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3 Tips To Keep Healthier Air Quality

3 Tips To Keep Healthier Air Quality

As much as you eat well, get physical exercise and sleep well there is an essential factor for your health and your family that does not depend of you: the quality of the air. This is because pollution in large cities and urban centers and climate change such as dry weather and absence of rain directly influence the quality of the air we breathe. To make matters worse, if the air humidity is not good, it can cause problems like nasal bleeding, malaise, dizziness, dry skin, red eyes, dry mouth and chapped lips.

What to do then? Leaving the big city and looking for fresh air in the countryside? Calm. There is no need to run into the mountains to breathe better. Some adjustments in your routine and in your home can help you breathe cleaner air.

1. Take care of the hygiene and air of your home

Dust, dust mites and mold are great villains of respiration. They mingle in the air we breathe and irritate the airways causing allergies, inflammation and damaging our respiratory and immune systems, as they can carry viruses and bacteria into our bodies. To get rid of these problems, an alternative is to keep the house airy and clean. Bedding and parts that have been stored for a long time also need to be sanitized.

2. Take care of the climate of your house

Interfering with the climate of the city is not yet possible. But providing a more pleasant air quality to your home is entirely feasible. In order not to be hostage to air quality, a good option is the use of the air conditioner. Consul counts on models 5 in 1. In the cold it heats, with 3 levels of heating protecting against the low temperatures. In the heat it refreshes, reducing the thermal sensation. It humidifies the air by easing the discomforts of dry air, ventilates helping the circulation of air and filters with triple protection: anti dust, anti-mold and antibacteria. It still has the ion function that eliminates up to 99.9% of the air bacteria *.

3. Keep hydration

Dry weather often punishes our skin, lips, eyes and nostrils, causing irritation to the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose, and leaving the skin and eyes with scaling. Faced with this scenario the hydration should be intensified with moisturizing creams and sunscreens. It is also important to avoid hot, long baths, use of soaps and bushes. In addition, outside the home, it is also necessary to put saline in the nostrils and make compresses of filtered water in the eyes, if they are irritated. In your home, the humidification of the environment is also important, so instead of spreading water basins around the rooms, the most effective and complete solution is to use the air conditioner.

Benefits of the air conditioner

You can see that if the weather does not help, can the air conditioner be of great value to maintain the quality of air in your home?

Know the models of the Consul:

Air Conditioner Warm and Cool Warm Air (C1R07AT):

Climatizador Consul

Complete, the model offers five functions that guarantee the well-being at any time of the year: heats, cools, filters, ventilates and humidifies. In addition, it has the ion function that eliminates up to 99% of airborne bacteria. You spend the same amount of electricity as a 70-watt bulb.

Air Cooling Air Conditioner (C1R07AB)

Air Cooling Air Conditioner (C1R07AT)

Economical, the product is capable of cooling, humidifying, ventilating and filtering the air of any environment of the house and still has three levels of temperature to suit all tastes. With a consumption of energy relative to a 70-watt bulb, the Bem-Frio Consul Climatizador has the Ion Function that eliminates 99.9% of the airborne bacteria and also has automatic fins that guarantee better distribution of air.* According to the test carried out by the Société de Générale de Surveillance

Combination of foods helps to lose weight

Combination of foods helps to lose weight

Losing weight, have a good digestion, a healthy and beautiful body is possible without giving up a plethora of delights. Instead of limiting your options, learn to harmonize what will go into the dish. A bland meal with unattractive foods is capable of sabotaging any weight loss project, as well as being unhealthy.


Rice with almonds

Rice with almonds

Put the almonds in a frying pan and lightly over low heat, stirring constantly to make it dry without burning. Reserve. Put the rice in a pan and drip a little water to help warm up. When serving, place the almonds on top. Recipe prepared by nutritionist Lucyane Crosara specialized in functional nutrition and functional phytotherapy and published in the book "Food, Movement and Soul" (SESI-SP Publishing)