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13 Habits that the My Life team has changed in 2017

13 Habits that the My Life team has changed in 2017

A habit can be integrated into the routine, deleted or transformed, and although they are totally different paths, all these options are equally difficult to achieve. That is why in the New Year so many people take the time to decide what the main objectives of the cycle will be. Here in My Life is no different: many of us have tried to achieve goals this year and we have succeeded in a part of them, which certainly changed the life of our team for the better. Here are the transformations our team has achieved:

1. Reduced sugar consumption

Augusto Assis did not spend a day without eating a candy. To satisfy this desire, he would buy a candy bar and eat it whole or else he would prepare a pan of brigadeiros when he got home. One day he saw a challenge on Youtube that encouraged him to stay a year without sugar and liked the idea a lot. However, completely cutting the candy from your food would be a bit difficult to put into practice, so it made a reduction. With this cut of sugar for a few days, Augusto managed to reduce his daily consumption a lot and today, he can run out of sweets, but also allows himself to eat chocolate from time to time. Always balance!

2. I drank more water

This is a very common difficulty, right? Carolina Serpejante also had this. "I noticed that I was not drinking enough water and I squeezed a little bit to solve it. I tried bigger bottles, set the alarm, etc. In the end, I decided to buy a glass with straw! drink (you do not have to open the lid or turn your head to drink, for example, I can drink while I read something on the computer screen) and since it has 500 ml I can easily make the count of how much I already drank. to 6 times a day, "he explains. Try this tip from Carol and then tell us if it worked.

3. I took up an old hobby

Many of our favorite hobbies are getting lost over the years, often because of the hectic routine, but how about picking up something you like to do in 2018? That's what Nathalie Ayres did this year. "In November I had the opportunity to take a course on 'How to find myself in writing', which made me reconnect with the habit of writing for myself and myself, and not only the stories of My Life.Thus, I have been able to see better my feelings, longings and desires and to know myself better, without fear of exposing it to others, "she says.

4. I noticed that the number on the scale is not everything.

Some people lose weight and, as they progress in bodybuilding, they gain weight because of the lean mass that weighs more than fat. Believe me, it bothers many people, like Stefanie Reis, who wanted to see the number in the balance diminish. "All the teachers, nutritionists and doctors said that I had to gain mass (and, consequently, weight) instead of losing, I even started their diet, but then I left because I saw the balance go up. %, I took the supplements they ordered, etc. Finally my fat percentage went down and my metabolism got faster.I stopped having weight differences because of a bad week, for example.I went back on vacation and got sick, you know? , she explains. Did you see how good it is to trust specialized professionals?

5. I told you to be sedentary though

You know when you feel sick, tired, but you do not know why? It was exactly this feeling that Mateus Hortêncio had before starting the academy and that also made him change his life. Determined to improve his conditioning, he sought specialized help, enrolled in the gym and committed to work out five times a week, alternating between bodybuilding and treadmill. With a lot of dedication, the effects already appeared in a short time (which brought even more motivation): more disposition, improved posture and cardiorespiratory capacity. By 2018, the outlook for results is even better!

6. I exercised gratitude.

Often the day is over and we quickly forget the good things that have happened. On the other hand, what happens bad is marked and almost makes us sleep. Therefore, knowing how to appreciate and appreciate the good things that happen is very important, but it may require some effort. I, who wrote this story, discovered this when I started using the Gratitude app (Android), where you can write what you were thankful for that day, among other features. By using it daily (the app sends you reminders to record your "gratefulness of the day"), it's easy to see that most days do not have something so palpable to thank, but that's where we find the real reason to be grateful in life. I recommend it.

7. I allowed myself more

To worry about what others think. Almost everyone has gone through this at some point, but in 2017 Penelope Pereda decided it was time to change. "The end of it was when I finished my 4-year-old relationship and realized that I no longer knew how to do anything else alone, nor did I know the things I liked to do, because I always left everything aside for the sake of the relationship," she recalls. . To help with this process, she had the help of a psychologist on a very enriching path of self-knowledge.

"I created a new goal: to do everything I wanted to do. My second semester was incredible, I became a person much more open to meeting new people and living things that I had never lived in. I decided that I would not stop doing something because of laziness or fatigue and I ended up living several great moments with my closest friends and I got very close to other people. Now I feel like I can do whatever I am willing to do and feel that I know myself a lot more. I will never feel bad again for being lost because I will always allow myself to live new things and take some time to breathe. 8. I stopped discounting the emotions in the food

You must have already devoured a bar of chocolate after a stressful day, right? This was Beatrice Caetano before 2017. But over time she realized that her metabolism was not working in sync with her emotions and it started to bother her. "So I decided that I would not give more and started to look for alternatives to reduce the consumption of sweets and food in general. So whenever I feel like eating, I try to drink more water, listen to a song that relaxes me and I started to discount my stress in the gym.I think that not being satisfied with my body caused me to change and this change helped me in many things, from beginning to lose weight to having more disposition.I thought that my habit of discounting everything of the food was normal, but all this helped me realize that I can live without eating several things and be happy with my body, "he concludes. And you get there too, huh.

