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17 Unbeatable beauty tips for you to become powerful

17 Unbeatable beauty tips for you to become powerful

There are days when the mirror does not help. You wear your best clothes, put on your most powerful leap, and still ... nothing! It seems that everything is bland. At these times the certain beauty tips make the difference. A makeup touch up here, a shake in the hair, and when you least expect it, you have another face. Thinking about these days, My Life brought together a team of experts. Next, the hairdresser Paulo Schetini, from the Salon Self, and the whole team of Olegário Cabeleireiros teach how to raise the look without spending much or losing time. 1. Before bedtime, wash your hair and, with them still moist, wrap some bobs. Then cover with a tissue. At dawn, just let go. The most you will need is to shake hands; 2. The cut is a great ally to guarantee practicality in the day to day and investing in those more irregular helps much in the practicality. In addition to requiring less maintenance, they look great only with a quick dry (do not need a brush, just use your hands).

3. In the rush, tidying up only the fringe gives a good lift in the visual. Put a brush on it and wrap a bob for ten minutes. After time, just let go. The hair will have a natural trim and the root of the strands over the forehead, much looser.

4. Pure glamor in 30 minutes. Do you like the idea? Then have your hand a spray can and a non-rinse cream with anti-frizz action. After washing and drying the hair, model the tips with a brush and give a little spray. Fasten the ends by wrapping bobs in them and leave for half an hour. Nor will you believe that the hairstyle was made at home.

5. To tame curly hair, wash with your favorite shampoo and give a leave-in. Next, dry with a diffuser and make buckles (rolls with your own hands) on the back. On the front wires (or the fringe, if you have one), make a smooth brush. Leave the rollers stuck for 30 minutes and release by combing your hands.

6. If the strands are too smooth, give a little more shape to them. Wash with a volume activator shampoo and dry with the drier. Use a racket brush combing from the root. Put some big bobs all over your hair and spread a spray cloud. Hold for 15 minutes and release.

7. Who likes to keep the waves, famous because of the top Gisele Bündchen, will delude with this trick. Just wash your hair with an anti-frizz shampoo and dry it with diffuser. Make a simple coke and fasten with two large clips. Leave it on for 15 minutes and release. Those waves will appear to have been born with you.

8. Restore hair strength with vitamin ampoules. Nowadays, hardly anyone else hears about them. But professionals do not give up the effects of a good cocktail. Dilute some of them in your moisturizing mask and let it act for half an hour, covering with a warm cap or towel. Rinse and dry as you prefer.

9. Avoid broken wires. To do this, stop twisting your hair as if it were rinsed clothes. When wet, hair is naturally more elastic. If you keep pulling or wiping the towel very hard, it weakens.

10. Anyone who has progressive should move away from keratin based products. The ingredient is great for strengthening hair. But by opening the cuticles of the wires, it causes the effect of your brush to be lost.

11. If you need to take a look up after a tiring day, the shadows are your greatest allies. Count on a pastel tone, no matter what the color of your skin. Peach variations also look great, especially on lighter faces.

12. If you want to draw attention to your eyes the double pencil (or eyeliner) and mascara is enough. Pass the pencil mainly in the upper part of the eyes, making a well marked trait on the eyelids.13. Her fame lives up to the effect: a good white or pearly shadow opens her eyes. But glitters only work well at night. By day, your trick gets over and compromises the look. In this case, it is also worth supplementing the makeup with a good black stroke close to the upper eyelashes

14. Put everything in the bag and pass the zipper: black mascara and pencil, pink blush, concealer and suntan powder. This is the real female first aid kit. With these products in the bag, you will never get past wearing even jeans and white jersey

15. Increase the duration of your lipstick by wiping a little powder on your lips. He dries his mouth, leaving his lips colored longer.

16. If you did not have time to do the eyebrow, calm down. A good transparent mascara delineates and hardens the wires for a full day.

17. To know where to pass the blush without looking like a Russian doll, it's simple: pat lightly on the cheek and see where they turn pink. It is exactly in this region where you should apply the blush and remember: always from the bottom up.

18. Get beautiful and fit with the perfect diet for you. Learn More

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