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10-Year-old girl is the youngest to beat breast cancer

10-Year-old girl is the youngest to beat breast cancer

Cancer in children and adolescents is considered one of the most feared diseases worldwide, although it is seen as a rare condition. About 12,000 new cases of childhood cancer are registered in Brazil each year, according to estimates by the National Cancer Institute (Inca).

American Chrissy Turner, 10, became the youngest survivor of breast, an extremely rare type of cancer, even in adults, that affects one person in a thousand.

The discovery came after the girl noticed a lump while wearing pajamas. Her parents, Annette and Troy, who had already battled cancer, decided not to take any chances and quickly sought medical attention for their daughter.

Following an ultrasound, doctors confirmed the diagnosis that the girl, just 8 years old, had breast cancer. At the end of 2015, Chrissy underwent a mastectomy to prevent the cancer from spreading. "It's devastating." "How do you tell your daughter that she has cancer?" After the surgery, doctors were able to confirm that the cancer was isolated in the lymph nodes and had not reached other parts of the body. Since the removal of her right breast, she has been tested every three months and will undergo reconstructive surgery when she turns 15 or 16.

Chrissy Turner was diagnosed at age 8 with a rare type of breast cancer - photo: Disclosure / People

"A month ago she had her first meeting with the plastic surgeon, so she knew what her options were. She just started developing her left breast, so we still have some time. "Now in October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the family decided to attend some community events to raise awareness of the importance of funding breast cancer research.

"Chrissy is happy and always tries to see the good side of things: she's healthy and has gone back to play and go to school with her friends."

The case of the girl who lives in Utah, in the United States, cau I am a great commotion and provoked a campaign of solidarity in the country, which got to collect the equivalent of R $ 320 thousand to pay for the treatment.

Long time in front of the television can contribute to weight gain of children

Long time in front of the television can contribute to weight gain of children

How many hours per day do your children spend in front of the television? According to a new study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity , habit can favor weight gain (Find out your ideal weight) of children. The researchers also found that time spent on the device can also influence the ability of the little ones in sports.