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14 Embarrassing situations that those who go to the gym pass

14 Embarrassing situations that those who go to the gym pass

If you are not exactly a complete passionate about lifting weights but, on the other hand, likes to take care, this list is for you. Here are some rather embarrassing (and even a little weird) situations that just happen in the gym.

01. You do not understand why some people groan working out

Yes, it's them, the forties. With each repetition, a different noise and grimaces then, do not even talk. Then you think, "It must be because of the load he raises." But then you realize that even in the class of stretching the fortitude makes a point of showing everyone that it is there. Better get accustomed to or listen to music while at the gym.

02. And they make the biggest noise when they release the weights

Usually the student who likes to scream while exercising also makes a noise when it comes to releasing the weights. There is no one who does not get scared a little.

03. It looks like you were the only one going to work out with the laundry.

While you're wearing that 2009 Carnival abbey, everyone else is wearing technology-rich clothes, with special fabric designed for better performance. Of course, all matching.

04. The time that you go is crowded, that is, you need to take turns.

The worst part of sharing the device with someone is when the other person is much stronger than you. With each repetition, you have to remove and replace the weights and every time the other person asks, "how many kg do you really do?". Yes, you feel quite humiliated when you answer: "10kg."

05. Do you rejoice so much, that you even give up on finishing the training

Divide apparatus with half of the academy? We are not always so calm and patient. Surely there was a day when you simply were not willing to do anything and ended up leaving before you finished training. Who ever?

06. And when you can train, you compare yourself to other people. "Does my posture also look like this when I do this exercise?" Yes, it's normal to think about it. However, whenever you are performing an exercise, look for the correct posture, okay? Avoid distractions and comparisons.

07. There are times when you do not know what the name of the exercise means

What the heck does a low pulley abduction mean? Or what does it mean to work an agonist muscle? When you go to see, who is dying is you trying to understand the meaning of each exercise. At this point, it is best to ask the teacher and hope you remember the next time you need to do this exercise.

08. But you want to impress, so you end up putting on more weight than you can.

You see (and hear) that weight-lifting guy and think, "If he can, I can too." This kind of thinking is very dangerous. "It's no use increasing the load of the exercise if the movements are not well done." If you do not control the movement and the breath, you will go faster when you lower your weight, "says physical educator Jean Carlo. . Then imagine that you must be the only person out there.

I'm going to have to go to the gym to attend this academy. Everyone suddenly looks so handsome and piebald. What bodies are these? These people work the whole day, that's the only explanation.

10. Then you go to the treadmill to burn more calories. But you can not call!

Honestly, is there any way to disguise such a situation? We do not know, but you try. You call some teacher for help and, in the end, just hit the green button.

11. Already on the treadmill, it's tempting to watch the performance of the person next to you

Speed, distance, time, you check everything and then wonder who is doing the best among you.12. Until you decide to increase the speed of the race

But can not stand it. So start that mix of despair with an attempt to make it appear that everything is absolutely normal and that you are overly accustomed to that speed. The solution is in the big red button, prepared for these emergencies.

13. For the time to pass faster, you start to plan what you will eat after

Post-workout is important, uh! And nutritionist Bárbara Sanches says that this meal has to be done as soon as possible: "The sooner we ingest carbohydrates and proteins, the faster the metabolism goes into recovery and regeneration," she says. And the final suffering: walking after leg training

The legs become sore, they ache, it seems they do not obey. The next day then, it gets a little worse, but it is important to know how to differentiate pain from muscle recovery from pain from a possible injury. "The pain of the training does not stop you from doing other physical activities, and you can perform any movement normally." Unlike the pains of injuries, which cause a lot of discomfort when moving the affected areas, "says physical educator Fernanda Andrade.

Strength training 40 years of age or over: Caring for

Strength training 40 years of age or over: Caring for

O aging process and the changes resulting from it begin around 25 years. A change in body composition begins, where there is a decrease in the amount of water inside the cells, an increase in body fat and a decrease in muscle mass. All this contributes to a lower metabolism with each passing year. From 25 years to 40 years these changes are getting worse every year, and we began to realize by the age of 40 that we no longer have the same muscular strength as we had at age 20.


Posture change exercises help fight back pain

Posture change exercises help fight back pain

As children we are not ashamed to do innumerable positions and move naturally. We stretched, rolled, crouched, laid and lifted with an enviable joy. However, as we grow older and become teenagers, young adults, and adults, we are increasingly forgetting these movements, and we spend great periods sitting or lying down.