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13 Celebrities who lost weight in 2017 for you to be inspired

13 Celebrities who lost weight in 2017 for you to be inspired

To inspire you to transform your life in 2018 overweight though, we have selected some of the famous ones who have changed routines to lose weight and have gained more health and well-being. Check it out:

1. Milene Pavorô

Milene Pavorô lost 5kg in 72 hours - Photo: Reproduction / SBT

The volumetric detox diet has as its main objective to eliminate substances that are harmful to the body, but guidance is needed to avoid damages to health. The practice gained visibility after stage assistant Milene Uehara, also known by the nickname "Pavorô," performed the method that made her lose five pounds in just 72 hours. Understand here.

2. Kelly Key

Kelly Key slimmed 11kg after pregnancy Kelly Key shared an Instagram series of exercises that helped her lose weight after pregnancy. With only two months after the arrival of the small, she had already lost more than 11kg. "We are working with increased caloric expenditure since I can not make a very restricted feeding because of breastfeeding," she said. Learn more.

3. Elis Nair

Before and after Elis Nair - Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Former BBB Elis Nair did not win the 17th edition of the reality show, but on the other hand, she and her boyfriend decided to take another step in the life to two: they got married in May this year. But to marry, Elis wanted to lose weight. In just over a month, she went from 81kg to 70kg. See more.

4. Priscila Pires

Before and after Priscila Pires - Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

After facing a divorce, ex-BBB Priscila Pires lost 35kg. The incentive to eat better and exercise also came from the new boyfriend, who is a bodybuilder athlete. Understand more here.

5. Suzana Alves

Suzana Alves - Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

After her first child, Benjamin, who was born in July 2016, the actress Suzana Alves started a project to lose weight. She wanted to eliminate 28 kg by 2017 and in September the goal was achieved. "I did not want to neglect my baby, the company, the house, the husband in the whole process," she said on Instagram. Learn more about her weight loss.

6. The actress Cacau Protásio impressed the internet by showing her before and after her weight loss process. Changes in eating habits and the fixed exercise routine helped her lose more than 20kg. See more

7. Ellen Rocche

Ellen Rocche - Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Owner of a curvaceous body, the actress Ellen Rocche received a challenge because of her profession. She eliminated 12kg by changing food and working out, all for her role in the soap opera 9, on TV Globo, The Other Side of Paradise. Understand here.

8. Naiara Azevedo

Naiara Azedo - Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

After losing 33kg in a year, the singer Naiara Azevedo reveals that she does not have a specific secret to take care of her body. The basis is healthy eating because the exercises it does in the show itself, such as a dance class full of aerobics. Check it out.

9. It is never too late to start exercising or changing eating habits to have a healthier life. The singer Alcione is an excellent example that this transformation is possible. This year, the samba artist caught the attention of her followers displaying their new measurements in a photo. At age 70, Alcione showed overcoming when he revealed that he lost 25 kg. Understand here.

10. The actress Guta Stresser, the eternal Bebel, from "The Great Family", has been calling attention to the change in her silhouette. She radically transformed her habits after her father's death, starting to exercise and diet in the routine. In total they were 15kg eliminated. See more.

11. Mariana Belém

Mariana Belém - Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

To lose weight requires a lot of discipline and many people do not imagine what they will face when they decide to lose weight. Since 2013, the daughter of Fafá de Belém, Mariana Belém, fights the scales, but with the help of the ravenna diet managed to lose 21 kilos in just 7 months. Learn more.

12. Maria Claudia (Cacau)

Cacau - Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Since she was runner-up at BBB16, Maria Claudia, known as Cocoa, decided to make some body changes and lost more than 12kg. The former BBB uses their social networks to share their routine of training and feeding, as well as show the result of the aesthetic surgeries performed. Check out more about her change here.

13. The proposal used for the diet of the journalist Patricia Poeta was to make smart substitutions and search for foods rich in nutrients. Over five months, she lost about 10kg, including, in addition to diet, bodybuilding, running and samba classes in the routine. See more details.

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