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30 Fun ways to lose calories without needing a gym

30 Fun ways to lose calories without needing a gym

Yummiest joining cheese with guava or popcorn with guarana is joining fun with losing calories. The sum is perfect, which could only result in success. You will do physical exercises without realizing it. Is ready? So, come on!

At the ballad

Dance class is already fun. Going to the ballad is even more so! With the difference that the second activity can be even more intense, because in gym

you would dance at most one hour. Dancing, dancing and dancing until your feet get sore can detonate up to 2,000 calories - three times more than in the conventional class! Do not believe? So, choose your rhythm:


If you play from 70's songs to hip hop, you can lose 300 calories in just one hour.

Black Music

With choreographies inspired by video clips, the movements are strong, precise and well-defined. marked. Even if you change your legs, miss your arms or turn to the opposite side, still at the end of the ballad you will feel like you have said goodbye to the fat. In one hour, you can eliminate up to 400 calories.

In three hours, see how many calories you lose in a ballad of:

- Forró: 600 calories

- Sauce: 750 calories

- Samba: 900 calories

In a night of love

Scientifically proven, intercourse is great for weight loss! A night of love or even a "quickie" causes the body to expend a lot of energy. And the best: You do not even have to leave the house or spend money for it.

In just 30 minutes of sex (like Mommy-type) you can lose 250 calories, the same as an ice cream with chocolate syrup you took to afternoon. But if you're in a lot of mood, an entire night of love can make you burn up to 850 calories. Do not believe?


So see how many calories you lose if :

- Kissing: 30 calories

- Spoken sex for 30 minutes: 350 calories

- Make sex type gallop for 30 minutes: 450 calories

- Make sex in various positions for over 40 minutes: up to 850 calories

How about inviting your partner and starting the fun?

Do not forget the condom !

Strolling with the dog

A need to walk with your pet with the desire to lose weight.


Fun right. Especially if you have one of those dogs that do not stop and love to play.

That all dogs need a daily dose of physical activity to maintain their health is nothing new. Just as it is not from today that you are putting off that walk with your friend, that just because it does not go away, you give up because you have no company.

Walking, besides reducing or maintaining weight, improves not only yours, but also the aerobic condition of the dog. According to the Institute of Orthopedics and Health of São Paulo if you maintain a walk with average speed of five kilometers, you will burn approximately 300 calories per hour. And when you have more trained, take a chance on a run with your pet. Remember, lots of water for both!

But before putting the collar on your dog, follow some tips:

1. Walk at least three times a week for at least 20 continuous minutes, and then up to five times a week for 60 minutes

2. Be careful with posture. Holding the dog by its collar can cause it to tilt to one side, overloading the spine and causing pains

3. Keep your dog's rhythm in tune with yours. If he is walking fast or too slow your walk may not be effective

4. Associate walking to other physical activities Do not have a dog?

Want another tip: leave the fun on your own, it will be worth it!


On the beach

Weekend, holiday extended, year-end or vacation. The four best "efes" for those who like to go to the beach. The ride adds fun and food. The calories are many. So do not go back with a few extra kilos of the trip, balance your activities and have fun: play volleyball, swim, dive, ride a boat, take a trail, walk in the sand or on the seashore. If you do not lose all of them, at least you will lose a lot of calories from that fried little pig that you ate this afternoon. In one hour, see how many calories you lose if:

- Sunbathing: 70 calories

- Drum: 230 calories

- Play Volleyball on the sand: 240 calories

- Walking at sea (with 300 calories

- 300 calories

- Walking on the sand (hard): 320 calories

- Walking in the sand (cute) - Calorie

- Running in the sand (wet, sinking): 390 calories

- Swimming: from 500 to 560 calories

- Play Soccer: 660 calories

: 740 calories

- Futvôlei: 350 calories

Having your own musical band

Create, innovate, make up. Even without knowing how to sing or play any instrument, have fun and invest in a career in the shower! "Who sings his scary mores," is more than an old jargon, is scientific study and guarantees the loss of 110 calories in an hour. In one hour, you can lose up to 230 calories if you play drums and 160 calories if you play guitar or bass. That's if you're not like guitarist Jimi Hendrix, who would certainly lose a lot more calories in a single performance.

But if you like something quieter, play flute or piano and lose up to 140 calories in an hour. Or, at the same time, join friends and lose 150 calories. To lose weight like this is a lot of fun, just sing the complete repertoire of your favorite artist and give bye-bye to the fat.

Pain during training is a sign that something is not right

Pain during training is a sign that something is not right

According to the International Association for the Study of Pain, pain is "(...) An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual, potential or described injuries in terms of such pain. " We often hear comments from athletes who say that pain is part of the training and to gain performance or improve performance, it is necessary to have pain.




Studies suggests that you can start to feel happier after exercising for just 10 minutes, which means less time than you need to decide what to watch on Netflix . While it is no secret that exercise provides a number of health benefits such as increased energy, better bone and muscle health, brighter skin and even increased brain power, what surprises is that a physical activity of just 10 minutes a week, or one day of exercise per week, can result in higher levels of happiness, "says the study.