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20 New Year's promises that you always do

20 New Year's promises that you always do

Every year, it's the same thing: you rethink your life, determine what you want to change, and set the goal for the New Year. The problem is that for the most part the promises are forgotten and are redone year after year. Below is the most popular goals for 2016 and tell us, did you fulfill your?

1st Slimming (44.2% women / 31% men)

This promise is a classic and, due to the difficulty, it ends up being repeated by many people.

2º Save money (34.5% women / 24.1% men)

This proves that the old advice of our parents is kept with us, it is only complicated to place (28.2% women / 34.5% men)

Many people enroll in the gym at the beginning of the year, but few are able to keep their promise for 12 months

4º To take care of health more (27,2% women / 31% men)

Do not postpone the visit to the doctor and to do the routine exams are among the most sought after items in the promises. (23.3% women / 27.6% men)

With this, you will still meet other promises mentioned above: to lose weight and take care of health.

6º Begin to exercise (22.8% 20.7% men)

If you are a team that runs away from exercise, maybe 2017 is the time to start. See the tips of coaches to quit the sedentary lifestyle

7º Develop more the spiritual / religious side (18.9% women / 13.8% men)

Being in peace and with the mind in balance can help in the put all other goals into practice.

8º Stress less (16.5% women / 6.9% men)

How about not letting go of what does not work for you?

9º Remove my debts (15.5% women / 20.7% men)

Few sensations are as good as the tranquility of having no debt.

10º Stay with the belly tanquinho (14.1% women / 31% men)

To crack the belly, nothing like a rigid diet and regular workouts. In 2017 it goes! Learn the 13 best abdomens to stay with the belly healed

11º Better sleep (14.1% women / 24.1% men)

Ambient temperature, diet and massage may help.

12th Traveling more (14.1% women / 20.7% men)

Schedule yourself and go to the world.

13º To fix a boyfriend / Falling in love (13.6% women / 6.9% men)

Will 2017 be the year that will open your heart to a new love?

14º Read more books (13.6% women / 20.7% men)

Separate a daily schedule to read and over time you will not be able to stop.

15º Buying a house or Apartment (12.1% women / 0.0% men)

This goal requires a lot of focus and organization.

16th Spend more time with my family (12.1% women / 24.1% men)

You can start now. If you did not realize this dream in 2016, do not give up, keep on pursuing your goal.

17th To become a better person (11.7% women / 10.3% men)

Take a self-reflection and think about what you would like to have made different. We always have an opportunity to act in the best way in the future.

18th Buying a car (11.2% women / 13.8% men)

Having a car is your New Year's project?

19º Wear sunscreen every day (10.7% women / 10.3% men)

Your skin and your health are grateful!

20º To learn a new language (7.8% women / 6.9% men)

Studying and keeping the brain active with new learning is essential

Depression can be categorized into four subtypes, says study

Depression can be categorized into four subtypes, says study

Depression affects more than 300 million people of all ages in the world, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In a study conducted by researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College in the United States, it has been identified that depression can be categorized into four different subtypes, each one defined by different patterns of abnormal cerebral connectivity.


Energy must flow as a whole through the house

Energy must flow as a whole through the house

I have received lots of questions from people wanting to energetically improve the couple's room, the director's room, the garage under the house, the company reception, the toy room, corner of the garden ... All these people ask for an isolated analysis, claiming that the rest of the spaces do not need to be observed, since they are already nice.