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10 Tips to save money on diet shopping

10 Tips to save money on diet shopping

You were not mistaken this time Dieting can, yes, weigh more in the consumer's pocket. "The Brazilian industry has the habit of taking advantage of foods with healthier characteristics. One example is brown rice, which, even though it has fewer industrial processes and consequently has lower costs for the industry, still costs almost twice the value of white rice, which goes through many processes in the industry to obtain the final product, "says nutritionist Tathiane Ferreira.

So we've put together 10 ways you can spend less money during the market and still guarantee those less on the scale:

1. Season Fruits & Vegetables

Did you know that wagering on seasonal foods helps to save money? And do not stop there: "Buying food from the harvest, we get better prices in a fruit or vegetable of great quality and even more nutritious," says nutritionist Mariana Amaro, dr.consulta network. See what are the typical fruits and vegetables of each season of the year.

2. Fair has the right time to save

In general, the fairs concentrate food with good quality, but the price is not always inviting. An alternative, according to Tathiane, is to look for good items during the xepa, that moment near the end of the opening hours of the fair. At that time, take advantage to negotiate the values ​​a lot, since the marketer will want to sell everything that was left soon.

3. Do not miss the promotions

This part may be a little chatinha, but only until you see how much you can save. All kinds of markets usually separate one day of the week to centralize the promotions of vegetables or meats, for example. Keep an eye out!

4. Avoid sanitized and cut foods

Are they more practical? A lot more! But are they also more expensive? Certainly. "The industry ends up charging for this sanitation service and, in addition, this cleaning can end up removing parts of the food that could be used, such as broccoli and beet leaves," says Tathiane. Correct Storage Prevents Waste

After you buy the food, try to understand what form of storage will make them last longer. That way, you prevent them from spoiling too fast and end up going to waste.

6. Buy from the market

The market shelves bring many brand options, including the one made by the market itself. How about instead of buying that famous brand, you give a chance for the product made by the supermarket chain itself? More economical, these products may surprise the quality.

7. Eat more at home

It seems obvious, but not only will your pocket thank you, as your own health. "Try to eat more at home, planning your meals. This is a more economical option, less greasy, less spicy and healthier," recalls Mariana. There are many recipes in which the protagonists are precisely them: the husks and stalks of the food. Getting the most from the fruits and vegetables you buy is one way to make these foods work out to the maximum, avoiding waste and unnecessary spending. "You can use the banana peel, you can eat the carrot with the peel, the potato with the peel. It is also possible to make pineapple, watermelon or orange peel, for example using sweetener", gives the tip Mariana.

9. Is the price of red meat high? Go Chicken

"Chicken is more in mind, it has a good value for good quality protein and you can still choose lean cuts more easily," says dr. query.

10. Organize

"For every diet, the key word is organization.It is important to organize the market list so that you do not get lost and buy unnecessary things.Plan what you are going to eat in the week, what snacks you will take, where you will eat and select the options most in mind, to make a more rational purchase and to save money ", concludes Mariana.

Small kitchen tricks can reduce food calories

Small kitchen tricks can reduce food calories

Healthy cooking does not mean that you have to become a gourmet chef or invest in expensive kitchenware. You can use the basic kitchen techniques to prepare food in a healthy way. Using right techniques, you can decrease unwanted calories, amount of harmful fat to the body, amount of sodium. Bake In addition to breads and desserts, you can bake poultry, lean meats, vegetables and fruits.


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