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12-Year-old girl helps deliver her younger brother

12-Year-old girl helps deliver her younger brother

The birth of a baby is a magical moment for the whole family, but for the American Jacee Dellapena, 12 years, this event was even more special. The girl always wanted to be present at the arrival of her younger brother, but did not expect that she would also help to deliver.

The story happened in a hospital in Mississippi, United States. At first, she was only going to follow the delivery, at her mother's request, but during the procedure the obstetrician Walter Wolfe noticed that the girl was discouraged and invited her to be his assistant.

In social networks, the girl's mother, Dede Carraway, said that the doctor felt that Jacee should be in on the moment, asking if she wanted to get dressed like the doctors to deliver the baby and she agreed cheerfully. "Dr. Wolf said, why do not you let her "I said no, but I gave in," Dede told MS News Now.

While the operation was being carried out, the father recorded every moment that the eldest daughter received advice from the doctor.

"Actually, I enjoyed giving birth. It really helped me pull the baby out.I was impressed because I had played doctor before, but this is the reality.I was very nervous, "said Jacee.

According to Dede, the girl already wanted to attend the birth of her second child, but she did not leave because of her age at the time. However, as this will be the last child the couple intends to have, they decided the Jacee could be in the room at the time of delivery.

"Seeing the emotions in her face made me cry." I was nervous but it was the best moment of my life, "the mother revealed. Jacee Dellapena has been helped by the obstetrician-led Jacee Dellapena, who has been working as an obstetrician for more than a decade.

in childbirth of the younger brother - photo: Press Release / Facebook

Three-year-old girl asks for

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"Six months ago, when we asked her what party she wanted, she said that it would be what she liked the most: a "mama" party! I said I wanted a cake with breasts and cupcakes, with the beak on the outside and without a bra, I even tried to change, but it did not, "wrote the mother. published in "Festa do Mamá" gained prominence in social networks, with more than 40 thousand reactions and more than 14 thousand shares.


Excessive physical exercise can harm adolescents

Excessive physical exercise can harm adolescents

Adolescence is a key period for acquiring bone mass. In adolescent athletes, the peak bone mass may present a greater increase, due to the mechanical stress imposed to the bones by the physical exercise practiced. There is consistent research confirming that moderate physical activity with weight support, such as running and jumping, has a more positive impact on bone deposition (bone quality) than activities that do not require weight support, such as swimming.