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11 Solutions for those who live alone to maintain a healthy diet

11 Solutions for those who live alone to maintain a healthy diet

Snacks, fast food or frozen? What we have for today? This is the routine of those who live alone and through laziness, lack of time or affinity with the stove, ends up opting for ready and practical dishes that help save time, but often detonate health and diet. "Regardless of the situation you are in, it should be clear that healthy eating is one that balances nutrients and keeps the body and mind up to date. Frozen and fast foods, though tasty, do not fit into this group," explains the endocrinologist Ellen Simone Paiva

Adjusting the day-to-day running life to a balanced diet is a difficult task and it takes creativity, planning and a lot of discipline not to extrapolate the consumption of the industrialized, so we have selected some tips that will help you assemble and to keep the menu balanced and healthy. Check below:

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1. Assemble a plane . Make a weekly menu by programming what you will eat at meals. See what you already have in the pantry, and make a list of what you need to buy. So you enjoy the food you already have and only buy what you really need. "Scheduling meals allows you to balance your diet and control the amount of food eaten over the course of the week, so you do not get into a crisis with the scale," explains Ellen.

2. Fibers in the dish . When designing your menu, think of practical and light options like salads, fruit pulp and wholemeal products that are rich in fiber, nutrients allied with satiety. "A good request is the ready-made salads sold in sachets that, in addition to being healthy, are affordable and guarantee the presence of vegetables on your plate," suggests the endocrinologist

3. Frozen from the well . When you have a spare weekend, prepare lunch foods (beans, soups, meats, cooked vegetables) and freeze in small portions. If this is not possible, get help from someone nearby or order the dishes with cooks selling meals out or in a restaurant. "The biggest dilemma of people living alone is waste and laziness. It is difficult to know the right amount of food to be made and hence the discouragement. Listing the food and preparing it in small portions helps to avoid wastage and encourages the person to feed properly, "says Ellen.

4. Focus on the menu Just buy what you need, avoid packaged snacks, chocolates, snacks, because at the time of starvation, you will not think twice about choosing these foods instead of preparing a healthy meal. If you do not have them in your It is easy to avoid them, is it not?

5. Keep an eye on the validity. Buy small quantities of sausages and cold cuts (mozzarella, ham, turkey breast and others), as they spoil easily, since the validity is very short. "Another major problem for those who live alone is intoxication. The food stays in the refrigerator for months and ends up spoiling or passing from the spot, hence there is a stomach, "he explains. fruits, frozen pulps are great options to have in your freezer.Use them instead of juices that are rich in sodium and artificial colorants. "Although they do not replace natural fruits, pulps retain much of their nutrients and facilitate the preparation of juices. Another option is to consume them with natural yogurt, "explains Ellen.


Snack time.

Yogurts and cereal bars can be good to have at home, especially when you want to eat or even for the intermediate snacks. 8. Turbined pasta

. Replace the miojo with instant dough that is enough to go to the oven, with water or milk, for a few minutes and are ready. They are more nutritious and less caloric. The nutrient's suggestion is to increase the plate with vegetables and chopped vegetables that can be bought already in pieces and washed in the sacrols and supermarkets. It was easy, did not it? 9. Prefer the shawl to the fair

. Well, in it you can choose the products you want to take without having to buy per bowl. Go once a week, buy small amounts of vegetables, vegetables and fruits and give preference to those types that do not easily spoil, such as apple, banana, grapes, and orange in the case of leaves, choose those that do not wither easily and which are of the time. Thus, in addition to decreasing the amount purchased, you save 10. Sanduba released

. Sandwiches can be eaten at dinner as long as you know how to choose the ingredients. "Always add vegetables and vegetables, choose a source of protein (shredded chicken, sliced ​​meat, tuna, turkey breast and blanquet, ricotta and white cheeses) and vary in bread type (whole, Syrian, French, ciabata)", explains to nutri. "Buy one type and when it's over, try another one." Instead of curd cheese, cream cheese, jelly, replace mayonnaise and butter with olive oil, "suggests Ellen Paiva 11.Light dinner at dinner

. A good option is to switch frozen lasagne from your favorite brand or fast food sandwich to ready-made dishes sold in restaurants or through meat-based vegetable creams, which can be whipped in the blender and then frozen. tasty Risotto is an easy-to-prepare dish that can be made with the ingredients that are left in the refrigerator. By containing foods from different groups, it becomes a balanced dish. Learn how to make the recipe:

