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28-Year-old man suffers stroke by carrying heavy backpack: understand case

28-Year-old man suffers stroke by carrying heavy backpack: understand case

A healthy, 28-year-old man accustomed to making long trajectories with backpacks was hospitalized early in March with symptoms of Cerebral Vascular Accident (AVC).

As a very unusual picture in young people, doctors from USP University Hospital (HU) decided to investigate the case to understand how the problem may have happened. According to the analysis, the carotid artery, which carries the blood to the brain, has suffered a repetitive trauma generated by the hyoid bone in the neck, according to an article in the journal Autopsy and Case Reports. The trauma impaired blood flow to the brain and led to stroke.

The patient had to undergo surgery to restore the artery and correct the hyoid bone. "Patient control, performed for six months, demonstrates that he has a normal life," said Dr. Fernando Peixoto Ferraz de Campos of the Medical Clinic Division of HU, one of the authors of the article. A fragment of the carotid artery removed during the operation showed that the trauma injured the artery layers and provided the formation of atheroma plaques (deposit of fat and fibrous tissue in the vessel wall) and thrombus formation, a blood clot organized and adhered to the wall of the artery at the site of the lesion.

"A year earlier, the same patient had presented a similar clinical picture under the same conditions, that is, carrying a backpack on a trail", says Fernando Peixoto Ferraz de Campos. at that time the magnetic resonance imaging of the brain did not identify anything abnormal and the patient resumed his routine. When the patient was hospitalized again with the same symptoms, this time the stroke was verified, both by clinical examination and by imaging.

Other research shows that there are risk situations for carotid trauma caused by hyoid bone. "In sport, for example, this event has already been described with a golfer, which occurs when the player gives a stroke and turns the neck along with the body. Also reported was the case of a mason who presented vascular injury, caused "The investigator found that the patient had the largest horn of the hyoid bone most developed on the right, and because the two episodes occurred in

What is Stroke?

Stroke is responsible for the deaths of five million people in the world each year, according to a similar situation, assuming that the heavy backpack carried on the back carried the trunk back. with WHO. In Brazil, the disease kills more than the heart attack: more than 100 thousand people a year, according to the Ministry of Health. Another alarming fact is that one in six Brazilians is at risk of suffering a stroke. stroke, stroke is a change in blood flow in the brain, which occurs because of lack or extravasation of blood in some region of the body, "explains neurologist André Lima, a specialist in the prevention of this disease.

How to prevent stroke ?

The goal of treatment after a stroke involves, in addition to treating the sequelae that arise, to avoid possible future events. Therefore, changes in lifestyle are an important part of the follow-up of ischemic stroke. Here's what you need to do to prevent a new spill:

Do not smoke or let others smoke near you

Maintain a healthy weight

Practice at least 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week ( walking is a good choice) Maintain a balanced diet, low in cholesterol, saturated fats, sugar and salt, according to professional guidance

Controlling blood pressure in hypertensive patients

Controlling blood glucose in patients with diabetes

  • Continue taking the medications prescribed by the doctor. After ischemic stroke the vast majority of patients will have to take an antiaggregant, blood thinning medication such as aspirin (AAS).

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