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12 Simple ways to improve your mood today

12 Simple ways to improve your mood today

We often get the feeling that we could be feeling better everyday. The stress of an exhausting routine at work, the responsibilities arising from various areas of our lives, amorous disappointments, and any other problems, diminish our ability to be well in the present.

It is important that we pay attention to our humor because it serves not only as a source of energy so that we can deal better with adversities in our ways, but also as a tool for us to see life in a light way.

Invest in Experiences

A survey by Miriam Tatzel of Empire State College in New York interviewed 329 consumers and showed that those who invest their money in experiences like dining in pleasant places or going to concerts, are happier than those who spend their money on material goods like clothes.

Do not try to run out of adversity

Placing the "dirt under the rug" is not the most recommendable option. Fleeing from the problem even causes a momentary relief, but does not cancel it out. Stressful situations are above all, opportunities for personal growth, a way of self-knowing and maturing. It may be bad at first, but it becomes rewarding to know that you are able to deal with negative aspects of your life.

Do good deeds

Thinking about the collective good empowers us, and by coming in contact with other realities , we become grateful for what we have and feel even more useful.

Organize Your Routine

You must have gone through a time when your deadlines collided and your goals were not met. For that to not happen, it is important to have an agenda or any other tool that allows you to have a better idea of ​​your priorities.

See old photos

Take a look at old photos when you feel down: A survey by the Open University in the UK, shows that revisiting good times like travel through photographs can improve our current mood by up to 11%.

Celebrate every achievement

Acknowledge even the smallest things. This will bring you greater self-esteem;

Brighten your life

Did you know that an hour of sunshine can improve your mood as much as antidepressants? A study on depression showed that light therapy helped 50% of the fans, raising their moods and making them sleep better. And the best, without causing side effects.

Give time to your mind

Over-responsibility and worries can lead to more serious problems. Know the time to focus on the setbacks, but allow yourself to have times when you can not think of any obligations. Use this time to relax.

Record the best moments of your day

Whether in a notebook, or even on your cell phone, write down at least three positive points of your day and reflect on your role in making these good times happen . Knowing that you are under control of positivity in your life will bring you great satisfaction.

Immerse yourself in pleasurable times

Focus on the present, without overanalyzing, just cut the moment. Lying down and just listening to your favorite tunes, reading a book or watching a movie can drive you away from the outside world, and get you in touch with your inner.


Practice exercises will bring you more energy on a daily basis, and can also serve as an escape valve for bad feelings.

Invest in Your Spiritual Side

Faith can satisfy a basic human desire: that of feeling part of something greater, independent of your religion. And if you have no religion, no problem. You can practice meditation or take Yoga classes, which also promote a greater connection with your spirit and assist in mindfulness.

Following these tips, you may notice an improvement in your state of mind. This does not mean that you will always be in a good mood, but you will be more psychologically prepared in your daily life. Bad times will come, the important thing is to deal with them, because too much negative thinking can affect even your physical and mental health.

Time to look for a specialist

If you wake up every day feeling unwell and feel that sadness is taking over your days, it is important to talk to a therapist. This professional is qualified to listen to contribute so that the individual handles in a more balanced way with the situations that appear to him. It is important to know that seeking professional help can bring positive changes to your life.

Body awareness removes pain and injury

Body awareness removes pain and injury

Consciousness is a process directly related to self-knowledge. And it is part of this movement to know one's own body. The technique of body consciousness has to do with paying attention to your own movements and the relationship of your body to the space it occupies with your muscles and joints. "Many causes are behind blockages of body perception," says the osteopath (therapeutic science dealing with joint and tissue mobility dysfunctions).


Chewing gum increases concentration

Chewing gum increases concentration

The study, published in the British Journal of Psychology , evaluated the concentration of 38 participants who underwent a recent auditory memory test. Half of participants were instructed to chew chewing gum during the 30-minute test. They all heard a list of 1-9 numbers read in random order and were ranked according to the accuracy and speed with which they were able to detect a sequence of odd-even-odd numbers.