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11 Netflix movies to watch grab with your love

11 Netflix movies to watch grab with your love

There are few sensations as good as being under the covers, next to the person you love best and still watching a great movie. So we've selected the most romantic stories from Netflix so you can take some time off with your pair. Check it out and enjoy:

1. Dear John (2010)

Dear John - photo: IMDb

The film tells the story of an American soldier who is at home, licensed. One day he meets an idealistic university student and they fall in love, but soon he will have to return to work. For years, the couple follows a tumultuous relationship, in which they meet sporadically and maintain contact through letters of love. Check it out!

2. Sophie finds an old letter from a Juliet looking for her Romeo and decides to help Claire, the lady who wrote the letter, in a letter to Juliet (2010)

Letters to Juliet your search. Involved in the story and mission to unite the couple, Sophie discovers that Claire will not be the only one to find her Romeo on this trip. See,

3. It just happens (2014)

Just Happens - photo: IMDb

After many comings and goings over the years, childhood friends Rosie and Alex struggle to solve the intimate, enduring haul between them. But when it comes to love, it is not always possible to make the right choices. Watch here.

4. The Good Side of Life (2012)

The Good Side of Life - photo: IMDb

After a season in a psychiatric hospital, Pata goes to live with her parents and tries to win back her ex-wife. However, in the middle of the road ends up meeting someone as unstable as him. And an unexpected connection begins to unite them. Check it out!

5. The Discovery (2017)

The Discovery - photo: IMDb

Science, suicide and the meaning of life mingle in a disturbing mystery. In the end, only love matters. Watch here.

6. 500 days with her (2009)

500 days with her - photo: IMDb

Love is not exactly as it is on Valentine's Day cards. The film tells the story of a romantic writer who was surprised when his girlfriend suddenly broke up. With this, he remembers several moments of the 500 days spent together to try to find out where his love affair was lost. See?

7. Liz decides to start over after divorce and travels the world in search of good food, spirituality and true love. Check it out.

8. Based on Stephen Hawking's biography, the film portrays the importance of his work, the fight against an incurable disease at age 21, and his unconditional love for his wife. . Watch!

9. Emma and Dexter go their separate ways, but every year they meet on the same day to share the news. A modern and complicated novel that is worth watching. See here.

10. Chris and Annie Nielsen are very happy until their two children die in an accident. At great cost, they overcome the tragedy, but years later Chris also dies, Annie ends up not holding back and commits suicide. He awakens in the sky and is warned that the spirit of the spot is imprisoned and can only be released if he makes a dangerous journey to find it. Check it out!

11. Orcas Lighthouse (2016)

Orcas Lighthouse - photo: IMDb

A solitary guard, a determined mother, an autistic boy and orcas unite in this incredible love story. Watch here.

Therapy helps you with problems that hinder happiness

Therapy helps you with problems that hinder happiness

It is very frequent to receive in my office a person complaining about the spouse because he thinks he needs if you treat, but you do not accept it because you think it "is not crazy to need therapy". Marriage is on the verge of collapse, the relationship is getting worse every day-and often has been wearing out for years-but one of them refuses to seek help from a professional to improve the situation.


Passion for football is similar to love between people

Passion for football is similar to love between people

The passion for football is capable of provoking feelings, sometimes irrational , which go beyond the boundary between romantic love and fanaticism. A group of researchers from the University of Coimbra, Portugal, found that the passion aroused by the sport is similar to the feeling of a person who lives a romantic love.