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38 Recipes for you to savor at Easter

38 Recipes for you to savor at Easter

Easter lunch is the main star of the celebration in many houses. The date has already become a meeting point and, therefore, asks for a menu that is capricious. Knowing this, My Life went after anyone who understands the subject and brings together, below, a series of recipes that will leave your guests with mouth water for the rest of the month.
in particular cod, for the more rigid. We have selected the best of recipes to inspire your menu of Passover foods, with sweets, salads and special dishes for vegetarians.
The recipes were specially prepared by Patrícia Bertolucci Nutritional Consulting; VP Nutritional Consulting; Selva Fierro, from KiloCal; Simone Chevis, from the Center for Jewish Culture; Roseli Rossi of Nutritional Balance; Black & Decker and German Hospital Oswaldo Cruz; Renato Caleffi, from the Siriuba Emporium.

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1. Shitake moqueca with pupunha

2. Fish fillet with mint and sesame pesto, ginger rice with cardamom and sautéed vegetables with olive oil and lavender

3. Cod in slices with olive to the bed of zucchini "spaghetti" with pupunha basil, tomato confit and nuts of barú

4. Integral shrimp, curry and apricot shisoto

5. Shitake wine with quark bed with herbs, carrot rice and green leaves with

6 seed mix. Grilled cod with herbs and couscous of quinoa in grain Moroccan style with caponata of banana shell

7. Quinoa cake with cacao ganache and green banana filling

8. Cacao ganache and green banana filling

9. Honey bread with ganache coating

10. Ice cream of spices

11. Chocolate mousse and green banana

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12. Harosset Ashkenazit

13. Turkish Harosset

14. Egyptian Harosset

15. Moroccan Harosset

16. Harosset Italiano

17. Kneidlach

18. Cake of nuts and raisins

19. Salad Yogurt Sauce

20. Salty cake

21. Quiche of Escarole

Recipe of chocolate mousse light

22. Colomba delights

23. Juice of coconut water and green grape

23. Cod to Cream

24. Crunchy Soy Bombilla

25. Creamy light chocolate to liqueur

26. Colorful salad

27. Cod to parisiene

28. Bacalhau without cod

29. Baking rice

30. White mousse

31. Dietary chicory and chocolate

32. Chocolate mousse

33. Chocolate pie with diet coffee

34. Diet Ricotta Pie with Apricot

35. Codfish light

36. Tuna with champagne

37. Fillet of sole with cheese sauce

38. Mushroom pie

Enjoy Easter without exaggeration in food

Enjoy Easter without exaggeration in food

Easter is, for many, synonymous with hearty lunch and chocolates throughout the holiday. It is not necessary to deprive yourself of the delights offered at this time. Some tips help you celebrate without feeling guilty and the difference in the balance. Moderation and eating with variety is very important at this time.


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