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10 Tips and teachings of a woman who lost weight 79 kg

10 Tips and teachings of a woman who lost weight 79 kg

Carter today, will never say that she has already weighed over 68 kg. She weighed 124 kg in 2014, when she decided to change the course of her own life by undergoing a vertical gastrectomy, a type of bariatric surgery. This option was the right choice for Christine, who was already life-threatening because of her weight. After slimming, she had surgery to remove leftover skins and put breast implants.

Since then, she has been showing the transformations of her body on the Instagram, along with some recipes that help her maintain a balanced diet and many motivational phrases. "They say it always seems impossible until it's done, they're lying, losing 5 kg seems very difficult, but it's 79 kg, it could not be done, but I started with one step at a time," she said on the social network. > Christine Carter - Photo: Instagram

With her overcoming, she is encouraging many other people to change their lives as complicated as it may seem. ? I find it silly to say that 'no feeling is as good as feeling slim'. I can promise in both photos that the chocolate cookies tasted exactly the same to me. The difference was how I taught myself to THINK about food. I used to live for the next meal (?) But, I learned to enjoy new aspects regarding food. I have learned to enjoy cooking and I am finding ways to prepare low-sugar meals. I also did not like it because of my feelings and I found new destinies for them, "she said.

Changing the relationship with food

Because she has had surgeries that helped achieve her goal, many people may think that the trajectory Christine's was easy. But the truth is that she had and still has ups and downs, and needed to understand that, rather than losing weight, she needed to relate in a different way to food.

"I learned the hard way that, while bad food makes you feel good right now, it will not make you feel good in the end, "says Christine. "Putting your mind in the right place is the perfect starting point," she advises.

So finding ways to release stress and have more well-being is a great way to get focus out of food. She, who is not exactly the biggest fan of exercise, found in physical activity a way to feel better. In addition, she also bet on music to relax, playing piano to clear the mind.

10 learnings of weight loss


You have more strength than you can imagine 2.

You can do anything you put on your head 3.

Some people do not understand your point of view and that's fine 4.

Your faith will be tested 5.

You you will not abandon the food you love forever 6.

Discipline is learned, not conquered 7.

The road is long, but worth it 8.

Beauty exists 9.

You are not the number that appears on the scale 10.

You must love yourself completely and do not let fear of change will prevent you from anything

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