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11 Health problems that can be treated with herbal medicines

11 Health problems that can be treated with herbal medicines

Standardized in the dosage of the active principles, produced according to current good manufacturing practices, subject to strict quality control, registered and controlled by the Agency National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), with therapeutic indications and recognized effects, herbal medicines are as efficient in combating the diseases that they propose to treat as their synthetic counterparts.

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They are also kinder to the organism. "Because they are made from plant extracts, the active ingredients in these drugs are more diluted, so the risks of chemical dependence and side effects are diminished," explains Melissa Schwanz, Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences (with emphasis on product control and production natural and phytotherapeutic) by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and professor at the University of Caxias do Sul (UCS).

These characteristics have attracted more and more people who want to take care of health in a less aggressive way. According to data from the Ministry of Health, the search for herbal medicines in the SUS grew 161% between 2013 and 2015; in the market, sales growth was 8% from 2013 to 2014, according to figures from the Brazilian Association of Companies of the Phytotherapeutic Sector, Food Supplement and Health Promotion (Abifisa).

As studies on herbal medicines advance, the amount of health problems that can be treated by them increases. Phytotherapics can be produced by pharmaceutical laboratories in capsules, tablets, ointments, gels, syrups or teas.

Integrative medicine physician Roberto Debski, director of Clínica Ser Integral, and nutritionist Aurea Regina Marins Astulla, member of the Association Brazilian Association of Phytotherapy (Abfit), point out the main health problems that the herbal medicines help and the plants from which the assets for the treatments are extracted.

See list with 11 health problems that can be treated with herbal medicines:


Herbal medicine is one of the options to control anxiety. Some plants act as calming agents, helping to improve this picture. The most indicated herbal remedies for treating anxiety are Valerian ( Valeriana officinalis ) and Passiflora ( Passiflora incarnata ).


The most indicated herbal remedy for the treatment of bruises and bruises is Arnica ( Arnica montana ). This medicine, which contributes to pain relief, is more commonly used in its topical (gel or ointment) forms.


The treatment of gastritis in herbal medicine uses the medicinal plant Espinheira Santa ( Mayetenus ilicifolia ). In addition, it is also indicated for poor digestion and as a coadjuvant in the treatment of duodenal ulcer.


Another problem that herbal medicine can help control is insomnia. As in the case of anxiety, the most indicated herbal remedies are Valeriana ( Valeriana officinalis ) and Passiflora ( Passiflora incarnata ).


Another problem that phytotherapy can help to control is insomnia. As in the case of anxiety, the most indicated herbal remedies are Valeriana ( Valeriana officinalis ) and Passiflora ( Passiflora incarnata ).

Skin irritations

Camomile herbal remedy Matricaria recutita ), in its topical form, is best suited to control skin irritations. With anti-inflammatory action, helps relieve redness.

Poor digestion

Very common problem, poor digestion causes great discomfort. The most indicated herbal remedy in this case is the Artichoke ( Cynara scolymus ). It alleviates abdominal discomfort and controls nausea and gas.


Occasional constipation is done with Sene ( Cassia angustifolia ). The plant is used as a laxative, but it should not be used frequently.


In phytotherapy, the major ally against cough is Guaco ( Mikania glomerata ). The medicine can be used to treat problems of the respiratory tract, such as cough or hoarseness. The treatment of symptoms of venous insufficiency, such as varicose veins, tired leg sensation, swelling and cramps can be done with the Indian Chestnut (

Aesculus hippocastanum

) Arthritis and osteoarthritis Sold under prescription, the Cat's Claw herbal remedy (

Uncaria tomentosa

) is indicated for cases of arthritis and osteoarthritis. Low-back acute pain The medicinal plant Salgueiro (

Salix alba

) is used in the treatment of pain, such as acute low back pain, and is anti-inflammatory Keep in mind! It is important to remember: for the desired effects to be achieved, it is necessary to use the herbal medicine, not the in natura plants.

"Firstly, it is not possible whether the herb or plant used is exactly what it is thought to be.There are several reports of people being poisoned by the improper use of plants that were similar in form but of different species and with toxic effects. Melissa complements by saying that "in plants, chemical constituents may vary due to factors such as soil type, water and solar radiation. Recognized laboratory medicines are prepared with standard plant extracts, that is, prepared in a way that always have yourself knowledge of the chemicals present and their quantities. Therefore, we have been able to prescribe them in an adequate dosage. "

To know exactly which herbal medicine should be taken, the best route is to consult a doctor specific to the health problem and who has experience in phytotherapy. warned about all drugs that have been or are being consumed for the case, because "drug interactions may occur between phytotherapeutic and synthetic allopathic", according to Roberto.

Melissa and Roberto emphasize that although herbal medicines have a a less aggressive constitution for the organism, can lead to significant side effects if consumed in excess or inadequately, and that some people may have or be in conditions that do not allow their use.

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