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15 Most popular moisturizers for the body

15 Most popular moisturizers for the body

Not if it is dry, oily or normal, hydration is fundamental for health and for beauty of the skin. We have selected 15 items specially developed to take care of your skin on the Netfarma website. Dermage Hidrashower Body Moisturizing Body

Dermage Moisturizing Body Moisturizer - photo: disclosure

Dermage Hidrashower Body Moisturizing Body can be used during bathing with quick, easy and practical application. It forms a delicate protective film on the skin, helps maintain natural hydration and improves the flexibility and elasticity of the skin. Provides hydration for 24 hours, velvety touch and does not stain clothing. Theraskin Emoderm Moisturizing Cream Deeply smoothes and moisturizes deeply dry and rough skin.

Theraskin Emoderm Moisturizing Cream

Promotes cell regeneration, decreases dryness and prevents premature aging. Provides greater elasticity, softness and silkiness.

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Epidrat Intensive Body Moisturizer

Epidrat Intensive Body Moisturizer - photo: disclosure

Body Moisturizer intensive Epidrat for dry skin, moisturizes for 24 hours. The product has a formula based on glycerin, ceramides and botanical and marine actives, with active emollients, which improves skin elasticity, eliminating dryness. It has light texture and fast absorption.

Neutrogena Body Moisturizer Norwegian Intensive without Fragrance

Neutrogena Body Moisturizer Norwegian Intensive without Fragrance - photo: disclosure

The Norwegian moisturizer Intensive Moisturizing Formula Corporal has been specially developed for dry skin and extrasic skin, as it hydrates intensively minimizing the whitish appearance and flaking caused by excessive dryness. Its glycerin-based formula provides immediate and long-lasting effect. Indicated for moisturizing dry and extra dry skin. Daily use.

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Scented Moisturizer Kevin Nichols Camelia

Scented Moisturizer Kevin Nichols Camelia - photo: disclosure

Kevin Nichols Scented Moisturizer Camelia promotes deliciously scented moisturizing. Non-greasy and easily absorbed formula, combined with Hibiscus and Violet Extracts, promotes softness, hydration and softness to the skin. Moisturizing Granado Lavender

Moisturizing Granado Lavender - photo: disclosure

The Granato Hydrating Body Lavender with formula that retains the moisture of the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and fragrant. Produced with vegetal base and high concentration of natural extract of Lavender, that owns relaxing property. Fluid formula and fast absorption (does not have greasy appearance). No dyes and parabens. Suitable for all skin types

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Moisturizing Lotion Giovanna Baby Romantic

Moisturizing Lotion Giovanna Baby Romantic - photo: disclosure

The moisturizing lotion Giovanna Baby Romantic is a moisturizer body that perfectly takes care of the skin keeping it soft and silky as you always wanted. The product provides total softness and softness to the skin, in addition to maintaining a light and smooth aroma for much longer leaving you with a feeling of cleanliness and bath taken.

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Hydrating Vasenol Lotion Intensive Recovery Calming

Intensive Recovery Calming helps to moisturize and relieve the effects of extra-dry skin, as it brings in its formulation a high level of glycerin, which guarantees superior hydration. With a mild chamomile fragrance, this lotion is suitable for dry skin and requires constant and deep moisturizing. It has an innovative formula with Stratys 3 and microparticles of original vaseline, penetrating the skin from the surface to the deepest layers, with rapid absorption and without feeling of oiliness.

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Lotion Johnson's Body Lotion Intensive Nutrition

Johnson's Body Lotion Moisturizing Lotion Intensive Nutrition - photo: disclosure

JOHNSON'S Softlotion Moisturizing Intense Nutrition with shea butter and cocoa has been specially developed to deeply moisturize your skin and enhance its natural shine by unifying your texture. Its unique extra creamy formula, soft and delicious fragrance, contains the natural properties of shea butter and cocoa that nourish intensely. The product provides 24 hours of moisturized skin.

Check out the price of the moisturizer JOHNSON'S Softlotion Intense Nutrition

Nivea Body Milk Moisturizing Lotion Intensive Moisturizing

Nivea Body Milk Moisturizing Lotion Intensive Moisturizing - photo: disclosure

The moisturizing NIVEA Milk has been specially developed for dry skin to extraseca. Nourishes, deodorizes and provides intensive daily care, leaving the skin visibly soft and silky for 48 hours. Enriched with Almond Oil, the moisturizer provides intensive hydration that helps repair even the driest skin.

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Eternal Passion Moisturizer

Eternal Passion Moisturizer - photo: disclosure

The Eternal Passion moisturizer stimulates the beauty of the woman in all its phases, especially during gestation, since nothing is more eternal than the passion of a mother for her child. Its formula, which combines the oils of Almonds, Avocado and Grape, moisturizes the skin, increasing elasticity and preventing stretch marks. Its soft and delicious fragrance envelops the skin in a delicate touch, ideal for all moments.

Check out the price of the Eternal Passion Moisturizer

Dove Moisturizing Lotion Delicious Care Karite and Vanilla Butter

Dove Delicious Care Moisturizing Lotion Karite and Vanilla Butter - photo: disclosure

Dove Moisturizing Lotion Shea Butter provides moisturizing and care that the skin needs and deserves. It has a unique combination of nutrients and essential oils that nourishes the skin deeply. Shea butter helps restore the skin's natural moisture and the aroma of vanilla helps balance the senses.

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Moisturizing Milk Moisturizing Oat Davene Hypoallergenic

Davene Hypoallergenic Oat Milk was developed for sensitive skin care, leaving it moisturized and allergy-free by combining the moisturizing power of oats with the care that your skin deserve. Its formulation with moisturizing ingredients provides nutrition and greater skin care. The hypoallergenic version has been specially formulated to minimize the possible occurrence of allergies, as well as providing hydration and daily nourishment to the skin of the body. Moisturizer Monange Red Fruits

Monange Moisturizer Red Fruits - photo: disclosure

Monange Moisturizing Fruit Red has been developed to stimulate the beauty and the sensuality of the woman. It has a quick absorption and promotes a soft and moisturized skin sensation. Suitable for all skin types, it has Nutriskin, which moisturizes and nourishes up to the second layer of skin and allows 24 hours of moisturizing.

Neutrogena Body Care Balance Moisturizing Cream

Neutrogena Body Care Balance Hydrating Cream - photo: disclosure

Neutrogena Balance Body Care moisturizing cream has deodorizing action and rapid absorption. Contains vitamin E, which neutralizes the action of free radicals and increases hydration. In addition, it has glycerin in its composition, which forms a film that retains the moisture of the skin leaving it visibly healthier and softer. The product is recommended for normal to dry skin.

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6 Powerful moisturizers for very dry skin

6 Powerful moisturizers for very dry skin

Nivea Body Milk Lotion for Extra Dry Skin 200ml - R $ 9,79 Moisturizer specially developed for very dry skin. The product seeks to nourish and deodorize the body, leaving a soft touch sensation. Contains active ingredients that stimulate the skin's natural moisture, strengthening its natural protection.


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