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25 Useful tips to organize your suitcase without forgetting anything

25 Useful tips to organize your suitcase without forgetting anything

Is the suitcase for you hard to work with? Or, who knows, you always forget something? Check out this list of tips that will help you organize your bag:

1) Make a list of the pieces you want to take, remembering the events you want to take part during the trip.

2) take only pieces used in this climate and include two pieces thinking about the sudden change of weather. Even if the place is cold, it is always worth taking a bathing suit and a slipper.

3) Start packing one week in advance.

4) Put the heavier pieces in the bottom of the suitcase.

5) Give preference to parts that do not crumple easily. In case of kneading, use a clothes hanger and hang your clothes in the bathroom at the time of the bath so that the steam from the hot bath helps to unravel it.

6) Prefer basic clothes of versatile and basic colors, which can be combined each other. Also wear clothes that can be worn during the day or night.

7) Avoid carrying jewelery and valuables.

8) Leave the color of your clothes for the scarves and accessories, which are smaller and easier to fit in small spaces in the suitcase or even inside shoes.

9) Place open pieces

10) Attach one piece to each side to level the suitcase.

11) Sleeping clothing should be left last.

12) Take an extra bag of lightweight, pliable material that fits folded into your suitcase, unoccupied lots of space, thinking about the shopping you will do on the trip. You'll need more space to bring them in.

13) Take your creams, perfumes and makeup, preferably in miniature packs and in separate compartment.

14) Identify your suitcase by tying colored tape to avoid confusion of baggage exchange.

15) Avoid carrying plastic bags, they are not are noisy and may bother the sleep of your traveling companion.

16) Do not carry sharp objects in hand luggage, such as scissors or nail clippers, as they may be retained in the air travel.

17) If you wear glasses, remember to carry glasses or extra glasses, to avoid unforeseen events that prevent you from seeing all the incredible and unforgettable details of your trip.

18) Carry your hand luggage: documents, valuables and useful information such as hotel reservations, air ticket, credit card, numbers of locators of everything that has been reserved and useful telephones.

19) Take a mini-lantern, keychain type, for unforeseen events.

20) In case of trip to the cold,

22) Before closing the bag and leaving the house, check the list of everything that has been described in the list. of item 1 (or any other lists you may have made).

23) Do not let the absence of any item matter

24) If it is not a camp in a remote place and isolated from everything, any item you need from a pharmacy or others can be found and purchased at the local store, then do not stay so worried.

25) Relax enjoy the ride!

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Bioplasty: Know the dangers of filling with PMMA

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