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3 Advantages of gaining muscle mass for health

3 Advantages of gaining muscle mass for health

When we talk about gaining muscle mass, we immediately think of hypertrophy and a healed body. However, strengthening muscles and an interesting ratio between fat and lean mass are key to health.

What can increased muscle mass do for you? Get up, sit, walk, breathe ... These are activities of our daily life, whether you are a practitioner of physical activity or not. What differs is how efficiently this will be done! If you choose to perform mastery independently of your age range, I suggest you start thinking about the health of your muscles, that is, whether they are weak or strong.

The human body consists of many muscles, representing 35% to 40 % of body weight. They are responsible for movement, balance, posture and even weight loss.

Muscles and bones are the foundation of your body. If you are strong due to regular practice of strengthening exercises and good nutrition, your body is protected. Now if there is negligence, you will have future work. And that's a fact!

So prevention is the best medicine, otherwise rehab will be the bitter solution. To motivate yourself, see three benefits of gaining muscle mass for the body:

1. Helps to lose weight

This increase in the diameter of your muscles, also known as hypertrophy, muscle positively contribute to metabolism, leaving it as a "furnace". For the flame of the fire to keep high, it takes more firewood. In your body the "firewood" are the muscles for the metabolism to get accelerated.

But what about the balance? Do not worry about the pointer if it goes up: muscles just increased in size, which makes them heavier (and stronger!). The tip is your clothes, notice that even the scales pointing up, your pants are looser, correct weight loss sign that implies less fat and more muscles. And being more convincing, this is key to decreasing sagging from lack of muscle mass.

2. Athletes improve performance

Runners, cyclists, swimmers, miscellaneous players who want efficiency, safety and performance also need this strengthened structure, so they should interpose the practice of their activities with bodybuilding or pilates. In this way, they can prevent future injuries due to muscle overload.

3. Promotes healthy aging

For healthy aging, strong muscles will work together. The same fits into the menopause period where there is a loss of muscle mass is accentuated, and this needs to be combated, start the exercises as soon as possible.

How to start increasing my muscle mass?

Bodybuilding and Pilates are the most indicated in terms of effective results, because they are specific for the increase of muscular mass. The old and good gym located in the academies can also help! The program does not have to be long, an exercise for each large muscle group (legs, chest, back and abdomen) optimizes, effectively and promotes safety. to your workout. You only need 30 minutes!

Go ahead, come and be healthy!

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