, stretching, walking and eating salads, fruits, green tea and fibers only depend on our strength of will.

Walk: start of practice is done with progressive speed on the street or on the treadmill

Walk: start of practice is done with progressive speed on the street or on the treadmill

Walking is one of the most practical, easy, and effective exercises for getting healthier, losing weight, and improving fitness. You do not need expensive resources, nor so much technology to practice it. And with regular practice you can get fantastic results! Plus, it's a great activity for people who do not get used to the gym environment.


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