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11 Movies and series to watch with his father

11 Movies and series to watch with his father

"Father's Day" is finally coming and if you have not yet decided what to do or need to panic. We help you: see below the movie recommendations and series, selected especially for My Life, for you to enjoy that date played on the sofa:

1. Modern Family (2014)

Modern Family - photo: Divulgação / IMDb

No family is the same, some are more precise and some are more crazy, but what makes it all special is the love they have for each other. Through the perspective of a documentary never seen, moments of coexistence and fun scenes of the daily life of a family are exposed in Modern Family. Watch!

2. Looking for the Nemo (2003)

Looking for the Nemo - photo: Divulgaçà £ o / IMDb

This animation shows the need of the relationship between father and son, evidencing that this love has no barriers. The film tells the story tells the story of Marlin, a clown fish and his son Nemo, who on their first day of school decided not to follow the advice of their overprotective father and ends up being caught by a diver. Then, Marlin crosses oceans and faces the most terrible predators to rescue Nemo. Check it out.

3. Marly-Gomont (2016)

Welcome to Marly-Gomont - photo: Divulgaçà £ o / IMDb

Past in 1975, the film shows the story of Seyolo Zantoko, a Congo doctor who decided to move with his family to a French village with the aim of fleeing the dictatorship in his country. With this begins the biggest journey of his life, where he must overcome the prejudice and cultural barriers to overcome. Get it now!

4. In a Nazi concentration camp, a father protects his son from the horrors of war by creating a fantasy world. Watch.

5. Senna: The Brazilian, The Hero, The Champion - photo: Divulgação / IMDb

The Formula 1 runner Ayrton Senna has scored many generations and it is difficult to find some father who does not love his trajectory. This documentary tells the story of the three-time Formula One world champion, from his rise in motor racing to the tragic accident that took his life at the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994. Check out

6. Suddenly father (2013)

Suddenly father - photo: Divulgaon / IMDb

After learning he is the father of hundreds of children, sperm donor David Wozniak discovers that many of his children want to meet him. So he embarks on a journey that leads him to discover not only his true self, but also the father he can become. See now.

7. If you and your dad love to talk and learn about politics this series might be a perfect choice. House of Cards (2013)

House of Cards House of Cards is an adaptation of the eponymous novel written by Michael Dobbs and the British miniseries created by Andrew Davies. This plot tells the story of an ambitious politician who longs for a high public office in Washington, D.C, choosing to pass over anyone to achieve what he desires. Watch!

8. How I Met You Mother (2005)

How I Met You Mother - A delicious series that mixes comedy with romance, bringing to the viewer a lot of emotion. In 2030, architect Ted Mosby tells his children the story of how he met their mother. So he goes back in time to 2005, reminiscing about his love affairs in New York and the quest for the woman of his dreams. Over the years, Ted takes the opportunity to talk about his friends' journey: lawyer Marshall Eriksen, teacher Lily Aldrin, journalist Robin Scherbatsky and conqueror Barney Stinson. Check it out!

9. Twelve is too much (2003)

This film tells the story of Tom Baker who decides to move with his numerous family to another city to get the job of his dreams: to train a football team. However, soon he realizes that it will not be easy, since wife Kate does a tour to promote his book and leaves him alone with the twelve children. So Tom will need to learn how to deal with his family's problems and adventures. Get it now!

10. The powerful kingpin (1972)

The powerful kingpin - photo: Divulgaon / IMDb

Living within a criminal organization is no easy task. With the honor of the family at stake, idealistic war hero finds it difficult to legalize the empire of the father's crime. Check it out.

11. Full House (1987)

Full House - photo: Divulgação / IMDb

After being widowed, Danny will need all the help he can find to raise his three small daughters. For this, he summons his best friend and brother-in-law to help him in this difficult task. Between fights and many hugs, the series shows that no family needs to be perfect. Watch!

Pregnancy can increase foot size forever

Pregnancy can increase foot size forever

Results showed that 60-70% of women saw a significant change in measurements, which resulted in an increase in foot length, with a range between 2 and 10 millimeters. According to the researchers, the fact that women carry extra weight during pregnancy causes the feet to be overloaded, and possibly increase.


Two-year-old boy confuses competition with fight and runs to defend his sister

Two-year-old boy confuses competition with fight and runs to defend his sister

Thinking about the consequences and measuring risks is adult thing. Child really likes to act spontaneously and be guided by feelings. Doubt? The following video shows a situation in which the heart speaks louder than fear. A boy of only two years did not think twice and ran to defend his sister when he saw her in a physical fight with another boy.