9. I took care of my health

Since last year Amanda Alvarenga realized that her health was not 100%. She woke up tired, feeling ill, feeling her swollen body and a heavy feeling in her stomach. "The hair loss increased, the skin on my face changed and my entire body began to itch," says Amanda. With no time to go to the doctor, almost a year passed without her knowing what was causing those symptoms. That was when she could not wait and she had a complete check-up. "I discovered that I developed food allergies after adulthood. I discovered that foods like eggs and milk harm my body," he recalls. As a way to alleviate this condition, Amanda saw that it was necessary to make changes in her routine and diet. "Although it is very difficult, I know it is essential for my health and I am confident that I will be able to do it!" He concludes. So be aware of the signs of your body and go to the doctor.

10. I changed my way of life

Bothered by the way I was living, Nathan Candide wanted to do something to change his routine. "I realized that I was getting very sedentary. Tired too fast, eating a lot of bullshit, gaining a lot of belly," he explains. In order to be brave in the beginning, he created challenges among his friends: who could run a greater distance or who could lose more weight in a certain space of time. With the results appearing, it was much easier to follow up on training and diet. In food, the main changes were to remove the sweets after lunch, to drink coffee without sugar, to cut the soda, to diminish the carbohydrate, to begin to run and to do gymnastics. All in all, 11kgs were eliminated. "My habits are healthier, I feel more willing and with more gas to accomplish everything I need during the day."

11. Transformed the way I relate to people and with myself

With difficulty in dealing with their internal inquiries, Cínthya Dávila realized that he needed the help of anyone who understood the subject. "I looked for courses and books that would help me get in touch with my sensitivity in a constructive way," he explains. In order to communicate and listen better to people, she also did a non-violent communication course. In addition, a trip to the Amazon Rainforest this year also helped her get in touch with her own emotions. "I learned not to be ashamed of my feelings and to expose them when I feel it necessary. Today, for example, when I see that something moves me, I do not blame myself (so much) for wanting to cry," she says. In order to take care of his health, Cínthya started to work out and pedaled again: "I have to confess that feeling the wind blowing in the face is too cool", he jokes.

The result of all this could not be more positive: "I improved my relationship The contact with the imposing nature of the Amazon Forest has shown me that in life everything has its time, I think it has also helped me to realize that, as well as in nature, each one of us has his cadence and this needs to be respected and taken care of.I hope that in 2018 life will give me the chance to continue learning to be a better person. "

12. I cut the soda at lunch

Danielle Nordi has been drinking soda for years, always. In 2016, she decided she needed to stop, but postponed this project to 2017. Already this year, she began to reduce drinking gradually. "I have an eight-year-old son who does not take anything but water and coconut water. On his own, he even cut processed juices from his lunchbox after I explained that they were very different from natural juices because they had too much sugar, It's always been a lot of work for me to stop drinking soda because it's not healthy, "he says.

So, because it would be gradual, Dani thought it would be easier (and economical) to stop drinking at lunch time. "I could ask for help for the girls who have lunch with me to encourage me not to ask for my tin of every day, and I'm happy to say that I'm getting it, I've had two months left. It's not easy, but it's possible, but when I slip (it's only been a day in 2 months), I'm not charging myself. Ball forward and the next day, I return to the initial goal of not taking more, "he concludes. How about joining Dani in this project?

13. I started sleeping better

Sleep has always been a problem for Wilson Tayar since childhood. "As time passed, I had gotten used to sleeping only four hours a night, but I did not notice how much that affected me," he says. So he started using an application to record his sleep times and that's how he realized some patterns, such as the days when he slept the most, he felt more productive. But this year, during a troubled period, the four hours of sleep began to become three hours, two hours, making him feel bad during the day, with pains in the body, sight paining and intestinal disorders.

he needed to take action to turn that game around. "The first step was to ask the application to tell me about bedtime two hours in advance, so I could finish everything I was doing and get ready for bed," he explains. The second step was to add the follow-up of her therapist: "I asked her to charge me for a long time. So I had to sleep at least seven hours a night and send a picture of the application's sleep record to her in the morning next, "he says. After a month, the habit had already been created and he no longer needed the external charges, despite maintaining the use of the application. "I know sleep is my weakness," he jokes.

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