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4 Brands of panettone and a question: which one is healthier?

4 Brands of panettone and a question: which one is healthier?

Resisting it is impossible. Present at breakfast and supper, the panettone wins the taste of those who love Christmas traditions and also of people who love novelty - different fillings, salty masses and even combinations with ice cream appear at the table. So much passion has gained even more support for reducing trans fat in food: since 2009, the Pan American Health Organization has established that any processed food, including panettone, should have a maximum of 5% trans fat on total fat . With so many brands and so many different flavors in the gondolas, however, it is difficult to make a decision. So we went after the characteristics of the most wanted brands and we evaluated the amounts of calories, fat and sodium. Remembering that the values ​​put here correspond to an average piece of panettone (80 grams).

Panettone Visconti - Advertising photo

What is the most caloric?

Chocolate drops are more caloric than candied fruits . But there are differences that go beyond this basic division.

Crystallized Fruit Panettone

With a small difference, the winning panettone in the "less caloric" category is that of Bauducco, with 280kcal per slice. Nestlé has 284 and Visconti, which is more caloric, 292 kcal.

Panettone Chocolate Drops

The least caloric brand is Nestlé, with 326 kcal. Second to Visconti with 340kcal. Bauducco comes last with 354kcal.

Panettone Truffado

The truffles of the Cacao Show have between 280 and 300 calories, that is: in some cases, it is as caloric as a panettone of candied fruits and less caloric than those of drops of is chocolate from other brands.


Traditional: 283kcal

Nuts: 284kcal

Passion fruit: 282kcal

Hazelnut: 301kcal

Cherry cream: 284kcal

Panettone Visconti One thing is certain: all types of panettone, of all brands, have a high fat rate.

Stay alert with fats! Mainly saturated fat, responsible for raising bad cholesterol (LDL). Regarding trans fat, the values ​​of the analyzed brands are nil except for the truffles from the Cacau Show (about 1.1 g of trans per slice).

Panettone of Crystallized Fruits

Bauducco's fruit panettone has 11g of total fat, divided in 4.8g of saturated fat; 5g of monounsaturated and 1.2g of polyisaturated. Nestlé's fruit version, however, has 11g of total fats, 4.6g of saturated fats and the other 6.4g unspecified fats. But the Visconti brand is the one that has the least fat: 10g of total fat, being 3.2g saturated, 3.8 monounsaturated and 3g polyunsaturated.

Panetone Nestlé - Advertising

Panettone Chocolate Drops

Chocotone of Bauducco has 18g of total fat divided into: 7.1g of saturated fats; 6g of monounsaturated fats and 4.6g of polyunsaturated fats. Visconti has 1g gram less than total fat than chocotone Bauducco, therefore 17g, being 5.4g saturated, 5.4g monounsaturated and 6g polyunsaturated. Nestle chocotone this time is the one that has less: 16g of total fats, but has 7.4g of saturated fats, more than others.

Truffled Panettone

The traditional truffle panettone from Cacau Show has 14g of total fat, 7g of saturated fat and 1.1g of trans fat. The hazelnut panettone of Cacau Show has 16g of total fats, being 8g of saturated fats and 1.6g of trans fat. The truffled cherry cream has 14g of total fat, 8g saturated fat and 1,1g trans fat. The truffle of passion fruit has 13g of total fat, being 7g saturated fats and 1,1g trans fat. And the nut has 14g of total fat, 8g saturated fats and 1,1g trans fat.

Panetone Cacau Show - Advertising

Pay attention to the amount of sodium!

Sodium in our body has the function of regulating the heart rate and blood volume, so if it is consumed in excess, it can be the main culprit in the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, such as hypertension and heart attack. When we talk about hypertension, we automatically think of salt, which is our main source of sodium. However, sodium is present in several foods, including panetones. If you multiply the sodium value on the product label by 2.5 you will get the amount of "salt" you are ingesting. Eating a food with 500mg of sodium, for example, is equivalent to ingesting 1.25g of salt.

Crystallized Fruit Panettone

The panettone of Nestlé and Visconti have 130mg of sodium. Bauducco is the one with the lowest: 124mg.

Panettone Chocolate Drops

Once again those of Nestlé and Bauducco have the same values: 110mg. However, this time they are behind the Bauducco brand, with 112mg of sodium per chocotone slice.

Truffled Panettone

The truffled panetones of the Cacau Show are the ones with the least sodium among all the brands mentioned. You can find all types of panettone, all types of panettone, all types of panettone, all types of panettone, all types of panettone, all types of panettone. brands, have a high fat rate. Mainly saturated fat, responsible for raising bad cholesterol

The best choice

1. To lose weight: Visconti crystallized fruit panetone OR Nestlé

Panettone Visconti has the least amount of fat: 10 grams of total fat, 3 of which are polyunsaturated (the most beneficial for the body). But, for those who twist their noses just thinking of candied fruits, invest in Nestlé chocotone. It has the least amount of fats, 16 grams in all. Beware of the truffled panettone: the 283 calories, have 14 grams of fat, 1.1 of trans fat (not shown in the other brands)

2. To control high blood pressure: traditional truffled panettone Cocoa Show OR in the panettone of candied fruits Visconti

The panettone of the Cocoa Show has 283 calories and only 76 mg of sodium, one of the major responsible for hypertension. However, this version loses in the fat question, with 14 grams, being 7 g of saturated and 1.1 de - fuse! - trans fat. If your high blood pressure problem is related to overweight or heart problems, bet on that of Visconti which, in addition to being the least caloric and greasy, is the second that contains less sodium, with 92 mg in total. 3. To lower cholesterol levels: Visconti crystallized fruit panettone

Controlling cholesterol levels is already difficult without eating fatty or caloric foods - and the challenge only increases when food provides these threats. Visconti panettone has the lowest amount of cholesterol and also low fat content.

Attention to diabetes!

Difficulties with glucose control require more attention. The products we analyzed contain sugar, some in large quantities. You can also bet on a homemade panettone recipe by trading the sugar for sweetener in dietary powder.

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