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12 Thoughts and advice from people who lost weight

12 Thoughts and advice from people who lost weight

As much as you look in the mirror and see that you have lost weight, the perception you have about your new measures may be slow to change. Be patient and calm. Notice the clothes you wear (and that are getting wide) as your body really is different.

2. "Not all people will encourage you"

Believe, there will always be people to scowl at your salad plate or they will tell you that you are crazy to wake up so early to work out. Do not let yourself down, only you truly know the benefits that these changes are bringing and how your routine is worth.

3. "The way I relate to everyone is different."

Embarking on a life change does not only affect your daily habits, but also your interests and way of thinking. Someone who was not so close can become a close friend by understanding their cause. Already those relationships that were linked to going out to drink and eat end up weakening. This process, although natural, can be a bit painful.

4. "I still have the insecurity to date"

Does the person go looking for pictures of my "before"? And when my weight loss becomes the subject of our meeting? How much should I tell? The pressure may be high right now, but try to be honest about your trajectory, after all, it is a source of pride for you. The person you're dating must respect your story, okay?

5. "I'm afraid of being tried when I'm eating."

Insecurity about what others think is cruel in the day to day of those who have lost weight. Regardless of the nutritional quality of the dish, whether it be a salad or a hamburger, people who have lost weight feel judged by those around them.

6. "I always struggle not to lose control and gain weight back"

Weekend, holidays, parties, meetings with friends. Many of these situations can become stressful for someone who fights the scales to maintain or lose weight, but it is important not to let the fear consume you. Stay focused on the goal and everything that has happened to get you where you are. If you make any mistakes, recover. Live one day at a time.


Of course every now and then everyone wants to eat a delicious dessert, but the truth is that food re-education is real and can transform everyone's life permanently.


One of the coolest times for those who lose weight is to renovate the wardrobe, and in the process, many find what they like and how comfortable they feel. This is because there are restricted options of large size clothing, which makes many overweight people have limited choices.

9. "I learned to love myself for real"

Regardless of your mannequin's number, the process of weight loss involves many battles and learning that completely transform a person. And, over time, you realize that your happiness is not tied to the number that appears on the scale, but rather the internal changes that have led to your current weight.

10. "Keeping weight is as difficult as losing"

When you reach the goal of weight loss or get close to it, you may feel insecure and pressure to stay on track. If there is any change in the balance that is not for less, do not despair. Remember your victories, the physical conditioning and the quality of life you have won. Focus on your strength to keep you motivated.

11. "Not overcoming depression with weight loss"

Weight loss is not the solution to all problems. First, you need to understand if your overweight has left you with depression or if, in fact, depression has led you to become overweight. Therefore, it is important to seek medical help so that the health of the body and mind can be updated.

12. "You feel guilty just by looking at a cookie"

When you achieve your ideal weight, it is normal to charge too much to keep weight and meals on the line. But radicalisms are never good, so nothing to be martyred for slips. Did you eat any calories? Accept what happened and resume the routine.

Resting the brain after learning leaves the memory sharp

Resting the brain after learning leaves the memory sharp

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Social networks may be related to increased suicide rate among young people, says study

Social networks may be related to increased suicide rate among young people, says study

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