Natural Risotto Ingredients

1 cup of Brown rice (raw)

1 Whole medium carrot (raw)

1 Whole medium squash (raw)

6 Branches of Broccoli (raw)

½ Small onion

2 small pieces of Garlic

2 tablespoons full of Light Curd

1 tablespoon Grated Parmesan Cheese Light

2 teaspoons Refined Salt

4 medium glasses of water

How to prepare

Cook in water and salt the chopped zucchini, diced carrots and chopped broccoli. Beat the cooking broth of the vegetables with the curd. In a pan, add the garlic, onion and the rice and saute well. Add salt to taste, add beaten vegetable broth with curd and cook over low heat until the rice is al dente. Add the cooked vegetables, stir gently with a fork. Put in a dish and sprinkle the grated cheese.

Recipe extracted from the book Health & Taste with Equilibrium - Volume II, by Roseli Rossi Nutritionist.


- Abuse your creativity in the preparation of omelets: use cheese, vegetables and raw vegetables (chicory, spinach, grated carrot).

Filling options

For who is on a diet

. The egg is a source of protein and the perfect combination for those who are on a diet is the one that takes white or ricotta cheese. The two options are sources of protein and have few calories, forming the double protein when used in the omelet. For those who train. Nothing better than a combination of egg protein and a source of carbohydrate to improve performance in training. A good request is the stuffing with potatoes, which makes the omelet more consistent.

For those who just woke up

The combination that will help put laziness aside for the start of another day is the one that brings cheese (food classified as a builder that helps the body to strengthen). The egg will animate the body and can be made in the oven if it is preferable. For those who want to delight in all possibilities


The nutrients of the chosen filling are not harmed when made with the egg, or be, you only win with these combinations. From cooked spinach to mushrooms, the choices are endless. The important thing is to be creative, but never forget your health. According to endocrinologist Ellen Paiva, ham is widely used in omelettes, but it is a food considered to be inbuilt and therefore less healthy for the body.

Pasta day

It is one of the national preferences, to be prepared in just a few minutes, it is a very common preparation, and it can be quite healthy, yes, with olive oil and garlic, with the sauce, the Bolognese or with broccoli. > Pressure cooker noodles Ingredients

1 clove garlic, crushed

1/2 chopped onion

2 tablespoons olive oil

1/2 calabrian sausage

100 g

1/2 can of tomato sauce

2 cans of water

1 can of cream without milk

100 g of chopped olives

green smell to taste

salt a taste

100 g minced mozzarella

2 cans of water

1 package of penne pasta


Fry the garlic and the onion in the olive oil. Add calabresa and ham to brown. Put the tomato sauce and the water and bring to the boil. Add the salt, the green odor, the olives and the cream, and finally the pasta still raw. Bring to the pressure cooker for seven minutes. Start counting this time after the pan picks up pressure. Once cooked, open the pan, put the minced mozzarella and serve it hot.

Recipe courtesy of Luiza Zaidan

Detox Diet Day Menu with Green Juice

Detox Diet Day Menu with Green Juice

The detox diet proposes a reduction in the number of daily calories and consumption of foods that cleanse the body, such as fruit juices and vegetables. See example of a one-day detox dietary menu with 1,000 calories per day, indicated by nutritionist Clarissa Fujiwara: Breakfast Green juice with 1 slice of pineapple, 1 apple, 1 leaf of cabbage, slices of ginger and water with 1 tablespoon flax seed 1 cup of chamomile Morning snack 1 (average) roasted pear with cinnamon powder Lunch 1 dessert plate of American lettuce, radicchio and palmito 4 col.


Chocolate with 70% cocoa can help prevent heart attacks, says study

Chocolate with 70% cocoa can help prevent heart attacks, says study

The study published in the British Medical Journal was made with more than two thousand Australians and is in line with several other studies previously published on the benefits of bitter chocolate. Australian experts, in addition to further research, point out that the specific consumption of 100 grams of chocolate with 70 percent or more of cocoa per day for 10 years could prevent 70 fatal heart attacks and 15 minor bouts of every 10,000 All models used were based on classic risk factors, ranging from people with hypertension to high cholesterol and obesity.