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13 Products to make your hair look gorgeous

13 Products to make your hair look gorgeous

Do you have curly hair and want to control your hair? Select the best-selling products on Netfarma's website to help you choose the best option for your hair. John Frieda Frizz Ease Spray John Frieda Frizz Ease Spray John Frieda Frizz Ease Spray John Frieda Frizz Ease Cachos Perfectos has an innovative formula enriched with magnesium that penetrates the hair. and returns the elasticity of the strands, recovering and renewing the curls. The Frizz-Ease line is suitable for rebellious, wavy, frizzy, volume-bearing hair, helping to eliminate shivering, returning tenderness, luster and looking healthy.

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Conditioner Lola Perfect Cachos conditioner

Perfect Lola Conditioner Perfect Cachos conditioner - photo: disclosure

The Perfect Lola Cachos conditioner allows a complete treatment for curly and curly hair, conditioner perfect curls. Conditioner that has nutritive and highly conditioning formula, with sealing power of cuticles. Restores the balance of oil and hydration, helping to combat frizz and definition of curls.

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Eico Cachos Activator Cream

Eico Cachos Activator Cream - photo: divulga

Eico Curl Activator was specially developed to control the volume and to create defined and bright curls for longer, giving intense modeling and hydration. Its formula contains sunscreen and has activated thermo action leaving the hair disciplined and healthy, in addition to defining the hairstyle. Contains collagen, elastin and active amino acids that together, promote strength, restoration, softness, hydration, flexibility and luster to the wires. Result of hydrated, naturally healthy and strong hair

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Eico Cachos Restorative Mask

Eico Cachos Restorative Mask - photo: disclosure

honey, arginine and olive oil in their formula to obtain a formulation rich in vitamins C, B1, B2, B3 and B6, moisturizing and emollient agents that together promote ultra-moisturizing action to curly hair.

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Leave-in Activator Cream I + Cachos Yenzah

Leave-in Activator Cream I'm + Cachos Yenzah - photo: divulga

The Sou + Cachos Yenzah cream was developed for the woman who wants the pleasure of taking on the beauty of her curls. It contains Lipoprotein®, which removes the natural oil from the curly hair of the root and distributes it by the length of the wires to the tips. In addition, it offers the softness of cotton oil. Convenience and treatment together to care for the wires and the scalp, balancing the needs of hydration and nutrition while keeping the curl defined, with gloss, silkiness and desired volume. For bunches that need intensive hydration and lightness in their structuring.

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Extra Curl Activator No-Poo Eico

Trigger Cachos Extraordinários No-Poo Eico - foto: divulga

The Cachos Extraordinários Eico activator was specially developed for curly and / or transitional hair. Its unique formula that does not damage the threads, maintains the natural hydration intact, being free of Petrolato, Dyes and Parabens. It has Jojoba Oil that brings an extreme hydration to the threads, besides having Aloe Vera Extract that helps in the formation of curls, and Panthenol that keeps the yarns hydrated for much longer.The Perfect Cachos Shampoo Secrets protects the cords by avoiding dryness. The perfect Cachos Secrets Shampoo protects the cords by avoiding dryness. The presence of vegetal collagen restores the elasticity of the threads, helps in retaining the curls and controls the rebellious threads, besides promoting the brightness and the softness.

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Cachos Activator Spray Vizcaya

Cachos Activator Spray Vizcaya - Photo : disclosure

ProCachos Crop Spray Activator is perfect for thin wires, which weigh with denser products. Its incredible formula is rich in Phytokeratin, Aloe Vera, Curl Control Complex and Thermal Water, and is responsible for shaping curls, moisturizing, controlling frizz and volume. It also contains UV protection, to keep hair away from sun damage.

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Lola Shampoo Perfect Curls Creoula

Lola Shampoo Perfect Curls Creoula - photo:

With a delicate and highly nutritious formula, Creoula Perfect Cachos Shampoo promotes an ideal cuticle opening so that curly and curly hair can absorb subsequent treatments. The product cleans gently and helps your curls to take shape before you step out of the shower. You will have shiny strands and no frizz.

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Tresemmé Treatment Cream Perfect Curls

Tresemmé Treatment Cream Perfect Curls - photo: disclosure

With Pro-Vitamin B5, the TRESemmé Cachos Perfeito treatment cream prevents dryness. With elastin and keratin in the formulation, it provides strength and elasticity to the wires, as well as rebuilding and restoring the internal structure of the damaged fiber. The formula with low pH penetrates deeply into the threads, repairing the hair fiber that has gone through the most intense aggressions, guaranteeing its reconstruction.

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Tresemmé Shampoo Perfect Bunches

Tresemmé Shampoo With Pro Vitamin B5, Keratin and Elastin, the TRESemmé Cachos Perfeito shampoo moisturizes the curls and takes care of the most damaged areas, without leaving the hair heavy. When used every day, it protects the wires from the appearance of dry, bulky curls. The formula provides the perfect base for hairstyles and leaves your hair ready for the movement you desire.

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Garnier Fructis Shampoo Powerful Brides

Garnier Fructis Shampoo Powerful Brides - foto: The Cachos Poderosos shampoo fills the fiber and reinforces the curl structure from the inside of the yarn, in addition to moisturizing, providing elasticity and movement. Also assists in volume control guaranteeing -76% frizz. The product recreates and memorizes the clusters for 72h, guaranteeing a visual of defined bunches and with controlled volume.

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Pantene Shampoo Defined Cachos

Shampoo Pantene Defined Cachos - photo: divulga

Pantene Cachos Defined Shampoo has a new formula with ANTIOXIDANT technology and Pro-Vitamins. Helps repair hair to the inside and shield against damage from minerals in the water. Long lasting memory for curly hair structure, for definition of curls day and night.

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7 Creams to stop cellulite for up to $ 50

7 Creams to stop cellulite for up to $ 50

My Life has consulted several online stores that offer products to treat cellulite and, best, for an affordable price. Check below: Goicoechea Anticellulite Leg Cream 400ml 1. Goicoechea Anti-Cellulite Leg Cream 400ml - $ 15.00 Goicoechea anti-cellulite has lipomodulating properties that improve the appearance of the skin and the appearance of orange peel caused by cellulite.


Hollywood rejects plastic and reveals new aesthetic trends

Hollywood rejects plastic and reveals new aesthetic trends

The information was featured in The New York Times. According to newspaper sources, Fox Broadcasting TV network executives say they have begun recruiting more natural-looking actors in Australia and Britain because "the widely gifted and young-looking" appearing for the auditions and auditions at Los Angels suffer from the same evil: the standardization of faces and bodies.