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15 Tips to ensure the full development of your baby

15 Tips to ensure the full development of your baby

Do not be scared! Your baby will continue to grow rapidly in the coming months. The boy at eight months weighs, on average, from 6.50 kg to 8.50 kg. Girls weigh on average 250 g less than boys (6.25 kg to 8.25 kg). Around 12 months, babies tend to triple the weight they were born with and measure 71-81 cm in height. The size of the head will increase less than in the first six months. The average head size at 8 months is 45 cm in circumference; at 12 months it is 47 cm. However, each baby has its own developmental rhythm.

When the baby starts to stand alone, you may find the baby's posture strange. The belly is protruding, and the back is enveloped and swinging back and forth. Although it looks weird, this posture is perfectly normal and will only settle more when the baby develops a greater sense of balance between 12 and 24 months of age.

The baby's foot is annoying because at this age it is covered by a thick layer of fat. But between the second and third year of life, the fat disappears and the curvature of the foot will appear.

Tips for intellectual development of the baby

  • Talk to the baby during diaper changes, in the shower, on the hour - Always give the baby plenty of warmth: always carry him, hug him, and have a lot of physical contact (skin with skin), to stimulate a sense of security and well-being in the baby

  • - Pay attention to his mood. Learn how to "decipher" your manifestations: Answer when you are angry and share with him the times when he is happy

  • - Encourage the baby to play with blocks, which help develop coordination between hands and eyes, motor activity and sense of competence

  • - If you speak another language, use it at home

  • - Read to it every day

  • - Adapt your home to become a safe environment when the baby starts crawling or walking

  • - Avoid subjecting your baby to stressful or traumatic situations (physical or psychological)

  • - Play hide and seek to develop baby's memory

  • - Have your baby see other children with their parents

  • - Spend time sitting on the floor playing with the baby every day

  • - Give him educational toys appropriate to his age, but also safe
  • - Teach the baby to do "goodbye" with the little hands and shake his head to say "yes" m "and" no "

  • - Respect the baby when he or she does not feel comfortable in the presence of strangers

  • - Make sure your other caregivers understand the importance of developing a love-based relationship and well-being for the baby, as well as for constant attention and care.

  • Bride relerende to walk to dance at her wedding

    Bride relerende to walk to dance at her wedding

    Love can motivate many changes, even those said impossible by medicine. An example of this is the case of the American photographer Jaquie Goncher, 25 years old. In 2008, she suffered a spinal injury after an unsuccessful jump in the pool, which left her paralyzed from the neck down. The doctors said she would not have a chance to recover, but Jaquie did not accept the sentence and decided to devote herself physiotherapy and the academy for years.


    Women with children sleep less than men

    Women with children sleep less than men

    For the analysis, the researchers evaluated the sleep habit of more than 5,000 people in the United States. The survey took into account characteristics such as age, income, sex, marital status, number of children present in the residence and other factors that may affect sleep. Approximately 3,000 women were interviewed, showing that one of the main factors associated with the reduction of the hours of sleep is the presence of children in the house, and for each one, the number increases by 50% the chances of sleeping less.