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15 Factors We Ignore and Affect Our Health

15 Factors We Ignore and Affect Our Health

Many health care looks basic, but they end up getting beaten in the day

The danger of this is that the sequence of carelessness turns a large snowball into the body and can lead to serious health problems, such as stroke and heart attack. consider more critical! Stay tuned for this list:

Abuse of meats so much well-passed

Here come all the meats that remain with that crust toasted, that form that black layer, you know?

"The greatest risk of very roasted meats is that in contact with high temperatures they form a substance called nitrosanine that increases the amount of fat in the meat. risk of cancer in the digestive tract, "says nutrologist Roberto Navarro. This is true for red meats, fish and chicken

Exaggerating physical activity

That's right! It is already widely reported that the sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of health problems.

Excessive physical activity occurs when non-sedentary people perform an exercise that goes well beyond what they usually do.

So if someone runs five miles three times a week and suddenly decides that it will run 10 miles six times a week, this person is engaging in excessive physical activity.

Another example is: someone who usually practices functional workouts for one hour three times a week and suddenly decides to move to two hours of training six times a week. "When the exercise gets too intense it can lead to complications such as increased risk of respiratory problems and a number of diseases due to the excess of free radicals produced" , says general practitioner and infectologist Paulo Olzon, a professor at Unifesp.

Excessive free radicals favor early aging and even some cancers. Cardiac problems can also occur as a result of excessive physical activity.

But ... It is worth emphasizing that the problem is in the exaggeration of exercises. Being without any activity is also not good.

Putting vanity ahead of health

The most diverse substances have been used to promote rejuvenation, among them dangerous hormones, anabolic and diuretics. "These substances can cause serious health problems like thromboses, heart attacks, heart arrhythmias and even cancer," says Alfredo Salim Helito, MD, of the Sírio Libanês Hospital.

Do not take chronic diseases seriously

A common mistake is to ignore the risk of developing or even diagnosing a chronic disease, such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

"As the consequences of these diseases only appear in the long run, patients end up not following the medical guidelines, "says general practitioner Bertha Furlan Polegato of Unesp.

Neglecting chronic diseases can cause serious health problems. In the case of diabetes, some of the consequences involve: loss of vision, atherosclerosis, and infarction.

In the case of hypertension, problems that may occur as a result of the disease are stroke, infarction and chronic kidney disease. suddenly intense

If a person has been a long time without practicing physical activities, it is necessary to resume activities gradually, with light exercises and according to their physical conditioning.

To do intense physical activity, such as football match, functional training or running, it is necessary to release a doctor and better still if you have the supervision of a physical education teacher.And even with the supervision of a professional, if you are not feeling well when doing an exercise, stop and rest. The ideal is to respect the limits of your body.

"The body may not be prepared for the intense exercise and so it is vulnerable to an adrenaline discharge that can lead to a cardiac arrhythmia and even to the infarction", alerts Navarro

Practicing physical activities in the midst of pollution

A common mistake is to practice physical exercises near places where the air is heavily polluted, on very congested roads.

This is not recommended, especially during heavy traffic because the person will inhale large amounts of heavy metal present in the polluted air.

One tip to reduce the impact of pollution is "This habit can cause respiratory diseases, hematological diseases, bone decalcification and allergies." exercise in the early morning, in more wooded places and in environments more distant from heavy traffic and industries.

Use of plastic in food

The plastic of the coffee cup, packaging of frozen foods, among other containers, may increase the risk of some types of tumors, such as breast and ovarian cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

"This is because plastic has biphenolate, which is released when plastic contacts a very hot or acidic food, increasing the risk of cancer, "says Navarro.

Abolish food groups, such as carbohydrates

A common attitude among those who want to lose weight involves cutting a particular food group. "This is very dangerous when done without a medical consultation," says Roberto Navarro.

Cutting carbohydrates from the menu, for example, can lead to loss of muscles, headache, impaired immune system, among other problems .

Not knowing how much sodium is ingested

"Too much sodium can lead to hypertension and kidney problems," explains Navarro. Hypertension is one of the major risk factors for stroke and stroke.

Salt is the major source of sodium, but the mineral is present in many other sources, especially processed foods.

ready-made spices, packet snacks, instant noodles, ready-made soups and even cookies.

To have an idea, a ready-made seasoning (beef broth, chicken, vegetables) has on average the daily recommended amount of sodium, 2000 mg.

Excessive use of medicines

"We have a tendency to remedy everything, a person is sad for any reason and already takes an antidepressant, the person has difficulty sleeping, also already takes medicines," warns Olzon.

The problem lies in the physical and psychological dependence of the medicine.

Consuming many simple carbohydrates (sugar)

Simple carbohydrates in general are those that have a lot of sugar or white flour in the composition and which quickly saw glucose in the bloodstream.

"In excess carbohydrates increase the risk of diabetes and heart attack," says Paulo Olzon.

These foods overload pancreas activity on insulin production, favor fat in the abdominal region and weight gain, factors related to diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

The main carbohydrates of this group are: refined sugar, cakes, white breads, white rice, potatoes and pasta

when foods are whole foods (cereals, pasta and breads) it goes into the complex carbohydrate group.

Sleep less than you need

Sleep less than your body needs may cause a number of health problems. "The body becomes more stressed, the memory begins to fail more, the attention is also impaired, in short, the person becomes a percentage of what is, "says Paulo Olzon.

Consuming alcohol frequently and from a young age

People are consuming alcohol more and more young people, and most of them start to drink alcoholic beverages as a teenager.

Alcohol consumption at an early age, and especially in excess, may have serious consequences for health, such as an increased risk of esophageal and stomach cancer, addiction, and cirrhosis.

"People are drinking heavily at an age when they are not able to know what is right and what is wrong, this increases the risk of alcoholism, "said Alfredo Salim Helito.

Having unprotected sex

A Health Ministry survey in 2013 showed that 45 percent of the sexually active population did not use a condom in the last 12 months prior to the study.

Unprotected sex can lead to the transmission of a number of diseases such as HIV, HPV, syphilis, among others.

"I believe that many people did not see what AIDS meant in the 1980s and are starting to "

Even with the great advances in relation to HIV, contracting this virus still involves having to undergo a highly complex and difficult treatment for the organism.

Already the HPV is one of the major risk factors for cervical cancer in women.

Taking medicines on their own

Having a home drug and self-medication is already part of the population's culture. habit and should always be avoided, "says general practitioner Abrão José Cury Junior, president of the scientific department of the Medical Association of the Paulista Medical Association.

Self-medication can lead to allergies, dangerous interactions with other medicines, and there is still risk of complicating a health problem that the person has.

Borderline testosterone levels in men are associated with depression

Borderline testosterone levels in men are associated with depression

Researchers at George Washington University in Washington in the United States found that men with borderline testosterone levels are more likely to have depression or symptoms of depression than the general population. > The study was published in the journal Journal of Sexual Medicine and was attended by 200 adult males aged 20-77 years, with a mean age of 48 years.


Women who drink moderately age in a healthy way

Women who drink moderately age in a healthy way

Women who consume alcohol in a moderate manner every night tend to grow older in health, says a study from the Harvard School of Public Health, and published in the scientific journal PLoS Medicine. The analysis also concluded that it is better to drink smaller amounts over the week than to focus on alcohol consumption on weekends.