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10-Year-old boy helps mother give birth in premature birth

10-Year-old boy helps mother give birth in premature birth

A 10-year-old boy saved two lives when his mother unexpectedly went into labor in the family bathroom in the family home. August 11. Despite the desperation of the moment, Jayden Fontenot helped the woman give birth to Brother Daxx.

The story occurred in Louisiana, United States, when Ashley Moreu, 36, began to give signs that she would give birth almost six weeks earlier than expected by doctors, delivery was scheduled for September 20 only. The information is from the Daily Mail.

After the bag broke, the mother began to bleed. When looking down, the woman noticed that the baby's feet were already leaving, however, this situation is very dangerous and could cause a brain injury or even death of the child. According to doctors, the bleeding was probably caused by the separation of the placenta from the uterine wall prematurely.

As the fiance Kelsey Richard had already left for work that day, she had to call her son asking him to go into the bedroom next to call for the grandmother. The lady called in an emergency but could not help any more because she had just had surgery and could not walk.

At this point, the boy decided to take action to help his mother: "Tell me what I need to do it and I'll do it, "he said." I was crying, but I wanted to stay calm and restrained. "Jayden was so calm, and it made me quieter.I could see he was scared but he knew that he had to do that, "Ashley said.

So the child could be delivered, the boy sat down next to his mother and carefully took his younger brother by the feet. Then, as the mother had instructed him, he began to change the baby's position. "I had to pull him by the legs - nothing strong, kindly," Jayden said.

At the end of delivery, the boy realized that the baby was not breathing. So he made a quick decision and sought a nasal aspirator to pump air through his nose and mouth into his youngest lung. Soon, the baby began to breathe and then the paramedics arrived to take care of the family.

Little Daxx is a strong and healthy child and can go home before the weekend. According to pros, if Jayden was not there to help, the baby would not have been able to breathe and Ashly could have bled to death during childbirth.

"Every time I think about it, I just cry. Jayden understands what he did or how important he is.I say to him, 'you will always have a special bond with your brother.'I am so proud of him.He saved our lives,' revealed the children's mother.

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Umbilical cord around baby's neck is not always a reason for cesarean section

Umbilical cord around baby's neck is not always a reason for cesarean section

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