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331 Deaths from yellow fever confirmed in MG, SP, RJ, DF and ES

331 Deaths from yellow fever confirmed in MG, SP, RJ, DF and ES

The country is experiencing a worrying situation in the face of growing records of new cases of yellow fever, deaths from the disease and the expansion of the yellow fever vaccination campaign. Below, follow the updates of the new cases in the hardest hit regions in Brazil:

Minas Gerais

On Thursday, April 12, the Ministry of Health updated the information provided by the state health departments on the situation of yellow fever in the country. In Minas Gerais, 480 cases of wild yellow fever were confirmed, and 152 of them evolved to death.

São Paulo

From July 2017 until today, São Paulo has already confirmed 453 cases of yellow fever in the state, and 114 of them have evolved to death, according to the latest the Ministry of Health has also confirmed that 187 cases have been confirmed in Rio de Janeiro, 63 of which have resulted in death. . According to the Ministry of Health, 6 cases of yellow fever were confirmed in the state, 1 of which resulted in death. Another 88 had already been discarded and 21 cases were still under investigation.


In Bahia, a man who lived in Taboão da Serra (SP) was hospitalized at the Couto Maia Hospital in Salvador, with confirmation of yellow fever. He died on Sunday afternoon (14), according to information from the city of Itaberaba, Bahia, from where the patient was a natural and had come to visit relatives at the beginning of the year. The Secretary of Health of the State of Bahia points out that this case was imported, since the first symptoms of the man appeared on January 2, before his arrival in Bahia. The last case of yellow fever in the state occurred in 2000.

Federal District

According to the epidemiological bulletin, in the Federal District, 1 cases of yellow fever were confirmed, resulting in death.

Other states

In the rest of the Midwest, 88 cases were reported, 55 were discarded and 33 were being investigated.

In the Northern region, 84 cases were reported were notified, but only 19 were still under investigation, and the other 65 were already discarded.

In the Northeast, computing the Bahia that was already mentioned, 104 cases were reported, 58 were already discarded and another 45 remained in the investigation. > And in the South, 204 cases were reported, 152 were discarded and 52 were still investigated.

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