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15 Most read articles of 2017

15 Most read articles of 2017

The year 2017 is ending. Ufa. It was intense! We of My Life have the feeling that we live many years during these 365 days. But, in fact, it may not be a matter of time, but of events. From the discovery of a new organ in the human body to new ways to use apple cider vinegar. Of depression symptoms that go beyond sadness to the signs of stroke that can be identified by foot. In the last 12 months you have had everything a little. The following is the most accessed by readers of My Life:


Hibiscus tea is one of those foods all in one. It is antioxidant, reduces the absorption of carbohydrates, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. Also, there are different recipes that can be made with it. Here in My Life we ​​love and also accompany us. The 2017 gold medal goes to him: see the benefits of hibiscus tea and how to prepare it

Anal sex causes hemorrhoids? Anal sex pregnant? What is the risk of contracting the HIV virus? These are some very common doubts when it comes to anal sex. And although there are so many questions, they are not always answered. Fortunately, this matter of My Life answers these and other questions. Take a look at our content with the biggest doubts about anal sex. We promise you will not tell anyone.

The internet is full of homemade recipe that promises to remove groin, armpit and thigh spots. But we know that not everything that becomes a headline is fact and many of these recipes that promise very little fulfill. But we are here to demystify and clarify, and so our subject with tips to eliminate dark spots and irritations in the groin, underarms and thighs is among the most read of the year. It is a relief to know that our readers are looking for quality information on this subject:)

Castor oil became well known this year. And that fame did not come to nothing. To get an idea, the oil extracted from the castor bean helps to combat dandruff, treat excess oil, stimulate hair growth and even aid intestinal transit. Here you can find out more: benefits of castor oil

For a long time apple cider vinegar was used mainly for seasoning salad. But it does have a number of health benefits and we went to find out what it is that vinegar has.

There are many habits and foods that contribute to the increase of cholesterol, but good that at the other end there are those foods that help to control the levels of this substance in the body. Best of all is that they are common items on any shelf such as olive oil or orange. Here are 13 foods that control high cholesterol.

This article explaining how your feet can show signs of artery blockage made a lot of people start looking down. The cardiologist and specialist My Life Bruno Valdigem gave the message: take good care of those who have always carried you. And pay attention to what he tries to warn. Check out how your feet can alert you to the health of your heart.

The pregnancy test has only two types of results: positive and negative. But even then it can be a bit difficult to interpret it. No problem. Depression is a condition that moves the whole body - not just the emotional side of it. The matter eight physical symptoms of depression plus sadness shows how it can affect the body. It is very important to know these symptoms so as not to neglect depression. When one manages to make a significant change in eating, it is common to think that this goal has been achieved with expensive food consumption and procedures. In the case of blogger Adriana Thyssen, who managed to eliminate 45kg, was a little different. That's because she accomplished her diet by consuming common foods such as eggs and bananas. Take a look at what were the foods that helped Adriana Thyssen to lose weight.


Like us, love also changes over time. This is what the psychologist Jed Diamond defined, in an article for MenAlive, with the five phases of love. In which one of you will you be?

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As well as understanding the phases of love, the search for the hard butt also stood out in 2017. The physical instructor Sara Haley created a challenge that could define the butt in 14 days, are just five exercises that can be done anywhere.


The image we usually have of a 70 year old woman is a more senile person with some health problems and, perhaps, some limitations physics. However, Australian Carolyn Hartz has made the most of her life experience and remains healthy and jovial. See how.


Walking is one of the first learning experiences we have. Still good! For it can bring different benefits to the body and mind. It seems that in 2017 the readers of My Life have walked a lot. Know the 11 benefits of walking.


This was the first news we published in 2017. In the first week a new organ: the mesentery. In fact, mesentery already existed in the human body, however, a study by the University of Limerick classified the mesentery not only as a structure capable of connecting the intestine to the abdomen, but an organ with a much more profound complexity than the researchers thought he had. You believe? Read the mesentery here.

This Friday, red eyesight against heart disease in women

This Friday, red eyesight against heart disease in women

To alert the female population to the risks of cardiovascular disease and to stimulate preventive care, an international campaign is urging people to wear red on Friday (07/02). The Go Red for Women campaign is headed by the American Heart Association since 2004, and now comes to Brazil. The campaign began with the realization that more than 500,000 women died every year in the United States for heart disease, surpassing the number of men killed for the same cause.


6 Things that every woman needs to know about the risks of the birth control pill

6 Things that every woman needs to know about the risks of the birth control pill

For decades, the contraceptive pill has been widely used by women around the world. Currently, however, many cases of problems have been reported on the internet, such as deep venous thrombosis (DVT), pulmonary embolism and stroke, and even death, resulting from the use of this medication, scaring the adherents of the contraceptive method.