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13 Tips to quit procrastination and accomplish your goals

13 Tips to quit procrastination and accomplish your goals

You've probably postponed the performance of some task for reasons like lack of energy, or willingly, and this is normal. After all, we are not always willing to meet deadlines and obligations, as day-to-day concerns tend to consume much of our strength, and when we get home, we just want to sleep and rest for the next day. However, this habit can be extremely harmful to our personal and professional lives when we lose control and organization of our routines.

Procrastination for many people becomes a major threat to productivity and self-esteem, in addition to boost anxiety. At first, avoidance of an obligation provides a sense of relief, however, it does not take long for relief to turn into stress because of the lack of time for achieving certain goals.

What tasks tend to be left to then?

Tasks that require a high level of mental reasoning, whether they are difficult, long, or unpleasant. These requirements cause our brains to put off certain obligations. However, a good hint for those who suffer from it is precisely to give priority to these types of tasks, so that the remainder become pleasurable.

Procrastination X Sloth

This is a doubt that can affect the self-esteem of many , since in procrastinating, people tend to classify themselves as lazy, which only makes the situation worse and saddens who see themselves as such. But make no mistake, laziness implies in the non-fulfillment of goals, the escape of work and everything that requires effort on our part. But procrastination implies having a lot of things to do, and leaves them for the last hour, leaving a feeling that we could have planned for us in advance so that our plans could have been developed in their entirety.

There are factors that favor Procrastination

Often, the only barrier between the act of thinking and acting, is ourselves. However, there are cases where excessive procrastination may be an indicator of the state of mental health. "People suffering from emotional illnesses such as depression and anxiety, hormonal changes in the thyroid, anemia, and others, may have low energy levels and therefore show great difficulty concentrating, lack of motivation and problems to do what is needed" , says the psychologist Adriana de Araújo. In these cases, seeking professional help is necessary so that together with a doctor, it is possible to reconcile the clinical situation with the routine and their tasks.

And even if you do not fit into the above 'risk groups', if you have larger difficulty in organizing your time and optimizing your productivity, the help of a specialist is always welcome.

What is within your reach to escape procrastination

To get rid of guilt as you watch the day go by, and have the feeling that it has not been productive, follow some tips that can help you better organize your time and properly target your daily efforts:

  • > Know-when to say no: Making a commitment and failing to fulfill it has a much more negative effect on the mind than imposing its limitations since the beginning
  • Do not waste time blaming yourself for not performing a task on a task, "Give your mind time to relax: at the end of your duties, set aside one time to do things that reassure you
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  • "> Do not overcharge yourself: To err is part of any process, so just try to learn from your weaknesses, take care of your weaknesses, but do not make them dominate your thoughts to the point of discouraging you from making decisions
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  • "> Do the division of your tasks: do not despair trying to do a job altogether when there is possibility of doing it in parts. This makes the obligation less heavy and your brain will not have to run away from it.
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  • "> Eliminate distractions: get away from cell phone and other technologies when performing obligations Stay close to people who encourage you to produce more
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