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16 Information that dermatologists would like you to know

16 Information that dermatologists would like you to know

When it comes to skin and hair health, a lot of myths are common. So in today's article I am going to share with you some truths that dermatologists would like you to know:

Washing the hair does not cause hair loss

Often the hair is suffering from some disease, which leaves them loose on the scalp , and the movement of the wash make them leave in the hands; however these wires (already in the fall phase) would fall sooner or later. What's more, not washing the scalp can cause seborrheic dermatitis, and eventually increase hair loss. It is worth remembering that in normal conditions we lose from 100 to 150 threads per day, without characterizing disease, and these threads leave mostly during the friction of the bath.

Shaving the hairs does not leave them thicker

When the thread of hair is looked at with a magnifying glass, for example, you can see that it is tuning from the roots to the tips. When scraped, we remove the thinnest tip, and its evident end already leaves the skin in the thickest diameter, but is the same diameter as the normal wire would have along its length.

The phases of the moon do not interfere in the growth or hair health

Hair strands are structures composed basically of keratin, in other words, they are dead structures and, therefore, do not have cell reproduction. Cellular reproduction occurs at the roots, inside the scalp, and the wire slowly expands. Cutting off the tips can remove double ends, or older, damaged and eventually broken hair, bringing a healthier appearance.

Cuticles are a natural barrier against inflammatory agents

These structures help prevent fungi and bacteria come in contact with the skin of the nails. Therefore, cuticle removal is rather harmful and can cause nail diseases!

White spots on the skin are not a sign of the presence of worms

These manifestations can mean different conditions, for example: mycoses, vitiligo, leprosy, eczemátides (in allergic skin), and even lymphomas.

Skin cancers are most often not ugly spots

"Cute" skin lesions should also be carefully evaluated, since early cancers mimic normal spots. Seborrheic keratoses (senile stains) are aesthetically ugly and most commonly lead people to dermatologists. Visit your dermatologist to examine the pints at least once a year.

Foods can increase the appearance of blackheads

Mainly milk derivatives (including whey protein) and foods rich in sugars; therefore, balanced diet is the best remedy!

Excess skin washing worsens oiliness, blackheads and pimples

This is because the skin understands that it is getting dry and rebound effect does. So let's wash face skin 2 to 3 times a day

The sun does not improve pimples

At first it may have mild anti-inflammatory action, and the tan also hides acne spots; however, after a few days, the spots of acne become more pigmented, and with the exit of the tan, more evident; in addition, the sun causes edema (swelling) in the pores, which clog easier, increasing blackheads and pimples.

Masturbation does not cause acne

The myth comes from the appearance of acne in the same period of discovery of masturbation

Pregnant women can do dermatological treatments

Many people find that pregnant women can not use dermatological and acid medications, but there are products with proven safety in pregnancy and breastfeeding, which do not harm the fetus. It is important to talk to your obstetrician and consult a dermatologist if necessary.

Using sunscreen with SPF greater than 30 can be safer.

Many patients have the idea that using SPF sunscreens greater than 30 makes no difference, since the increase in protection is small as you increase the value of the SPF. In fact, the FPS protection of sunscreens is not exactly proportional, that is, a FPS of 60 does not protect twice as much as 30, but the time it would take to burn the skin would be twice as long. On the other hand, because all of us mistakenly apply the sunscreen in smaller amounts than recommended and reapply infrequently, it is interesting to use a larger SPF protector, bringing more safety.

bulbs can harm the skin

Mainly with regard to blemishes!

Using moisturizers on the skin does not fight wrinkles and aging

Moisturizers, as the name itself already says, only moisturize the skin, and may even leave it looking more beautiful and lush. However, to combat aging, only hydration is insufficient; it is necessary to apply anti-aging compounds.

Self-medication in dermatology is very common and dangerous

Often we have the habit of passing that pomadinha that is in the bathroom drawer for any skin lesion that appears. This is bad because often these ointments contain corticosteroids, which in the case of skin lesions with microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, viruses), can worsen the lesion and mask the initial format, making it difficult to diagnose in the future. Therefore, in case of skin diseases, seek the dermatologist!

Excess bath and soap can facilitate the onset of itching and allergies

Deep cleansing products that kill germs can dry the skin a lot, causing itchy until allergies. Therefore it is necessary to be very prudent in bathing, avoiding the mentioned risk factors, especially in dry and sensitive skins. In case of a lot of heat and sweat, when there is a need for many baths per day, nothing better than a fresh and quick shower, by rubbing only the areas that really suck or are dirty!

New bacuri body butter has restorative nourishment and moisturizes skin for up to 24 hours *

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Cellulite: Reduce localized fat is enough?

Cellulite: Reduce localized fat is enough?

Cellulitis is a metabolic disorder that occurs in the subcutaneous tissue (below the first layer of the skin) and promotes some changes in the body contour, mainly female. Cellulitis, gynoid lipodystrophy or gynoid fibroedema are different nomenclatures of this process that may have as one of the predisposing factors hormonal dysfunction and as a determining factor the bad eating habit.